Climbing the Chakras

chakrasystemHere John continues his dream imagery (see The Light of Consciousness) where he is being shown that a development journey requires bringing something higher down into life – through our life. Just as the in-breath becomes the out-breath to complete a cycle, humans must follow that process in their life, in service to something higher, giving expression to creation through the physical realms.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And in this next, to begin with, I’m able to go directly through an issue without having to consider the full extent of the issue. This occurs when the breath can make an initial cycle through creation, for example.

In other words, the principle we’re talking about is a path that’s described as having to climb the chakras, or the Kundalini energy. This is kind of an Eastern way of looking at things, and that when a person is doing that, that’s viewed as the end-all be-all of what life is about, is that you keep going higher and higher, applying some sort of faculties from lower self to higher self.

And essentially this gets you out of Dodge, or out of the dilemma that you’re in of this domain or something, being somehow or another estranged, and that you climb the chakras to somewhere else.

Well, when you climb the chakras you get to a point where, because you’re meant to be in creation, you’re going to climb the chakras, but you have to come right back down. That’s the out-breath again.

So, you have the in-breath, you climb the chakras, which is kind of a consciousness, kind of difficult to do, and when you do it it’s like, whew, you’re home free maybe. Nope, you have to come right back down again, each breath being a cycle of creation.

The more often the breath goes up and down, more is revealed, and the greater the responsibility becomes as a person sees themselves to be more and more intertwined with all of life.

To begin with, when you first climb the chakra and whatnot, it’s like you really accomplish something, but what you did to do that can be very defined and very rigid and sequestered even in your nature. That’s where a person could, for example, go into a cave and perhaps make great strides, but how overall is their nature? If they come out they might have a hissy fit over the slightest little thing because they don’t have any depth, any perception that goes beyond a very linear focus.

So to go along with this I had the following dream image. First there is the memory of passing through a hospital ward, and in a casual first step the situation isn’t so overwhelming. That is because my perception is still yet quite limited. In other words, that’s like climbing the levels of yourself in your hospitalization case, and you know that you have to get out of a certain denseness. 

You’re climbing the chakras and initially you don’t have a lot of character or lilt in your energy, auric nature, or whatever you want to call it, that takes in the expanse of it all. And so to begin with, that’s taken into account and you’re able to do something straightaway, fairly directly, and you can think that you really accomplish something. Then you come back down and each time you have to take into account more and more of the Whole.

And this is seen in this dream where there comes a time when I see wing after wing. In other words I go through this hospital, my visualization is just go boom-boom, and it’s like you walk right straight through it. And now all of a sudden I look to my left, and I look to my right, and there’s a wing of beds and stuff that go on and on as far as the eye can see.

I hadn’t noticed that before, and they have to be taken into account in order to go forward, or to proceed, because the proceeding we are talking about is on an energetic level whereby the breath goes back and forth, more and more consciously. So each wing represents another level of perception in the overall that needs to be accommodated. 

So to do this requires the integration of all parts of myself, and what you could call even other parts of yourself, and that is what I mean when I say, feeling overwhelmed as I say it, “Where is Maggie?” 

In other words, she is me on another level of beingness that I need to access in order to take into account an even greater overall accommodation, consciously. Which causes one to think maybe that’s why the teacher has students, is because the teacher knows that he is the student, and the student is him. And the greater that is realized, the more all of that integrates in terms of a thought of God, to various thoughts of God, in terms of the taking and incorporating into account the Whole, which lifts something up.

And that to do it individually can only go so far but, as a group, as a presence that embodies all of this stuff, that takes in all of this divinity that each person carries, your situation becomes most impressive.

So a teacher has the ability to come in and awaken all of that, so that what mushrooms out of that is this whole greater sweeping up, the “Maggie effect” in the ward, so to speak, of myself. That is still me, but is a taking it into account that isn’t my normal customary nature.

So what I am describing is, is I’m looking at a consciousness that cannot occur without ever-greater merged correlation of the whole of life.

That is why a group consciousness, or lineage, or brethren in a path, are so important. They are me, and I am them, when the process gets to be like this. That sure blows the “we are separate” motif out the window. In the end, everyone becomes you and has a role as a thought of God in an intertwinedness.

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