A Shared Essence

_dualityThe recent theme continues as John has dream images that bring to the forefront the need to see the interconnectivity between all things. As humans we get caught in the idea that we are separate and that we live in a world of dualities. Yet that is an illusion caused by our egocentric view of life.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I’m contending with having a sense about things, but I’m not dwelling upon it to such a degree that it brings on a direct catastrophe. In other words, one could feel something in their bones.

What this dream is meant to do, and what this impression is meant to do, is it’s meant to show that I go about, and I’ve kind of known this as a limitation but have never come back to have to face this, in that I absorb things and in the absorbing of things I’m mutable in that regard, and can become overly indulged in what it is that I pick up.

And when I get like that the reverberation inside has a whole catastrophic-ness that I can feel, and the key is, then, whatever that is that’s a catastrophe that’s unfolding, I get swept in with it. And the key is to recognize how to shift from that, because there are other folds in life that are occurring.

And yet this is an aspect of a type of time that is also unfolding, and I can unfold in a different fold. So to do that, I have to recognize that even though the energetic in life, and these energetics bring on a particular disaster as a kind of vibration, the fact that the outer is able to hold up is a bit to my surprise.

Which means I’m catching on to something that is shifting, but the outer is holding up so there’s something more that’s going on. I then make note of where my energy has been lately, and seem to agree I am lucky that I didn’t get absorbed by this because I’m feeling it, and yet I’m recognizing something more is awakening.

And it’s easy to get caught in the dominant effect and then you lose a certain succinctness, in terms of being in tune with the change in the world that operates in its own succinct, straight-away fashion – and you’re able to go with that. In other words, there are all these planes upon planes upon planes, just seeing that of the universe, and we think some little hiccup and we dwell on it – again, it’s just a tiny, tiny variable.

So this evolves into the dream in which there were two long objects, and these objects each had three parts to them. And the degree to which I could intertwine, because normally I can’t intertwine because I look at things too literally and then that creates the catastrophe of things when you look at it too literally because then you mutate to the environment that is around you and you’re affected by it.

In this dream I had developed something that had finally emerged a little bit distinct from all of that and, as a consequence of it being distinct, I have the ability to flow over these two objects and make them in harmony again. 

And because one of them required more of a process than the other, or was dusty or dirtier than the other, in order to do both of them in the same timely fashion, to pull them both together in the same timely fashion, I took the ones that were faster, the parts that were faster, or the component in my energy would be slowed down more by some feature. 

So I took one that was three parts, and then I took one part out of the second object and I could take and go over them in the same time sequence, even though I was covering four parts of one in the third object, and then two-thirds of another object. 

And the amount of dust or debris or dirtiness that existed in the second object slowed me down with the energy, and I was able, though, to bring both of those into a quality at the same time. In other words, this is like a type of musical aliveness quality. So I can handle the same amount that way, and I had to go over the two objects in this way given the auric heart quality I embody for transmission purposes.

So the theme of the dream, the schematic of this thing, is a way of connecting with something in an interconnected way, so that you don’t go along always seeing yourself in a dualistic nature. And as long as you see yourself in a dualistic nature, you don’t see the non-dualistic quality of the interconnection. 

And we each carry a clarity of focus and a naturalness that is in sync with some aspect of life to some degree. And what I was describing was a state and condition in life that I am able to maintain a corresponding vibrational cadence with, in that I am able to touch, and therefore alter, or change, or purify, or however you want to say that, absorb that into a working reflective flow.

In other words, it’s intertwined. It’s no longer separate. And we each carry a heartfelt vibrational note that permeates into creation and this vibration is able to affect life by awakening an intertwined aliveness. 

The sequence, pace, time, and mannerism is what we come to find as a shared essence – when we leave the images of being separate that keep us from seeing the connectivity. What I am describing is an access that is not possible until there is the recognition that things twine together.

And therefore, without that recognition, you also can’t affect things because you always do something in kind of a self-mode way that is separate, as opposed to something that links and flows in relationship to a greater and greater Whole.

And for each of us it is different, in terms of what it is, and how it is that one comes to notice this characteristic or this trait. In my instance, I have been awakened and quickened to a way of being that connects to the heart in a certain way that I seek to resonate with, and to the degree that I am able to catch up with this, I am able to radiate out from what had been an insular awareness.

I’m talking about a quality of the heart that is conscious to an interconnectivity having taken and transformed the focus upon one’s ego-oriented, separate self, to the coinciding sameness hidden in creation seeking to wake up in this natural overall beingness.

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