A Flow of No Return

_into_the_unknown_by_weredawgIn John’s dream, he feels he is being overwhelmed by a huge wave, and he feels bewildered. Yet his deepest urge is to head back to where the water is, rather than return to the safety of the nearby town. In a spiritual journey, we have to be open to the unknown, overcoming our fears of constant change, to be in the flow. And when we get a sense of it, there’s no desire to go back to the way things were. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: For you it’s presented as kind of a quality of an overall way of being, and in my case it’s presented in terms of shock, in terms of being able to recognize two opposite differences and having to settle for the one that makes absolutely no sense at all – because that’s the one that leads to a true drowning, or losing yourself.

The dream starts off that way, with image after image of the water pouring over an abutment or something, drowning me, or carrying me away. It’s like that’s just where I’m at. It’s always like that.

Somehow or another, where do you go with that? So it’s as if this image, being such a shock to my sensibilities in order to continue a type of existence, because in this state I’m unable to figure anything out anymore. I mean, it’s just the water comes over. It’s like what can you conclude? What can you ponder? How can you be?

It doesn’t just come over in little waves. It engulfs you. I mean, it’s like a 50-foot wave or something. It’s not like you have anything to contemplate, in terms of how to handle things. You don’t have any choices when it’s that way. You can’t mitigate that at all.

So, for example, the way I tend to think is that I am proceeding towards the overwhelm again. So now the way the dream works, is that’s the image that hits me. And so that dream is like a shock effect that sits there back there influencing things, as if it’s a vibration in the background.

And so in the dream, I see myself actually believing that I am on a path proceeding to get another look, or to have to contend with, or go into it again or something, this state of overwhelm. In other words, having to go back and face it in some unexplainable way. 

In other words, the fact that I went through that whole bit, there was something about that that caused such a letting go that I have to now go back and reacquaint myself. It’s as if it’s a destiny or something that I’m drawn to, to have to go back and contend with, like if having gotten a taste of this, I’m not able to make sense of anything else.

Well I come to see myself, when I ask questions about things, as completely bewildered, because even though I know I need to go in that direction, I don’t seem to be able to know how to do that. So I’m proceeding on this trail, as if this is taking me there, and at one point I stop and ask a person, coming along the trail in the opposite direction, where I’m at in relationship to what I’ve identified is a place that I think I’m going to. 

And this person realizes I’m walking in the opposite direction, because he says that you’re back into Fairhaven, not in Oaks. And Fairhaven is like a village, and Oaks is like a trail. And I’m not on Oaks, so I’m shocked that I am back to where worldly issues take me over.

Because I’ve felt what it’s like to have something completely swept away, truly drowning, and there’s something fascinating about that, I see that I must turn around from where I’m going, because what’s comprised there is something dull as an unacceptable behavior. In other words, there’s something in this other that is so enlivening – even though it makes no sense – it’s what one is drawn to in terms of a true letting go.

And the meaning is, that I’m trying to go to a flow of no return and, instead, see myself as having somehow gotten twisted around. And, of course, the vibration of being twisted back into things is nauseating. 

It’s nauseating when you get a taste of what it’s like in this other place, yet to the sensibilities it might seem scary, but there’s something about a quality of the way you feel yourself, is invoking. It draws you to it. It has its effect upon what needs to be, that cannot be denied. 

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