The Ocean of Life

This dream scenario preceded the dream John described yesterday (see The Speed of Gravity). Here, he finds himself wading into an ocean that seems so polluted he wonders whether he could walk across the top of it. Yet the image is showing him how his attitude toward the outer world has a profound effect on his ability to connect with the heart to all of creation. To be with the universe, we have to love everything in it, not pick and choose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So prior to this dream, I had a dream image that was even denser, showing again that I’m aloof or off the ground, I’m out the body in some sense, and you’re like that when you go around with a kind of lightness.

There’s a way of feeling the heart that we tend to ignore, that is very grounded in the vibration, but we don’t maintain that, and it’s easy to get that lost or to lose it. Overindulgence in anything is inclined to chase away, first of all the presence of myself that can sit in a chair, that’s masculine, and hold the space. I lose the space and therefore I lose the means of something that is able to touch creation.

In this prior dream, it starts off where I just am able to kind of let go, not necessarily paying attention to what I do, and I can walk out into the ocean of life. And I can go out maybe a quarter of the way, or a third of the way, and then I stop and I notice what I’m doing because, to begin with, I’m just wading out. 

At some point I’m going to have to start swimming if I’m going to go to the other side. And then there’s a lifeguard who is watching me do this, kind of wondering if I belong, I guess, not sure what to think. 

After going out a short distance, I realize that this is so polluted I can’t even swim in it. In fact, I don’t even know how I got as far as I got; it’s so dense and thick around me that I don’t know how I push on. 

And then I realize it’s rubbery. If I were to lay on the surface or on the top – that’s assuming I can get myself extricated from how I’m sunk into it with my lower torso – maybe I can lay on the surface and somehow go across.

Now somewhere, before I get to the other side, is a particular tribe that didn’t come here to communicate that sort of thing, came here to reveal something else. In other words, this image wanders. 

In my particular instance, I guess I am not keeping up with that because I’m even more ungrounded in this image, because in the water of life I can’t really get into it because I treat it as too polluted. And therefore it is treated as something too dense and I can’t free flow in it, I can’t let myself be in it, and I can’t wade in it because that attitude does make it seem too dense. 

Now, what kind of attitude are we talking about? It’s like in this second dream it was more of a way of knowing how to work with gravity in a free flow capacity, which leaves you lighthearted in the heart, but that sort of thing doesn’t actually relate or touch everything in an intertwined way in the outer.

And in this dream I’m even further removed that I take an ocean or lake of water and treat it, and deem it, to be too solid for me to be able to float in, to get in, to even move around in as if it is getting set up by the contaminates in it to becoming more solid and more solid.

Initially, wading out in this was possible, but I’ve now reached a point where I have to be even more heartfully grounded if I am to continue, because I’m meant to be able to go way, way from shore to shore. And here I’m only able to go out a little ways and I find myself stuck because I can’t immerse myself; that’s assuming I could get myself out of the stuck, half body in, half out condition. 

I don’t believe I can even lay on this rubbery-like surface now and somehow or another propel myself across. It’s as if that won’t quite hold my weight that way either, although in some instances it looks pretty bouncy and I can almost see myself bouncing off of it like it is rubbery. 

But somehow I know that this isn’t going to do the trick. I’m not going to get across by treating it as something dense, or have an attitude or mannerism about it as if it is that way and, therefore, I can’t heartfully touch it. 

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