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the-cosmos-crown-jewels-1-angelina-vickThe current fascination with zombies is interesting because, from the perspective of many spiritual paths, most humans today are considered to be asleep, or unawakened – and not unlike zombies when it comes to fulfilling their human purpose. In Jeane’s dream, the imagery points out that there is an aspect of this in our insistence in seeing everything as separate: if we aren’t intertwined with everything, we are like zombies – dead to the universe around us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The dream I remember, I had gone into the mountains, and I’d actually hiked up to a place where there must have been a lake or something that came in, and it was big enough that there was an inlet and there was something like a cruise ship there. It was a pretty big white ship that was docked. 

And it feels like what I’m trying to do is get people that I know, or I mean, not that I know in the outer world, but just people that I have identified as okay, or people anyway, gathered up and on like the top deck of the ship, or the top floors. Because I’ve realized that some of the people on the ground have become zombies, and they’re going to attack if you stay down there with them.

And some of the people don’t realize other people are zombies, because they haven’t seen them change and attack them, so I just try to get them to take my word. And then, as I kind of get some of them to come up on the top level, because we may have to fight to keep the zombies out, I have to check to make sure they haven’t been bitten or something so they’re not going to turn into a zombie too, which is kind of sad if they have been bitten.

And I’m just trying to get everybody safe onto those first couple of levels and keep the zombies out. That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: It’s an interesting influence this conference is seeming to have on you, in that the key image, that also portrayed what you were doing, was that you were going up high somewhere where there was a white boat on a lake, right?

Huge sailing ship that you normally would find on the ocean, right?

Jeane: Yeah, like a cruise ship, not a sailing ship, but a cruise ship.

John: A cruise ship, but you do not find those…

Jeane: I know. It must be a big lake.

John: Actually, it’s a shifted dream, and at that particular point there are people that have a certain quality or cadence that is easy to relate to, that’s easy to contend with, because they have a proximity to something that has opened them up in a particular way.

And those who are opened up, or have that access in a particular way, or another way of saying it is, the access that you have inside of yourself that is in a particular way, you could even say that the use of certain shamanistic abilities is an access that works in this particular way, which can get compromised for lack of inner strength. It can get compromised when you see that as separate from everything else.

And when you see things as separate, they are in a zombie-like condition. How can they ever change if they are viewed, recognized, and treated as separate? They can’t change. So, first comes the quality of opening up a recognition to an ability to see that you actually twine, and link, and connect to something so much greater, that’s inside of yourself, which was unknown as a type of linkage and connection – but you have a gap.

In other words, you have a huge cruise ship on a mountain lake. It doesn’t belong there. It belongs on the ocean. You have things that are found there at a high level inside yourself, but they are distinct from the condition of everybody else. Everybody else in comparison is a zombie.

You have to screen those out that are going to affect you in a particular way, because they can compromise what it is that you’re opening up and aspiring to within. There are multiple ways of looking at the dream, but in keeping with kind of the theme, you have to develop a way of seeing that is more than a seeing, it’s a merging, it’s an intertwining, it comes through and recognizes a principle of your overallness inside of others.

And when you do that, that breaks the zombie trait. But if you do not do that, then the reflection of separation continues, and the zombie-like quality continues, and this level of seeing and knowing can’t emerge.

So when it’s in its infantile stages, all that a teacher can do is to try to tell you to be attentive, to look, to take responsibility for everything that exists, because you are guilty in some capacity. If it’s the oil problem, it’s because you also use oil so, in the degree that you’re connected to everybody, that connection goes all the way to the point of mannerisms and attitudes that led to the oil spill, to the unconsciousness in that in terms of an attitude.

And if you shield yourself out from those people, they remain zombies, but you also remain asleep to that intertwining. The key is to recognize how it comes together.

Well, this is like a dream, too, that could have been easily influenced by the depth of the movie in which the movie portrayed how everything is, in a way, cellularly correlated, how 99% of the synaptic responses in a chimpanzee are the same as in a human.

But who knows that, who can do that? And it shows nature doing what nature does in terms of a type of quality, and yet we don’t necessarily really recognize behind that what is even more significant, which is how it works in harmony, how it creates linkages, too, and how it doesn’t necessarily flow with the dominant survival thing. 

It flows with some kind of, like what causes the birds to undulate the way they undulate in the sky, or the deer to suddenly move to the watering hole. It’s not the big buck that leads the way. And in observing cows, I’ve seen the same thing. There is a dominant trait, and that dominant trait leads the way and it comes from, usually, an old female cow. The bull follows. He may provide protection but he does it almost in a rear guard way.

I have seen it amongst chickens. There is a certain quality of preened dominant hens that kind of race about, and the rooster pays attention to things, notices what’s flying in the sky, clucks in a particular way that gives off warning signals. And when food is thrown out will help others identify its location to recognize it – before he feeds. He’s the last that will feed. He makes sure everybody is paying attention first. His role is one of paying attention to what’s in the sky.

See the thing is also influenced by the planetarium effect that shows just how humongous everything is, and it’s all alive and communicates in its own way. It may not have an aliveness and a denseness that’s suited in a certain way like planet earth is suited, but it is emitting something all the time. And it is a form of time that it is emitting, even if that time has died and is millions of years old, but has the substance of that in which it comes, the light from which that comes, the substance effect is no more.

And that this has something to do with time, and this has something to do with an awareness and connection that we have that’s cosmic. And that we’re set, as a clock, to that sort of thing. There’s something in the cosmos. 

And so you were dreaming the distinction between zombies and another kind of similitude awareness, as to the degree to which it had opened up towards you, for you, and you also have to reconcile the difference of a cruise ship in the mountains and how that can go, transmute, all the way to the ocean.

It does that when it recognizes that the zombie is not a threat, otherwise it would stay up in the mountains. But it can come all the way down, and the zombie is not a threat because there’s a way of seeing something in that.

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