The Weight of Manifestation

weightThe imagery from John’s meditation dream opens up a fundamental conundrum for all humans: how do we embrace the Wholeness of everything, when we are mired in the physical realms? That process is the basis of most religions, and the path of it requires an ongoing effort to continually let go of everything that prevents us from connecting. This includes our personal identity and our attachments to external things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream that I had, I’m trying to find an answer to what is going on energetically within me. In other words, as if I can explain this somehow, or reconcile this somehow, because I feel something within. And so I scope to put my finger on it in the outer – as if I can put my finger on it in the outer.

It’s as if there is this direct correspondence that lines up tit for tat. It doesn’t, of course, manifestation happens slower. The note is cast from within, but the manifestation effect, the switch, or the change that happens in life, takes place slower.

So what I seem to be doing is acting as if I can resolve this question within, in the outer. But all of it touches something within, and all that I’m doing in looking into the outer is estranging myself away from the path.

What is the path? It’s not something that sequences out like your mind would lead it to believe. It’s a place where you hold a heartfulness that scopes out and takes in everything that there is, and truly doing that is an emptiness, or a nothingness.

And I guess the closest that the mind can come to realizing the significance of something like that is like if you actually saw the ebbs and flows of the energetics in the galactic, and that here’s this little pimple of an earth that we’re making into all of these mannerisms and notionality, individually, let alone this little pimple of an earth being a microscopic thing of the Whole.

So the important thing is that I look to do this with a focus and attention that awakens to that overall Wholeness that runs through everything, and not confine myself with psyche barriers, energetic flashing around that’s shorting itself out all the time.

In other words, it’s like I suppose when you’re floundering and recognizing that a part of manifestation is having a weighty effect upon your heart, and then there’s that space that can let go of it. I suppose one of the yo-yos of that is asking the question, what is going on? Because with the longing intensified to a closeness that is important in terms of the overall Wholeness which everything is made out of which is called the principle of love.

This is how you slowly get out of this treadmill. And the greater the closeness you have to something as a depth inside, the more you seem to be subjected to this vibration of breaking free of the entrapped mannerism that you’re in.

So the interesting thing I’m seeing about the process gets depicted in this dream meditation, in which there is a reaching into understanding the past, as if I have a vibratory right to do so, that is resonating in me.

And there’s confusion in this. In other words, as if one can feel something in the heart – a heaviness – that then gets strained out with the mind stepping in to try to get a grasp of all of that. It then just narrows everything down, and then you choke out the connection to a divine essence, that doesn’t have any of those aspects going on.

In other words, how can we embrace the awakening of the Whole? We’re in a conundrum because we’re also in the physical, and yet there’s that going on too. And yet from the physical, from manifestation, our senses seem to constantly be being caught in having to go off on little deviations.

These deviations go away when we go into a great enough depth of our heart to where it’s meaningless, and you keep doing this more and more and more and more, which is like a type of being rescued from a condition of limited humanity. 

So one is slowly getting more intimate to the heartfelt connection. That causes, then, the outer to make less and less sense in terms of us able to get anything of it of any value.

So in the dream I look directly at the shattering effect that, without the connection, I would find myself steering clear of that place without the connection. So I don’t mirror. I guess what I mirror is, what is obvious is the destruction. 

In other words, we all noodle with the destruction of things. We don’t mirror this other place, because how do you appreciate something that’s just in an overallness? Because I embrace and recognize only a part of the process, I then can only unfold little by little, because I’m constantly deviating and holding onto something by some attention behind an outer image. 

The states I’m looking at for today have me overwhelmed. If I do not handle this, and I identify with being shuttered, I remain wounded – and that then affects what is able to come through. And as I see this condition that I’m carrying, I’ve suddenly lost something. I notice that I’ve lost something. 

I must not settle for things that take away from this heartfelt focus. If I do I will miss the subtle effect where something in the way falls away, or is broken in such a way that I’m able to kindle the heart. 

What I’m recognizing in the meditation dream is the way the forces of some essence that you feel inside, seek to reach out. Is this what it looks like to an apprentice who is working them out through the conditioning of the outer, to shutter a barrier standing in the way of a process where the soul awakens to see inflections of itself mirrored by creation, at its essence the universe of all that is, which is what things are about?

How do you contrast or compare the two? Yet one is still doing that. One is still taking and going off in some bifurcation and then you have all of that. We just don’t know how to sit with that. We sit in the 99 other things, so to speak, instead of the one thing. 

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