Feeling Protective

dragons1In this adventure, Jeane finds sees herself as a young man courting a young girl. But her friends try to keep them apart. What sounds like a typical scenario in the outer actually portrays the dance of masculine and feminine energies inside a person as they try to come together. There are resistances in all of us, yet the two natures are what make us whole.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have one dream I kind of remember, two actually. One, I’m a young man and it feels like I’m courting a girl who her friends feel like she’s kind of out of my league, but she likes me anyway.

And as we get together, it’s almost like her friends tried to do something that separates us, but in the middle of this we seem to go out on a boat to an island. And her friends are on the island and the volcano starts erupting on the island, and so some parts of the island start kind of sliding down into the ocean.

I seem to have her and myself off the island safely, and I’m turning around and I’m watching how this big beam actually comes down. I don’t know where it came from. It comes sliding through the air and goes right by us, but it misses us. 

And I’m kind of keeping an eye to see if her friends are okay, which I think they are, but some people seem to be a little caught on the side of the mountain and get covered, or they’re sliding down anyway as the mountain kind of sloughs off.

And then it feels like I’m with her back in this almost like castle where we live, kind of exploring some of the different rooms and going down into them. And that’s about all I recalled out of that dream.

John: So in this dream you’re a masculine energy trying to be connected to a feminine energy, in an area in which there’s a volcano and turbulence?

Jeane: Yes. The volcano comes later in the dream. It’s not being turbulent at first. It’s just her friends trying to keep us apart.

John: So if the energetic is kept apart, which is part of the theme of my dreaming, if the energy is kept apart, if the feminine is not allowed to be how she needs to be able to be, then something can’t be brought through.

And you, as the masculine, well, you’re actually doing something protective aren’t you, of the feminine? As part of staying close to the feminine, because of the volcano that’s in the area as a result of disruption that is possible as the result of things that push to keep something apart?

You know what I actually thought about that is, it’s like a corrective dream to an energetic. It’s like when you saw yourself suddenly panic or whatever and the light was on the car indicating there’s engine failure and whatnot. That sudden dropping of any balance or trust or cadence, any auric overall harmony with yourself, was like a lack of strength and a lack of a certain kind of quality.

That comes when there is a type of rejection, or when you feel you’re abandoned, or when you take upon yourself, or cause something to be taken upon yourself as a type of guilt – of which none of that is true.

All of it is a reflection of something that’s missing in the harmony of the path, in a certain auric quality strength and balance, that is necessary. And so you have this flip around in order to catch up with that energy, because you need that energy in order to accentuate what needs to be done to bring something through, or to hold or maintain the overall quality of an energetic.

And if it can be shattered or discombobulated and ordinarily you do not necessarily carry that, you have a certain attitude or something that can keep you from succumbing to something like that, but if you do then it tears all kinds of threads because you’re meant to be able to hold an attunement with that in a greater and greater and greater way.

It’s kind of like an aspect of things speeding up, and as things speed up more and more of what is going on around you is having to be taken into account. And you’re less protected, so to speak, as a consequence of that. 

And yet however properly connected, you’re more connected. But if you see yourself and feel yourself as less protected and become reactive, or angry, or upset, or emotional, or flash out in some fashion, then you lose the semblance of what is key to holding things together – and you already know that.

You actually know that about yourself. That’s why you insist upon a certain relationship, and if that relationship isn’t there, then it’s like I’m not doing my duty or something. You kind of know that that’s what’s necessary for things to come out. And if somehow or another you get a sense that that’s ajar or disjointed, then it even affects your ability to dream. It affects all kinds of things.

And I guess that’s what the teacher means, that the masculine’s role is to somehow or another act as some sort of helping to keep the feminine safe from discombobulations, or as some sort of protective thing or whatever. 

Interesting dynamic that that’s how you took what the teacher had as his talk and incorporated it into the condition you feel, is that your higher self recognized something and made an energetic vibration to try to bring you into conjunction with recognizing the imbalance.

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