Bringing a Clarity

Inner-Heart-LightJust as in Jeane’s recent dreams (see A Transformative Process), John finds himself, through a series of scenarios, working out a similar process of facilitating a transformation. Through consciousness and attention he is able to bring himself to a point where he can begin to activate aspects in the feminine that were dormant. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The sensation that I was left with in my dream is that I’m not able to overcome, or go beyond, the natural limitations of the physical – even though I push myself into it seeking a breakthrough or something.

That’s kind of like the sensation of the dreaming in which, as I was meditating dreaming so to speak, I was seeing coming up to this, and coming up to that, and coming up to this, and coming up to that, and having to fall back from it, and having to fall back because it wasn’t necessarily changing. It was flickering and flickering, but not changing. And so one could easily conclude that that meant that it was still kind of breaking down.

So then I dream that I am observing changes in the energetic flow. So I’m observing this in my sleep. What had been frozen either suddenly thaws out naturally, or is warmed up. In other words, there’s a process that warms it up. It’s affected by something. 

I see myself on top of this as it unfolds, meaning I’m watching it, I’m looking at it trying to understand: is this warming up, meaning affected by something? Or is it naturally de-thawing? First I observe that what is happening is the means by which a transition or something becomes different in the outer. 

Then I observe when this change occurs, and this is the harder part to pull out. I’m not sure that I have it right. That part isn’t clear because what’s more fascinating to my attention is the de-thawing, and whether this occurred naturally or was assisted by an influence. I seem to think the de-thawing was part of a design process, but I have no way to prove if it was natural or not.

So in the next dream, I see a release, or relieving, and experience that sensation through the following image, in other words, from them being released or relieved. A person is sitting in a chair. When they get up the chair rises up a bit, as if it’s spring-loaded and sensitive to weight. 

So I get curious to observe this process. So, in the dream, the person sits down on the chair, gets up from the chair, sits down on the chair, gets up from the chair as I’m continuing to observe if this is going anywhere. And to me it seems that, as they do this over and over, the chair seems to reset itself at – almost imperceptible, but it’s a higher and higher setting. 

So the meaning of this is by going through a process and observing the effect, little by little things change. It is in this way that creation is affected. This image is an answer to the question I had in the prior dream, which was: is the de-thawing natural, or in some way facilitated?

It is facilitated by a process in which an observation of an effect is first made. There is an up and down aspect to it. The only thing I could think of this could be symbolically pointing to paying attention of the up and down, in and out of the breath.

So I answer the question by denoting the change occurs as a process in which there is an observation of the breath. In other words, it’s not just thawing out as if it’s by accident. So the next question that arises is: why do I need this information, i.e., as to the changes designed to happen?

I answer the question by saying, “I am the owner of the property and I’m looking to pass it on.” I am feeling this is part of full disclosure, important as the image of things goes through a transition. And of course to have this transition this part of the process needs to be denoted. Or to say it in another way, I need to know what the permission is from within, visible in the outer, that has been given for change to occur. 

It’s kind of like you’re rocking pretty close to something, almost in a dangerous way, when you’re acting like that.

So, now all of a sudden I hear a voice that says (next dream), “Next time this could cause you to lose your dog.” On a symbolic level, dog often refers to a friend. 

In the image that preceded this, a woman is disoriented. There is a man who is separate from her, and I am in another place. I do something that affects her scenario and she accuses me of being a coldhearted slut. I don’t know what I did, or how this applies. All I know is she, representing creation, is in a vulnerable state in which everything is up in the air.

So this is where you have mass confusion. You have to have something beyond just the longing of the first and second chakra of the heart. You have to know something from some sense of beyond that’s inside of yourself, or otherwise you can still go around and around.

And so I make this notation at the beginning because I’m afraid of losing it, and it’s a statement that is made by the butler I think. “They have been living together for three or four months now, before we came here, so I am sure they would have wanted it this way. They picked a brick.” 

