Inviting Something More

x_4d1fe6c4This short dream image follows Jeane’s dream from our last post (see Grasping By Letting Go). Here she is trying to incorporate new energy into her body, taking the next step after beginning to intertwine the three aspects that she was working to bring together, between her masculine and feminine aspects. This is how a spiritual journey deepens: we make connections, assimilate them, and that leaves us open to receiving the next piece. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then it felt like the last dream I was having was more like an image, and in this image it’s like I’m trying to work with bringing some energy from the Middle East into my body. I know one of the energies is from Jordan, and again, like yesterday, it’s almost like I’m looking at something that’s still a little off the ground when I look at the energy, like it’s in a place that’s a little more distant, a little more up there, in some kind of a container.

And I’m trying to figure out ways of bringing that energy into my body, and I’m just working on it. It’s not like I’ve accomplished it, but it’s not like I’m feeling really frustrated, either. It’s more like I’m just focused on how to do that.

John: In the purest natural state of doing that, this sort of thing is not attributed to conditions of a specific way, or manner, from how you take in the outer. This is something that is a connectivity, or awakening, coming through from the inner.

And that sort of thing, when it comes in, increases your capacity for how it is that you handle, conduct, carry, resonate, and emanate those other three component parts of yourself – as one. It’s as if you took those three parts, that were broken into three parts that I suppose one could pick at, if one were noodling at them instead of realizing they come together as part of who you are that works just fine.

One could pick at that, I suppose, if you only got one piece of it at a time, and sense that there was this, and then there was that, yet still in the workings. You get it somewhere in your dream because you brought all three of them in.

So you then take another step, and the step you take is a step of using this space. You’re functioning from this space to bring in an even deeper, subtler depth, from within, that wouldn’t be possible if you were still contending and struggling with any of those three components, as if they were misaligned – once in a cadence, once in an order, once in a natural.

You now are then able to invite something more to open up. It’s very, very interesting because this sort of inviting in, and taking in, of something more that can open up, is like a quality of the teacher touching you. That’s how the teacher tends to say it, is that you become open in a way so that that can move in.

Or, not saying it in those words, that there is this galactic, universal energy that’s inside of you that is able to simply reveal itself, and emerge, but can’t when you are acting up in some way or another that keeps you estranged.

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