The Speed of Gravity

gravity-imax-posterIn these dream images, the scenes portray efforts to connect to an aliveness within. What that requires is a heartfulness which brings everything together. Without that heart connection, the alignments aren’t quite there, and the ability to have an effect on things doesn’t quite work. It points out the idea that there is still a gap that causes separation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just pulled out one little bit of a dream from last night. This dream was more of an image. 

It’s like I’m observing another me. I mean, it’s like I know it’s me, and I feel like I’m observing that me, and then there are outlines of that me in this huge plastic tube that’s above both of us, but that is connected to the ground on one side. 

And so there are these shadow images up there, at least two of them, that represent the body, and it feels like the me I’m observing tries to kind of place themselves, I suppose energetically or physically, in one of those forms up in the tube and then maybe the other. 

But it’s almost like either the sound or the vibration – and it would be healing – but the sound or the vibration isn’t quite right for it yet, so it’s like sometimes I try to do it anyway, or she tries to do it anyway, but the sound isn’t quite right yet.

It’s like I’m just observing a me that’s trying to do something that’s healing for the body.

John: The theme of the dreaming dealt with how you have to maintain a quality of a certain kind of heartfulness within, which enables you to connect to, relate to, touch, with that heartfulness, creation.

And the images have to do with being able to awaken with that touch. That’s how it was with me. In your particular case, you’re evaluating how to get the vibration, or the note, or whatever it is, correct or proper enough so that you can be in a particular other space that you’re looking at; that you can intertwine in this other space.

It’s connected to the ground, but it’s up in the air or something, and you have to be able to go into that as a type of beingness. 

I’m not approaching it that way. I’m approaching everything with a certain intent. You’re trying to do something in a natural overallness of being able to just be in that – in some fashion – such that you have the way of free flowing your mannerism to do that.

In my dream, it’s like I’m released from an area under the intent, and because I have the intent – and perhaps that’s why I’m let go, or released, to see if I can carry that intent into inanimate objects or into inanimate things. And it’s my intent to do so.

And so I’m with a friend who has more zest and joy and energy in his nature, and we’ve gone into this building or place that is just filled everywhere you look with dolls. And they’re dolls that just sit there with their eyes wide open. 

And so I’m taking kind of a pumpkin cream pie and I’m swabbing the eyes of every one of these dolls. Something is different, however, in terms of how my friend does it, because it seems like when he does it, to some degree he even gets a response out of them, kind of a type of an aliveness. 

In my case, what I’m doing leaves itself still to question. In fact, there is a woman, who’s like the babysitter of the dolls, who challenges me. And if I hadn’t been with this friend I might have reacted, because even though the dolls aren’t alive, she’s still there babysitting them as if they are.

And even though I, having come back to this place having been here before, but now that I’ve come back I seem to be off the ground or something, unable to effectuate any life, or aliveness, in the dolls. But because I try, she steps back and observes and watches me go through these futile, but never giving up, gyrations. 

My friend who seems to, if I glance over, even seems to be getting or drawing reaction from the dolls as if they are coming to life or are alive. His pumpkin cream pie seems to go on and on forever, but mine runs out. And so I make the comment that, we’re going to have to come back again, because not all of the dolls got swabbed with this pumpkin cream pie across their eyes. 

As we leave we have to come down a whole sequence of steps. Well, I know something that I think is really neat. I can take and just put one hand on a rail and just let myself free-fall, and can go as fast as gravity in a free-fall right down the steps. 

I’ve seen myself do this many, many, many times and no one else has ever been able to do and have this kind of freedom to be able to come down a sequence of steps and just know that it doesn’t work with everything I eat, and I know that, but in this particular instance I know it will work, that I can just jump off and down I go – as fast as gravity can pull me down. 

Well, that goes at a particular speed. I really can’t hardly speed that up, because the speed of gravity is the speed of gravity. My friend, however, goes down each step and what amazes me is not only is he able to keep up, but he’s actually perhaps able to go even a touch faster.

So the meaning of this dream is that it lays the foundation for me recognizing that I’m still off the ground. It’s kind of like a corrective dream, indicating that I still prefer to settle for a certain lightness or quality like that inside. And the flip side of that of course then, is you tend to get off the ground because you’re not connecting with creation.

You’re connecting with that lightness. You’re developing a certain aloofness, and yes there’s the sense of a freedom and increased speed in doing that that others don’t have, but in terms of actually touching things, the degree to which I’m still off the ground is in the way, in that the dolls can’t be awakened for me, even though I try and have the focus or intention to try to do that.

And given the space and latitude by the babysitter of the dolls, who realizes that I’m trying to come from the right place, even though appearances are such that I’m not having any effect. So this dream of course indicates that you have to keep coming down gravitationally, that I’m not rooted enough to heartfully touch things.

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