Including the Heart

Seven chakrasIt has been said that this is a feeling universe, and it can’t be understood by an intellectual-only approach. In this series of dreams, John is shown that he needs to connect in a heartfelt way. The heart is the path to inner guidance and a connection to the Whole.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my meditation, I find myself confronted with a couple of choices, and both choices involve me making a decision that I felt used the mind and not the heart. And, as a consequence, what would occur would be lesser than had it been with the heart. 

And I, too, get tired of doing that, and so the following occurs. Having done that, and seeing that it’s lesser than a whole other vibration that takes and comes from the heart, and find myself presenting this other instead of living in this way that one’s meant to live.

A woman says to me, “You did this without me, the goddess?” She was stunned that I would do this when I should know better. In other words, function with the mind as opposed to heart, the goddess being the heart, the quality that embraces everything in creation and is in touch with all of what that means in correlation to the creator. 

I was about to argue that I had spared her some grief because the consequence did not live up to a standard I felt she represented. I realized I didn’t and don’t dare say any of that because that also would be a type of rejection. 

Also, simultaneously the image that accompanied my conduct was one where I had grabbed from a side bowl of energetic options. It saw me grabbing from a side bowl of energetic options instead of the ocean of overallness from within.

The meaning of this kind of meditative dream was, I am to include an inner vibrational heartfelt guidance behind everything I do – without exception, whether it’s good, bad, or otherwise, because the access lies within. Because I know this, and knowing it requires one to honor that, and so I am to use this intertwined, inner connection as an essence that merges within the heart.

This vibrational heartfelt quality is intended to move me into the Wholeness of an ever deeper beingness. And what is interesting is that this movement is actually what I truly seek. Ordinarily I suppose I would struggle with stuff that kind of affect me in some way, that tear me aside from certain thoughts, but those thoughts are so much lesser. I actually do seek, and want to be in comport with, a deeper heartfelt guidance that takes in the greater Whole and, of course, that’s a Whole that’s intertwined.

So the rest of the dreaming are slight, short, quick, fast images that just keep adding components to this theme.

The first image is that I realize that I don’t meditate alone, something dwells with me as an intertwined, embodied, simultaneous presence. It even felt like it was me, as two parts trying to be one, which was a surprise. 

Now, there was me, and then there was like these two other parts, and of course the reason why they were like these two other parts was one part had a lesser vibration than the other, maybe still pained in some way, and so there was a shadow of the mergability stuff.

And so this has me wondering, am I within the heartfelt conduct? In other words, am I working out from within the heartfelt conduct of a coming together? I am to work out a pugilistic union from within that encompasses the outer.

It goes back and forth and contends with things, it dips in and out, and that’s why it’s like pugilistic, and yet it’s within. And when you see it in the outer, it’s part of the outer. In other words, it’s a type of denseness. It’s not necessarily the denseness that it appears.

And the image is that there are two pugilistic boxers going at it, fighting and hitting each other, and I need to stop and experience this as a coming together of the two. If I can do that, then there is nothing to move out, or to change. A gap that has to be fixed so the struggle is no more, is the punch line.

In other words, I know about the union portion of the feminine vibration that has the responsibility in creation to bring things together, and then from that I continue on, trying to explain the image I have and what that is all about.

In the image, what I am to receive in relationship to what needs to occur is likened to a food that has to be placed on my plate in order for a connection to occur. In the dream I struggle over whether I am to be receptive to what is offered. 

To talk myself into this I say, “The union portion of the feminine vibration has the responsibility in creation of bringing things together. She does so by honoring what portions need to be meted out, and served, and when this is to be so.”

So, I pulled all of those together in terms of a meaning of the various dreams. I am compelled to notice that I need to include the heart in everything that I do. There are no excuses for not doing so.

This is best stated in the meditation dream – I am not to reject the feminine goddess. In doing so I am existing in an overall Wholeness. To not include a vibrational heartfelt closeness of the feminine goddess is to leave out the inner divine.

What I am describing is not possible if the essence has not merged into my being. That essence is represented as being what is being with the teacher is all about. Because life is a oneness, the teacher is bringing this into creation and merging that into the heart of the student. When the merging occurs, the pugilistic struggle is able to subside. The responsibility becomes complete. What was separate now comes together as one.

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