There’s Something Tugging On You

moonplant2web2In these two dream images, which follow yesterday’s dream (see A Flow of No Return), John finds himself able to “follow” when words are spoken in his right ear, but not when spoken in his left ear. Then he has an image of a cow being able to change direction when nudged by a line connected to him. What do they have in common? The outer world is a lure and is easy to follow, while the inner worlds are less clear, yet we are constantly being nudged by our higher self to listen to the inner lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s almost as if I have seen what it’s like to die or something, and that’s intriguing. I have to go back and get another whiff of that, and that’s a scary sensation because it’s a kind of vibration that can turn its back on everything. 

And so in this dream, I am trying to understand how what I am hearing is anything. In other words, there’s a person on my right side, and this person when he says something on my right side has my attention. 

But to penetrate the appearance so the mannerism of whatever it is that I hear, that he sounds good on my right side, to go over to my left side and tell me and the perception changes. I see everything differently, or hear it differently. The effect is different; I can’t buy into what he had to say. 

I can buy in to what he had to say on my right side, but when he’s on my left side there isn’t much semblance of his being there. In other words, at least half of him is gone; he’s kind of hardly tangible. And in terms of him having to say something that sounded good on my right side, when he’s on my left side I can’t even get around to paying attention to whatever it is that is being projected, because my attention is in terms of what happened. 

He’s drawn to the disappearance of things on the left side, so the notionality of something from my right side, when he was on my right side, I lost that one. I mean, he was supposed to bring this across so that I could hear if from the left side too, and when it gets to the left side the communication can’t quite come through because there’s nothing there. He’s disappearing. He’s just a shadow of himself.

The meaning is, like the first dream, my attention is going from obvious, or outer things that one could put their attention upon, as if that is what is to manifest, to a state where all semblance and order of it all is no more – or is simply fading out.

It’s kind of a dying again, isn’t it? Or it’s a kind of losing one’s self completely, or it’s going into a state of no return. In other words, on one level one hears something and it’s fascinating, and then when you take it over to the other part of yourself, it’s in the way, it’s nauseating, you just can’t get into it.

It kind of leaves you in a dangerous sensation of yourself because if you choose to try to do things, you’re doing things to try to support what you hear on the right side. But when it’s on the left side, you can’t get it to make sense because you can’t actually get to it, because you’re just not that state. You’ve dropped that state; you’re something intangible. And your attention is upon that whole place.

What a difference between left side and right side. Right side it’s interesting, you want to hear it better, as if okay this is something to be. But on the left side, it hardly has form anymore. And that’s where the fascination and the attention needs to be placed: what happened? What’s that all about?

The other you can’t get into it all because that would be another step. This is a rather unusual dream in relationship to the subject matter of making a shift, or a transition, stepping aside from the normal predilections and going into something that takes you away from all of that.

That’s a type of drowning, or is a type of emptiness, or something which seems better sensationally, vibrationally, connectively than all of the momentum of things that somehow or another can be nauseating. 

And so then this dream, what it does is it kind of shows how the seed of all of that somehow works. In this image, it’s as if I have said something, or presented something, or did something energetically that comes across. It’s not necessarily taken in as literally as it maybe needs to be taken in, or could be heard, because you only have to leave a space free.

Or I guess you might say, then it is too much in and of itself, at a given point in time. But it’s okay, because it’s out there and it’s working in its capacity, and that, in and of itself, is setting the stage for something that can connect, or link, or take a step.

So I’m standing back – it’s as if there’s another person there – and we’re watching a cow walking out in the pasture from, apparently, where we had been. And I say to a person, “Watch this.” The cow is going out to do its thing, in its own way. Only this time, just when the cow thinks that it is on its own, the fishing line that is connected to some part of the cow’s back suddenly becomes taut. 

It’s as if the line has been let out to enable something to proceed, but because the cow deep down has heard something, or knows better, the effect of something then jerking or altering it, or redirecting it a little bit, works. 

So when I pull on the line, because the cow somehow or another knows that it doesn’t fight things quite like it used to, the cow is inclined to back up. When it backs up, it is letting go of its will power, which would normally just be proceeding out to pasture. 

It is able to recognize something different when nudged, or hinted at, because this line works this way and like with horses you teach them so that you don’t even jerk on the rains anymore, you just barely touch and the horse knows what’s wanted. 

In other words, it’s that kind of coming through, only with the cow it’s a little more blunt and belligerent in its appearance. So when something is nudged, deep down the cow gets the memo.

So it’s like an image of how something kind of works in terms of a connection, inside of one’s self. In other words, you follow the thread wherever it might lead, and it gets to a particular point where it opens up something, so that you have access to that, which then gives you a kind of direction and a guidance and a connection, and has its way or effect upon you, in a way that you can now get, as opposed to being totally tangential, ordinarily.

This is coming from this other place, this other space. It’s coming from something that’s beyond the beyond. There’s not any activity per se that makes sense because the activity that you would be inclined to do would be like the cow. You would be inclined to go out to pasture to feed, to do this, to do that. But when something tugs on you, you realize that that’s not where it is at.

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