The person who is saying this is the butler of a house that a woman owns. The property manager is indicating that when I come over to the house owned by a woman, in other words, I’m there to get some sort of direction or something and I was only supposed to meet the property manager to work things out.

But the butler is also there and so is the woman off to one side, and so there’s some question as to whether this is appropriate behavior and that’s where the statement came in, meaning that somehow or another the women and I have been doing something before in another place, in other words living together for three or four months. And this occurred before we, meaning the butler and the property manager, came to work or be involved in this place.

And so the fact that we are living together, or had done something together before, the property manager, who is in between the woman that’s the owner of this house, the butler that serves in between is the one making the comments that the fact that all four of us are there, that I am sure that they would have wanted it this way. 

Now this house is something different. This house is something that occurred as a result of a transformation, and the butler says they picked a brick, which is a strange statement like maybe something ain’t right, it’s off. But then there’s the following statement that’s added, “… and to meet the woman of the place, a pregnant one at that,” because the woman was pregnant. 

So I don’t attempt to interpret that one because I know there has to be more information, plus I’m running into all kinds of peculiar images.

In this next dream, I have a woman teacher. I come to understand, at the beginning of the class, that the main grade is going to be based upon writing a thesis of some sort, and that will be your final grade.

So you go through the class in order to learn or get some sort of balance in relationship to an understanding of how to hone in on writing this thesis for your main grade. What makes sense to me, from what I am coming to perceive and understand, is to write about the inner unfolding process that I have been going through as an aspect of taking this class. 

This is honed in this area and what I’m looking to write about, that has dawned to me, is how the inner dreamworld affects the outer. I also know that this may not be as directly correlated to what is being taught by this woman in this class, could be considered different. I feel I need to make sure it’s okay, that maybe it’s different from what is expected and then I’m on a tangent because I’m addressing the inner unfoldment of things, and perhaps the theme of a teaching in the outer is that you discuss things in a more overt sense. 

So I feel I need to tell this woman teacher how it’s that I am approaching the assignment given at the start of the class. I guess I feel I need to share this because I’m not sure if this is too much, or not, and therefore too revealing. 

The scene shifts and I am in bed with this woman teacher, and she is naked, and I have rolled over on her to tell her what it is that I am doing for this brief or thesis to again concur that it is acceptable. 

In this dream I am just a student, and she is a middle-aged woman teacher. There is nothing going on between us sexually. I am just trying to make sure my way of responding to the assignment is okay. 

As I describe my approach to the project and what I’m going to be doing, she seems to get younger and I seem to get older. Her eyes get sultry. I begin to think that some misunderstanding could get in the way. 

Suddenly she starts telling me, in a voice that is barely audible, some personal things about her life. I’m not sure what I am hearing because this may be interesting, but it’s something other than what I’m trying to understand in terms of what I’m doing. 

After a bit of a spell barely hearing and not really knowing that I heard anything of what she’s saying, after this long spiel, I revert back to something that I thought I heard her say at the very beginning. And I say, “So you killed your husband.” 

Her response was, “It is just like a guy to say something like that.” I tell her, “I don’t know, I am just letting it go in one ear and out the other. Don’t mind me.” I roll back over on my side of the bed. I have gotten my answer, that what I am doing is okay. 

I am not sure what to make out of what took place, when I was only describing the unfolding process I was seeking to portray. Just this caused something to open up in a way that brought about these personal nuances out of the blue. That wasn’t anything that I was pondering.

The meaning of the last two dreams is, the dreams are portraying a process in which the masculine causes the feminine to be more open with her inner connectivity in life, and more present in her world. She reveals where she is at in response to a masculine seeking permission.

The result is a feminine able to be herself in creation, able to see herself. In other words, she’s able to start toying with it. More needs to occur because she is still sensitive to rejection, being misunderstood, and unappreciated. She can’t stay this way. This is unnatural for her. She needs to be present and pregnant with life.

Whatever it is that I am doing in trying to bring a clarity through is waking things up and facilitating a process. And then this is kind of dictated: What is happening is a transformative effect in creation in which the hidden depth rises up to reveal.

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