Losing Our Heritage

segregated_oneness_by_grinagogHere the imagery from John’s dreams point to a need to become more conscious of the way we relate to the unfolding of life. We mostly labor under false expectations that this or that will work out in some way – usually in our favor. Yet that’s not the way of the universe and, therefore, not the higher path for the human. Focusing on isolated instances and outcomes separates us from the Whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream last night, I didn’t pull out and try to write it up. I kind of laid there for the longest period of time because I couldn’t understand; the images were so convoluted.

In other words, it wouldn’t crystalize for me, whatever it was, because in those goofy images it didn’t seem to make sense. So it was like I was waiting, with the patience to try and maintain, until the concept broke through, until what was going on broke through.

And suddenly I realized, that’s what the dream is about. It’s not about anything in the outer as if it’s actually real. Instead it is about how there is a way of being part of how something can happen; that can happen out of the ordinary.

In other words, that’s how Maya, or the illusion of things, works. There’s always constantly something going on, and it tricks you, because there is intrigue about that that you buy into. And yet the whole thing, it’s like a hook, it’s like a fishing that’s taking place to get you caught in some deviation. 

So in the dream, I have the sensation that there can be a point in time when something can have a 9, 10, and 11 all infused with energy. It’s as if it goes along and think it can be random and then all of a sudden the randomness breaks, and 9, 10, and 11 hit, infused with energy.  

And when those numbers are affected, in terms of the outcome, that’s when you can catch up with a blast-off of energy. That’s when you can take and make some sort of apparent outer stride, by riding this kind of unfoldment that happens out of the blue. You know it’s not going to last forever, and the key is to catch it when it is having its moment.

And so in seeing this I realize that I recognize that this principle works, and see that there is a tendency to get caught up in that, and actually believe that, and hold out for that, and be patient for that and thus, in that regard, instead of properly paying attention to what is really going on in a regular routine day-by-day way, I’m sitting in a controlled waiting – as if I have a right to wait and anticipate those moments, and the rest of the time ignore them.

This is actually best expressed, in terms of his approach to life, in DIck. When he gambles he knows that there are streaks that hit and so he has a whole system where he doubles down and doubles up depending upon which way things are going.

And I could tell that I could get caught in that as well, but I seem to know that that is a type of foolishness and addiction that is like a type of stealing, in that when you identify with this way of being you develop false expectations. As if you have a means of putting yourself into a frame of reference so that when things undulate like that, which they tend to do, that you then can benefit personally or take advantage of them, which is not quite taking on the overall Wholeness of the thing.

It’s instead acting as if you have rights to bits and pieces. My mannerism is slightly different, and I call this like the flip side of the same coin. What I tend to do is, looking at what other people put their attention to and seeing what it is that they ignore, or don’t partake of. And more often than not, a lot of what they don’t partake of, or get involved in, is just as good as where they’re putting their attention.

In fact, it may even be better because it’s there in greater abundance. For example, it’s like I can be in a setting in which everyone is clamoring for food and, in that feeding frenzy, the one thing that people seem to prefer if it comes to chicken for example, is they like the white meat. Well, I like the chicken legs, or at least I’m fine with the chicken legs.

So all I have to do is just settle back and let whatever that is reach a certain climax. There are all kinds of chicken legs available then, and I just eat that with ease. In other words, I have easy access that way.

In each of these dream images, the timing is an issue that must be right. In the first part, one just waits until the energy is right, as a type of waiting. However, it’s a system to that waiting in which you take and know that there will be streaks that you catch, and you can get caught in those streaks.

And that way of playing a particular game, such as blackjack, is also a manner and an approach that you can use in life, per se, and Dick’s life incorporates all of that. He catches those moments. He puts himself in situations where those moments are there and something just flows and he maximizes.

Well, I kind of do it too, but I also have this quality where I wait and let everyone else clamor for what they seek. In other words, I let the system be the system, and then I find out where it is out of tilt, or out of balance, or lose favor, and that provides me with the hint of what is going to be readily available, that no one else is paying any attention to. And so I can just be Johnny on the Spot.

The purpose of the dream is to point out that both approaches have the same limiting tract. They both have a limiting tract about them. In other words, they’re trying to experience something out of the overall consciousness.  

In terms of describing myself, I can often times call that controlled waiting, where I just kind of patiently wait for things to unfold, and can even look at things that are unfolding in the future, and just let time pass me by, instead of sitting in kind of an overall state that is Whole in and of itself.

The first dream involves going with a momentum that ebbs and flows, everything ebbs and flows and that is a momentum of an unfoldment, in and of itself, where one can be in a position to catch the flow when it’s there, and patient to wait it out while it’s ebbing.

The flip side is to feed upon that which has value when it is out of favor. That is the chicken leg image. The meaningfulness is that the dream is pointing out that a price is paid when a person takes advantage of external undulations.

A person can attune themselves to an awareness of that and, in doing so, a personal self-adulation remains. A wise person knows that this is like stealing. The effect it has on the soul is that the soul becomes distracted from the intertwined realness behind all of life. Such consciousness gets compromised when there is any kind of personal agenda or expectation.  

To take what is obvious from time to time, is an attachment, which leads to deceiving themselves from within. Using the outer you deceive yourself from catching that which is constantly there in a flow and in a communication and a connection all the time.

The person who settles for those kinds of little nuggets, either by waiting, or a natural momentum to be flowing, or the opportunity to arise when a person can feed upon the value of that which is overlooked, is violating or stealing from the principle of becoming empty and to being in a state of nothingness, where the oneness and intertwining of all of life is alive.

Access to who we are in this way, in other words that’s the consciousness that we need to aspire to but we do not reach it when we take from life in some regard or another. The dream is revealing to me that I am deluding myself by such mannerisms. 

I’m holding onto the right to personally cop out and, when the moment is right, as in the chicken leg scene, grab something for myself. Or, as Dick does it, which is the way I can reference this because I carry the same condition too, by finding those momentous moments when the outer themes by undulating a pattern.

But primarily I like the flip side of partaking of that which others disregard. In both instances there is a failure to reach a greater consciousness that is found in not being a thief opportunist, taking separately from the Wholeness, which is the aliveness that is constant.

To take something like I do is to sell myself short for a piece of the imagery. To do so we lose our heritage to the Wholeness of life, and fail to notice, at the time that we’re indulging, the damage we are doing to ourselves on the inner level.

Only in the subtleness of the heart are we able to recognize the higher-self soul for what it truly is. A wise person yields to that. A lower-self nature settles for the moments when Mother Nature deludes us by seemingly providing us with a piece of the action, or things that work out for us.

To put this in another way, what I am describing are means upon which the Maya principle has us in her clutches and, when we settle for the Maya, we forsake our greater consciousness. The dream puts the waywardness of day-to-day delusion into motion so it can be more readily acknowledged.

I guess recognition of the way we beat up on ourself is part of the process of letting go of habituations. I believe this is known as the watcher principality and principle. Sometimes this is what is needed as we seek to get out of the synaptic patterns that have their way with us, and dupe us into selling out cheaply.

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