An Inner Recognition

inner-recognitionThese dream images show Jeane that she is on the verge of something, or close to something. She doesn’t have quite the right stones or crystals, and she can’t quite fly. Yet there is a sense of recognition she feels, with the couple she knows and with the stone she is looking for. If we consider that we are designed to respond to the call of creation, it’s easy to grasp the idea that the journey back would be familiar to us in some way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream last night, I seem to be observing a couple that I know. I knew them actually even before they got together. 

And I’m just observing them. He used to be a Rolfer, and they both do some breathwork, and I think he’s even written a book that had to do with dreams. And I just seem to be observing them. They’re both pretty strong people. 

I knew them before they got together and then they got married, so I’m just observing the work they’re doing. It’s like checking in on them. 

And I feel like near the end of that dream I also saw these yellow colored discs in the air. That was all I could remember of that first dream.

John: This is an actual person that actually wrote a book on dreams? That’s kind of interesting.

Because it sounds like something on the verge of taking off, especially with the yellow discs, because you’re connecting with that. You’re observing it, you’re watching it, and you’re connecting with it and they wrote a book like on dreams.

Because it’s like something is valid in all of that. Something’s important in all of that.

Jeane: Then I have a dream and it feels like I’m in a basement area, but maybe near where I work. And my boss is there and another man, and maybe the man’s daughter, and we’re discussing something about stones. 

It’s like my boss wants us to acquire some stones that are maybe crystals, I think, with silver in them. We don’t quite see the right stone. I’m also discussing with him maybe a kind of green healing stone that I have, a different kind of quality of stone completely, but he’s interested in these, it’s like quartz with silver in it of a certain size. And the stones we have in the room, none of them are quite right. 

And at the same time, I was holding one of these stones as I’m trying to demonstrate to my coworker, this man, how you fly, but I just don’t have the oomph to fly right now. Usually I could go out even and hover a few inches above the floor, but I just can’t seem to do it right now, even holding the stone. I just don’t quite have it. 

So my boss says we need to go to Portland to get one of the stones, or some stones. That means I have to run home and change clothes, so my co-worker is going to drive me with his daughter in his daughter’s car. 

Now I go out and his daughter’s car is this green junker. It has stuff piled in the back seat. I’m not sure even how I’m going to fit in there, plus he has to push it down the hill and then hop in the driver’s seat to get it started. So we do that. 

It’s actually my house, or my folks’ house, and make sure they park it in the driveway turned around so that he can give it a push to get it started when we leave. And I go in the house and my mother’s asleep, and I can’t quite wake her up. I just kind of wake her up enough to let her know that I have to go to Portland for the weekend.

And then I run up to my room to change into clothes because it’s like I’m wearing shorts and I realize that’s not appropriate for going to Portland.

So I go back in the house and get these kind of sharp looking black and white pants in my room where everything is a little bit of a chaos, actually. The house seems in a bit of a chaos. Mom isn’t quite awake. 

And then I go out to the car and I say to my coworker, “I guess we’re not driving to Portland,” because I’m looking at this car, and he says, “No, the boss wants us to go there just over the weekend – we’ll fly.” 

And I realize that normally my tendency would have been, if I’d had the right kind of car, to drive, but he’s right – you just go there for a weekend, you fly. And then when I’d gone inside I’d also looked for different stones or crystals that I had to see if I could find one like the boss wanted us to get so that I could see what would be the right price to pay if we found it, but I just can’t seem to find the right one. That’s all I remember of that dream.

John: So you had to get these stones as part of a process. So you already knew what it was. You already had some example or reflection of it, and that’s kind of how it is on the spiritual path, too. You wouldn’t be able to make the journey if you didn’t already have a recognition inside of yourself, or a memory, of what it was.

And so you’re able to confirm that you have this insight. And you have stones, but you don’t have the ones you need to fill in, right? And you initially were just going to go anyway. Then you went and you looked at what was available, that you had, but you didn’t want to deplete that. You needed other stones, too.

So you’re accessing something that is important to something that’s meant to occur, or meant to come together, and you’re doing it not for yourself but for someone else, right, for your boss. So, it’s not for you. And to get what you need, you have to go to Portland. Port, land. You’re not going across country.

And then you put it together with the other, which looks like something has gotten off the ground, and that’s represented by the discs that are able to fly, and you no longer have to drudge along on the ground either in terms of retrieving what is missing. You can fly right into it. You could go quickly. 

It seems to be confirming dreams in terms of a process, indicating that what is intended to unfold and take place is on hand or something, or is recognized to be okay. It’s an interesting theme because the theme of the dreaming last night did have to do with trying to catch up with the way things are situated, or put together: how to be in that space properly.

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