Getting in the Moment

intheflowoflife_In this series of dream images, John is being moved closer and closer to an understanding of what is preventing him from being in a flow with life. In each scenario, he meets resistance to becoming aligned with what is trying to occur, or what would seem the natural next step. These are indicators that something within is creating a blockage – something is being held onto that is out of tune with what needs to unfold naturally. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the beginning of this dream, it is in a setting of a place where you can order something, although I don’t necessarily see it that way; this notion just comes up all of a sudden. And then I order something expecting it to immediately be at my disposal. 

And I’m told that I needed to have ordered this earlier, or have announced that I needed this earlier, so it can be taken out in the morning or whatever, retrieved out of frozen storage and thawed out. 

Now what we’re talking about is a food that I have saved up, which belongs to me, that has to thaw out before I’m able to eat it. But because I’m acting perturbed by all of that, which is also important to recognize that whenever I feel perturbed, or like I’m put out or something, that that means there’s something out of balance in terms of the flow, because in this particular case, because I obviously looked stunned, the person says that, I can always pick this up off the shelf if I didn’t want to wait. 

In other words, there was that option. But of course the sense in the dream was, if I’ve gone to this trouble to have this stuff in frozen storage, I should avail myself of what I have pent up, as opposed to what is readily in flow and available.

If this was your dream, you would just be taking something off the shelf and getting on with the thing, taking on the overallness. But in my case, I’m still stuck with the past here, this frozen stuff. So in order to be in balance, how I am feeling myself inside, my thinking that is I need to order it ahead of time and not wait until the last minute or otherwise it’s out of balance with the way things are flowing in the outer.

In other words, if I’m still holding on to things, that’s how the outer will accommodate it because it has to be unfrozen, and brought to a position where it fits in. That’s kind of my nature, I think. I think everything that I do kind of has to figure out its way of being fit in, to fit in, or otherwise it seems out of cadence with how everything else is around it.

And, therefore, if it doesn’t figure out how to fit in, it’s not edible as a meal – and yet I don’t flow with just off-the-shelf mannerism. Although I am told that this is an option that is available, to be able to take something off the shelf, what about what one has stored up inside, the capacity of the greater depth inside?

And in my case, the whole question is, is this pent up quality inside what’s important, or is ordering off the shelf what is important? Ordering off the shelf is in flow, but then there’s that pent up quality inside.

I mean, you can argue both ways on this. You can say that it’s the frozen condition inside that is holding you back, or you could say that that frozen condition inside is something you have to catch up with in a proper way.

And however it is that you look at it, the purpose of the dream is to get one to be flexible and able to relate in both places simultaneously and spontaneously. And I am holding on to and not releasing. What I am holding onto and not releasing is what holds you back. You could be holding on to your idea of a flow, or you could be holding on to something that is very dense in the past.

This dream tends to throw it into an oscillation as if I’m holding on to something. It’s not being succinct with whatever it is that I’m holding on to, that’s what this is like.

Because in this dream, I’m in the middle of a long, narrow building when Norm has arrived out front and I’m told that I should go out and greet him. But I don’t seem to be able to respond, even though I kind of know he’s near the front and something won’t click in me, which means that I’m kind of wandering aimlessly. It is as if I’m lost or in some sort of delirium within the place that I’m sitting in, or how I am feeling and carrying myself. 

It just happens that kind of in this center area there’s a woman playing a video game. I must ask her something because she kind of sees the problem and says, “Let me show you how to reach Norm,” so she gets up and proceeds to take me outside.

But she doesn’t take me to the front, she goes in the opposite direction and goes out the back door. And then we walk along the side of the house, and of course I wake up before we have gotten to the point where we’ve caught up to where Norm is at. But we have to go outside of the house to find him. 

And so what I look at is, the state that I’m carrying myself in, I’m still orienting something, still wrapping something around me, that is keeping me from being properly attentive. And so I have to be kind of guided, or taken, out the back door of this narrow building. 

In other words, I can’t perceive within how I’m holding myself to make this work. I have to go outside, and then proceed from back to front, pulling the beginning and the end, or the end is present at the beginning, pulling all of that together, and thus I get re-oriented to where and how I am meant to be.

And in this next dream, I see myself hugging a woman and being told that I will be sharing the rest of my life with her – but there’s a catch to this. For some reason, I hadn’t been taking that seriously. And this change, although it solidifies that, the result too is a sensation of something coming to an end. I’m taken aback because I don’t know what that means. 

The vibration is an energetic that is at an end, or has the feeling of an emptiness akin to the world as I know it, an emptiness in the world as I know it, because something is radically changing, or coming to an end. I need to be able to let more in, and to do so I have to meet the need as I foresee it.  

What that did is that blasted something open. It’s a combination between the frozen and the unfrozen.

And then this is the part in which when I was talking about how I felt things in my bones and all of that stuff, and how this really intensified when I first went to college, it’s like it broke out as if it had been trapped. And in one sense it was almost like I felt like maybe that’s when I was being called to come to a particular kind of training, or teacher or something even, but that didn’t quite happen. And then that all shifted and it directed back into the world in some fashion.

Well, this is a dream that touches that sensation yet again, the sensation of being shoved or guided in a way that is putting a degree of pressure upon me. And the example is, that it’s ten minutes to eight and I must be ready and at some place, or going to that place, by 8 o’clock. And the sense of “let’s go” hits. 

In other words, I kind of am trying to guide the sense, or the feel, of the timing, and then all of a sudden with the sense of “let’s go” hitting in a pronounced way, I look and it is five minutes after eight. So I carry a qualm as a result of this consequence.

And then the final image is a number of 11,375, which has to do with something reaching this number, which is about half that, and at the end of that, then, it will shift, something is going to shift again. It’s going to go the other way. 

Again, this is the ebb and the flow in a very dynamic, strange way that is hitting. So I have the sense that when things reach a particular rebound stage in the outer, as mankind tries to control his will, that I must shift and adjust at that moment in preparation for something that will be overwhelming to society. 

I don’t want to get devastated by the consequences. In other words I would get devastated if I am not attentive to the flow – not being frozen, but being attuned. I need to be able to flow when what is coming happens. I’m presently out of balance physically, and I am noting this as a subtle anxiety inside. I have no faith or confidence in anything that is being done, that I can perceive, because I know that this is not going to work.

What is about to take place requires a flowing with a process, and not responses to it as a kind of after-the-fact calibration. You have to be right in tune with it. This is like a moment, in-the-moment kind of thing, how to get in the moment of it, which is something that one goes along and they don’t really get in the moment unless they suffer and go through this and that, and up and down, and around and about.

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