The Bigger Equation

ku-xlargeIn John’s final dream of the night he finds himself trying to justify the value of his work to his boss. Judged purely on his productivity, he may not appear to be doing much. Yet his true value can only be understood in how he is facilitating the wholeness of what is occurring. In that sense, he is of huge value. In the same way, humans become of great value to creation when we, too, become involved in supporting its work, rather than our own. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well the final dream involved me and others coming before an owner, kind of like an owner of the business. We’re all workers. 

And this owner has stayed back and he’s evaluated the value of each employee in the company, based upon how he sees them doing their job. So I tell him that, with regard to me, because I’ve watched him as he’s going along, and it’s been a tough decision. It’s like the X-Factor kind of thing, he’s had to take and consider each carefully in terms of the value to the company.

And each person usually has a fairly defined quality, or role, that they play. And so in terms of thinking and functioning and making decisions like that, somebody has to do that, and because it’s his company and whatnot and he is looking at how each person is functioning in terms of a physical dynamic about something – that’s what is called for. 

I tell him that with regard to me, he’s going to have a problem. To apply that standard would be to not recognize the overall schematic of things.  

I explained how it was my job to be able to pick up the pieces of an operation, as the facilitator of a flow, that I was a utility person. I don’t do one thing. I do a bit of whatever needs to be done, and if he doesn’t see that, and recognize the need for a facilitator that keeps the flow going, then I’m expendable because obviously I don’t do any one particular thing. 

I’m not specialized to the point where I do any one particular thing. I bounce around satisfying a particular momentary need, so I would be of no value to the operation of a system if it gets jammed up and can’t flow. 

At those moments I have no value. In other words, I work with flow. And I tried to suggest to him that to evaluate me he had to drop the criteria he had been applying because that was not a criteria that took into account the overall integrated systemology; that he needed to incorporate the opinion of the superiors or he would not get it because, in other words, this was a bigger equation. 

I even told him that, at times, when everything was in sync, I could be seen as doing more standing around than work – because that would be the need. In other words, to be watching and helping to make sure the flow is fine, to step back and feel the flow.

Well, the reason for the dream is the dream indicates that when a person is intertwined and working within the fabric of an overall, attentive to taking into account the multiple levels at play, that the value to the physical world of manifestation and how it places upon things in an overt, invisible manner, when it doesn’t see that, then it sees that person as expendable, or as an impediment.  

It doesn’t recognize the subtler intangibility of things because it doesn’t know how to measure the value on a level of subtle effect – based upon intentional intertwined linkage.

And so then I push this to the next step, because I am doing things, so he could be looking at the little things that I do and say well, you know, I don’t do it as fast as this person, or as fast as that person, and the ideal of an operation that’s flowing smoothly is to reach a consciousness where I do not appear to do anything because I exist as in flow with the entire equation. I am everything therein, as seen from an inner level, not from the outer mind that perceives and reviews the world in a retentive, linear fashion only.

This is a living in the outer that exemplifies a development on the inner that recognizes the need to integrate and to flow, and that everything must integrate and flow.

Now we’re at a level, or at a point, where the integration and the flow has to include others, or the lineage, because it all works in a connected, intertwined mode, from beginning to end. That it’s no longer viewed, or seen, as something estranged out there, at the end of a line or something. It all has a visibility.

And that’s the importance of also being able to be in connectivity with the group, because the group is all doing things in its way that are unique. Maybe they still see themselves as separate or whatever, but the component pieces all pull towards something, just like on the X-Factor, working with the groups all of those pieces all pull to something even though by themselves they may not quite do the trick, and it makes a greater whole that way.

So that seems to be the schematic that I’m under, and I think it’s also the schematic that you’re under. You have dreamt it twice now of having to deal with something in an overall consequence that has to do with the tone, or a manner, or a mood, or a sensation of a place. And whenever you bring in the ideals of Indians, that’s what you’re doing is you’re bringing in something that has set the note of the place, even though the vagaries over time have deviated from that.

You’re going back to the schematic of the Whole, and having to see that you are that – and not the tangential mannerisms.

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