Up a Tree

Uprooted-Bonsai-TreeThis dream is a swirl of events, none of which go too well for Jeane. She has to climb up a tree house, which then gets washed away, after which she finds herself speeding in a car going backwards – headed for an accident. We’ve all had dreams that seemed a rush of over-the-top events. But here the central image tells the story – without proper grounding, or being rooted in physical creation, we can’t climb to the heights safely. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m visiting you someplace where you live, in kind of almost a pretty simple basement apartment of some kind, and you’ve been involved in the manufacturing of some kind of like CDs, or recording them or something, as kind of a sideline.

And while I’m visiting you, a lady comes over and you sit down at a table with her and she signs some kind of contract with you that obviously is going to make you a lot of money, because you comment on it. It’s much more than what you’d expected when she shows up for you to sign the contract. And then she takes the CDs off. 

I’m happy for you, but then I go outside and I seem to have a vintage kind of orangish red convertible, and we go to visit this couple that live in a tree. It’s like they’ve hollowed out their home from the tree. But I had forgotten that the way you have to get up there is you have to kind of push me from the back, and I have to get a handhold.

And then I have to pull on something else that maybe I could fit through, but I don’t think so. And then I notice there’s a door carved out of the tree, way up there, you’re still holding me up, and he comes to let me in. 

Well, I get about two-thirds of the way in through this doorway. I still have one leg outside, and suddenly something comes along that causes the tree to be uprooted – so it throws him out it completely. 

You’re still on the ground somewhere, and this water is sweeping me with the tree, which is also a house, down this river really fast. And so I realize I have to get my leg out from where it’s still kind of out of the tree. I have to get it in the tree so that I can begin to climb out of one side of the tree.

And then the tree hits the bank and stops for a second. And I realize I’m concerned because what if the man… the man is thrown out, but what if his woman and child are still in the tree? The tree’s under water right now. I’m kind of grabbing a hold of the bank. 

Somehow I grab the tree and pull it up to the surface, because I can see in my mind’s eye there is a woman inside. It’s a very small woman, and so I pull it up out of the water so that I feel like the woman can get out of the tree.

But then everything shifts because it’s like my car is there, and now again I travel with you someplace else in my car… or no, that’s not what happened. I get in my car. I just left out another part with you.

And the part that I left out with you before was, it’s like we had gone somewhere where you were listening to somebody, but it was like in a shop, and I went off to try on a purple bathing suit. And all of the dressing rooms were really odd, and there were meeting rooms in the back and one, I would think it was a dressing room but it was open to everybody else. Then there’s a room that maybe you would look like you could go into that you actually crawled through the back wall into the meeting room.

But I finally found a place to try on the bathing suit and went to show it to you, and then I realized I’d forgotten my clothes and I can’t find my clothing stall again. It takes me a long time and then I finally get my clothes. And then we went to the tree house, and I pulled the tree up out of the water with the little woman in it. 

Then I get in my car and I start to go somewhere with my car, but I see some cars barreling towards us and my car has gotten stuck going backwards. So the car in back of me is swerving all over the road trying to avoid hitting me, and I’m trying to swerve all over the road trying to avoid hitting him. We don’t know if we’re going to hit or not. 

I finally get my car turned around, and another car comes along and hits the car in front of me, which hits the driver’s side fender of my car and just dents it a tiny bit, which makes me feel badly – but it’s still running. And I’ve kind of driven it off to go back someplace where I know you are. 

I know the police don’t like you driving off after an accident, but what I ‘d actually seen was one car had hit another and that car just scooted into me, so I didn’t see why I had to stay there. I just wanted to get back to where you were. I think that was when I woke up.

John: The dream is indicating that you’re floating too much, in terms of what you’re taking in. In other words, there has to be an absorbing of an environment in a way that you stay grounded.

And just because you’re around something that’s like a red car, which is on the ground, that has the capability of being on the ground, and when it’s on the ground that car can access and make things happen in the physical.

You can’t abandon your role of having to support, or hold, that overallness in a rooted way. You can’t take that and try to scale it into something more like the tree house that gets up above the ground.

In other words, you can’t go outside of how you’re meant to be. In other words, it’s kind of a dream that is designed to show you that you have to stop a certain kind of doingness, and take in what is in front of you, and go into it, fully see it, fully partake of it, hold the energetic of that place where you find yourself to be.

Or otherwise you speed up, or race up, and you extend yourself beyond, or above, or more out-of-body from a rootedness that you carry, and are meant to carry and embody in the whole and of life.

And so when you start with something that has a richness to it, and then you take that as if it’s something that enables you to then go into a tree house, that can’t work out for you because you’re ungrounded, you’re up in the air. And the tree house has to come down somehow or another.

But should the tree house come down, or should whatever in it that has been built up as a consequence of an improper indulgence, instead of a rootedness that is intended or meant to be there in order for it to work, should that have to come tumbling down, and then you try to come back to the rootedness after you’ve created a disorientation of having gone off on a tangent, then when you try to come back to a rootedness you’ve created an energetic skewer in yourself that’s harder to do.

And you’re apt to crack up the vehicle of your being because you chose to take on a certain air or demeanor, is if you’re able to be in a more exalted connective state. The state that you find yourself is neither rich nor poor, neither exalted or not exalted. It is a state that you have to first and foremost be rooted and grounded in. You can’t augment that, or try to augment or jump over the top into a tree house of things, or into a higher elated state of things.

See the theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to hold a presence, cognition, in an overall sense. In my particular case it had to do with the integrative factors that keep one grounded and cognizant and appreciative and not wavering to where you reach beyond what you should be reaching to, or look to push or touch or effect things beyond just holding a space, a clarity with a space.

Very, very difficult, but kind of the marching orders of how one is supposed to be, to hold the space in the environment that you’re in. And if you can’t do that, and instead choose to high grade that, or to augment that into something, as if something more is meant to follow, and you go off in a doingness, not only does that come to no good consequence, you also lose your connection to the physical.

And should that crash, you find yourself lost in the physical as well. You shatter in the physical as well. So you’re meant to be able to hold the space that you come to know, that has the richness to it. You hold that, and you flow with that.

Because the dream is also about interconnectivity, and how you have to maintain the linkage. And the dream keeps telling you that, that you have to maintain a connection to what is important. You can’t just get these wild notions and go off on a tangent, and then think that you can somehow figure your way back – because you can get lost.

It’s like the energetic. Even though it has physical quality to it, it also isn’t as embodied as one thinks and one can waver from that, one can deviate from the vibration, one can go a considerable distance. Similarly speaking, this energy is something that can travel a considerable distance in terms of what it can penetrate, and what it can touch, and what it can affect. And so I guess you don’t really realize that until you take on a certain responsibility that works with it in a rooted way.

But if you don’t take on that responsibility, and you’re just working with the energy as if you have a right to jump to hither, and thither, and there, you’re going to get yourself out of a continuity. You’re going to get yourself lost, and you’re not going to know your way back. 

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