Extra Help

--spiritualThis simple dream image shows a glimpse of the process of awakening, in the form of Jeane having a sense of getting extra help amidst the shock of the aftermath of a war. A spiritual awakening is like that: Through the process of seeking – when not for selfish purposes – we are given what we need from within. It is like a helping hand, or guidance, through the battlefield of those involved in lives solely focused on planetary matters. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my dream, it’s like I’ve been in a war and I’m a young Asian woman. It’s like the aftermath of the war, and a lot of us are just wandering around, the way people kind of wander a little aimlessly. 

But some people will get a little extra help, and I’m one of those people. And the reason why is that maybe before the war I was given some kind of an injection, or a treatment, and when they identify that you’ve been given that treatment, then you get more help. 

At the same time you need to be identified because it’s good to get the extra help, but as you wander around with the people, or lay down at night, you don’t necessarily want people to identify you as someone that’s been given the help because everything is in such a shocked state.

John: That’s a good dream in terms of the feminine nature – that it holds within itself the overallness of all of life. And then when that can be seen, or comes to the surface so that it’s visible, what it needs to be able to be what it’s meant to be, is then, so to speak, given or awoken or whatever that process is.

It’s a sense of being given, but again I’m not sure if it’s actually a type of giving, because that implies that there’s something other than yourself, or if it’s more a quality of it just opens up at the point in time when you have reached the threshold of where it is, at first, kind of somehow glimpsed or visualized inside of yourself. And then, through a process of energetic magnetism and affinity, it then naturally opens up for you.

And you then have the access to the sight, or power, that you need. See what you did is you dreamt, or visioned, how this process takes place, and you dreamt it as a means that takes place simply as a catching up with that which lies dormant.

And of course you say it as if it was given to you, but like I say, it’s also a catching up. You’ve paid the price of admission, or you’re now deemed to have earned it, or are entitled for this to suddenly be there or unveil. 

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