Not a Haphazard Game

masculinefeminineIn this dream imagery, John finds himself playing cards with a group of women, yet he knows that the environment is not conducive to what needs to take place. In our inner lives, in our efforts to connect to higher things and bring them through into life, a balance of our masculine and feminine natures is required. Development is a process of us becoming more like creation itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I haven’t been able to write up certain dreams very well, other than them having to incorporate a greater dimension upon things in order for it to be taking in the proper and fullest picture.

So, as a consequence, my dreams before last night had me contending with the composition of energetics that you have in an overallness of life, which need to come together and in coming together that’s me.  

In other words, one can pass through life and not even participate in it if they are continuously on some tangential nature that has to do with them, as opposed to having to do with themselves being everything in life.  

So the disconnected energetics, up until last night, have been overpowering, recognizing that there’s this, there’s that, there’s that, there’s that, which means until I fully take that in, and am able to embody that in some fashion, I’m still on some quality tangent of myself.

So in spite of things being both this and that, and this and that, I still carry a focus of striving with a need to put the whole sequence of things together, because to not do that has me suffering in some capacity of inadequacy – in terms of the change. 

But last night I saw the overwhelm of how this is, yet in terms of feeling in my bones it coming together as imminent, the following image suddenly occurred.

As I am staring and staring at something that isn’t quite right, a truck drives by and for a split second blocks the view of what I’m staring at. And when the truck passes, the image is no longer there, or it’s no longer caught in some set way of having to be. 

That is when I realize I have somehow made the shift to take on what I was trying to take on. So I looked at it in that inflective image way. I guess you could say the big difference in the dreaming was that one still felt itself in process, and this let go and suddenly was in the flow.

You can always then fumble with your idea of what the flow needs to be, and so in this dream, I’m playing cards, and I’m the only guy and I’m playing cards with a whole bunch of women. And we have this routine where we play cards, and it’s a place where the acoustics and the setting isn’t what it needs to be in order for a certain note to be brought through.

Somehow I’m even sitting trying to ponder if I should try to figure out a different environment, as if I should do that. But it doesn’t feel right that I should do that, because I don’t quite do that. I just know something needs to change. 

In a way, it’s like we can almost make up for it, or to some degree we make up for it but it’s not the best when we play longer, but still something more is needed in order to more fully effectuate the energetic effect that needs to come through.

And somehow or another, the playing of the cards is more than just playing with cards, it actually penetrates something. In other words, it’s not just a haphazard game that just kind of goes boom, boom, boom and then you go on to the next. Each game is meaningful in terms of the sequence of things, in a way that’s more than just this game. 

So as I’m pondering on how the setup that we’re playing in needs to be changed, and I’m pondering and evaluating how the space leaves something to be desired, some woman comes, and maybe she’s in the group and she’s heard about this already, and so she announces that we now are able to play for two hours at a woman’s club that has been made available to us.

So we’re able to get out of the current setting that is awkward – and that’s exciting – because as I’m sitting there pondering the changes I can let go of all of that because that just gets in the way of the play. No changes need to be made in this space. 

And what’s also good is, in order for this to come through, it has to come through quickly. It can’t be spread out and noodled out because then somehow or another it’s easily dismissed. Plus I have other obligations in terms of supporting and holding something of an energetic in the overall of life, so I only have two hours before I must go and deal with this something else.

And with what was announced, this is going to be just right, and the effect will also be as loud as it should be in terms of making itself known.

So the meaning of this dream is the theme involves bringing in an energetic vibration that needs to come into the world from the inner, and you don’t just kind of putter around and casually do that. You have to take responsibility for the presence of things. 

And to do so the energetic needs to be able to break through, in other words, what currently exists, and has to be powerful enough to be undeniable. 

From what is offered, shown, and now known, I am pleased that this is possible. In other words, able to go to this group that is totally in cadence with how things need to be. It’s not affected or influenced by the masculine.

Even I was beginning to wonder how I could influence what wasn’t quite working, and that wasn’t the answer. What had existed was yet affected by the environment, and even though we played at making a difference for a longer time, the desired effect of the inner affecting the outer was not quite making itself known in a convincing manner under a setting that was basically a setting provided by the masculine. 

Isn’t that interesting?

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