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spiritual_growth_hormone_by_rozrrIn both these dream images from Jeane, she is looking at the cohesiveness of a group dynamic. As the dreamer, we are all the elements and characters in our dreams. What is being shown here is an increased ability to take on what is deemed “deranged,” which is an important aspect of spiritual development because it moves us away from trying to control or limit the world around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The dream that was the most vague for me seemed to have people from our group in it, and about all I can say about that is that there was a lot of changing going on. It felt like the couple that lead the group were going to either be retiring, or moving a bit, and so there was another couple that was going to be taking over the group more, so they were given something that they drank, or people in the group were given something that they drank. 

It seemed to me like you and I weren’t supposed to drink that. That maybe we were going to be doing something a little different. It was all impressions. It was very hard to pull out that particular dream. 

John: Well, the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with the effect of something in a transformative way, based upon something being revealed. That which was revealed then would change the order in which something had been unfolding, that altered the process. Now it would alter the process because it would cause something to be more revealed.

How does that fit with what you’re dreaming? The dream group is falling a little bit under a different directive, which we’re not a part of, right? We’re not part of that. So, they were all imbibing in something that enabled them to function more cohesively, but we weren’t required to imbibe of this, yet we’re still part of the group.

So does that make us hidden, or does that make us deranged? It’s kind of a precursor to something, yeah. What that signifies, I suppose, needs to be explained.

Jeane: I had a couple other dreams. In one dream, there’s a group of firemen and women that have done really well working as a team, but one of them, one of the older men in the group, he’s been injured and has to go in for treatment. He’s been hit in the head quite a bit.

He must go a little deranged because he takes this pink fluid and he puts it in the drinks of all the other firemen and then that’s supposed to make them behave kind of angrier in some other way. 

And I’m out there trying to dig somebody out of something. They’re underneath me in a hole or something, so I have to get out to try to help them. That’s all I remember of that. 

But what I notice is that there’s something about the cohesiveness of the firemen that it didn’t really matter what he put in the drinks. That doesn’t seem to affect how they act because they’ve been so well trained to act as a team.

John: So they’re well trained to act as a team because they have a cohesiveness that, as you portrayed it in the first dream, is like having all imbibed of the same thing. And, as a consequence, as a group, as a quality – of which you are the group – there is a cohesiveness to be able to include, or take into account, or accept that which would normally and ordinarily be deemed to be a bit estranged.

But it’s not actually really estranged, because the group has developed a quality upon which it can see the way something is unfolding and appreciate it for what it is. So it’s almost like your higher self telling you, that what it is that we’re doing is living out some sort of process upon which all of that is taken into account, carried and facilitated by the group, which is well advanced and is able to not reject or throw out, but able to accept and facilitate, in its way, simply by not rejecting and/or seeing the mannerism to be deranged – even though under dense outer circumstances something that would be different and separate would be considered deranged, or off, or peculiar.

And, as a consequence, this approach then supports more of life. In other words, it doesn’t get too linear. And so one would then have to look at the scenario to see, why would one have a dream that’s like this?

And one could conclude that there is an overallness and a quality of yourself that has developed; you’re able to hold a note together to make a transitioning in terms of finding and reaching a greater meaningfulness.

So, this is a dream about facilitating a transition, and it’s a transition of something opening up and able to take on, and contend with, new mannerisms that ordinarily would be rejected.

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