Lifting the Spell

Green Man -1Through this series of images, John is shown that obligations imposed from outside, if they distract him from his path, cut him off from the flow of life. We are all constantly barraged by interactions that we feel a responsibility toward, yet, ultimately, our responsibility is to stay connected to the flow.

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John: So in this next dream, a person wants me to call and spend some time talking to them before I leave a program. 

And so, in the dream I’m kind of sitting in a building, what kind of building I’m not sure, and outside of the window from this building I see “B” and she starts making motions that I was supposed to have called, and then she’s making those motions again about how I abandoned and she was hurt. Because when she said it I just kind of begrudgingly says, okay, but it should have been obvious that what could you say under those circumstances. So she’s reflecting images of being hurt. 

This is all done with gestures because I’m in the building and she’s outside of the building. The windows are closed so you can’t readily talk. And so at some particular point I make the motion for her to come over to where we’re at, and then the dream kind of shifts because when the person comes over I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a car and a parental type figure is at the wheel ready to leave. 

Others come over, too, that are part of the group or something, and before you know it there’s this image in which B’s in the front seat and she’s turned around talking to someone in the backseat, and there are three or four others with the group that are drooped around the car. And  the parental figure is kind of a little bit flabbergasted and he’s looking out the side window as if he doesn’t know what to make out of this condition that’s holding things back – but going along with it nevertheless. 

When the car does start to drive slowly where I am is, I’m holding on to the passenger side window and kind of have my feet down on the ground, sitting almost like on the curb with my feet dragging as the car moves slowly down the road. 

So I look ahead and I see a pile of wood that my feet are going to run into and that would break my feet, and then a little farther beyond that is a hydrant sticking up, which would have crippled me. 

By getting my feet out of the gutter, I then say, “I’m now free to go.” That was a hard dream to write up to describe that peculiar image.

So the meaning is, I am hearing an echo-like responsibility inside of myself, and this is like a synaptic echo that is holding me back like a spell. When I shake that it is like a spell that is lifted; I am okay or, in other words, free again.

This is also like a self-imposed sense of duty that is conceptual, in other words it’s not practical, that gets its clutches in me. And the echo-like obligation keeps me from being true to myself. This dream is indicating that I carry the condition, and can’t shake the promise that was inferred.

This spell is compromising my well being and safety. To see it for what it is is my redemption from this imposition that holds me back. So it’s like I’m breaking through a stigma, just like when you work with things you find out that you’ve taken on other things that are a little bit off the path.

And then in a prior dream, I’m in bed and instead of getting up in a timely manner, I am relaying dream energy to others who are there. And then as they kind of leave, because I have to be getting up, “K” sees the notebook that I was using and feels I should spread out the writing; it is too hard to read. 

I comment back to her, “Oh, it wasn’t so bad,” and I proceed to flip through the pages of my notebook going to show her a page that you really can’t read at all, but I can’t find one like that. And in flipping around, as if I have to prove a point or something, I’m revealing too much about the connection that is best kept as a quiet unfoldment, because I realize that in doing that she was surprised that I had so much in the notebook.

And then in another image, I see myself crawling through a window. In other words, I have to go somewhere, and the only way out is to crawl through an open window. So I kind of crawl through an open window and on the other side I have to scoot along some dried rose bushes, which turn out to be extremely painful. I hadn’t expected dried rose bushes to be so sharp.  

In fact, it’s so painful that I find it easier and less of a problem to just roll over an alive rose bush, and that gets me out of this little corner area after crawling out the window that I was in. So going over the top of a live rose bush is less painful.

And again, this is kind of a dream still in conjunction with K being around, and I point out to K and others who are watching me extricate myself from the room, it’s their opinion and thinking that I am mistaken, but I know better having just had the personal experience. In other words, not with the old and the dead, but with the alive and the new – it’s less painful. 

Essentially the meaning is that, first of all, I must utilize my time to go over that which is alive and not get all pained over that which is of the past and dead. The past is painful, and what is alive now that’s important, that’s the way out, that turns out to be the actual way out.

The other looked like it was an opening, but all those dead branches or whatever it was of an old rose bush were just too sharp and painful. You hurt yourself too much. You needed to stay where it was alive and quickened.

But as the dreams all show, like the previous one, I can’t be that way, however, if I remain self-conscious or obligatory to others who do not understand the focus and attention needed. From time to time this causes me to become distracted, a condition that affects my sense of direction, and in the dreaming this has been lifted, which means that a barrier that had been in place has been removed.

And then in this final dream, it’s a very strange image but again it’s supporting something that is on the move again, because the dream has this memory of where I had tried to get on the back of a flatbed that was to travel around the world, and that effort didn’t work out.

And this time I’ve jumped on the back end of it and it starts up with a jolt and I practically slide off of it, but because it’s not going real fast to begin with I’m able to pull myself back up on it. I’m kind of half on and half off the end of it. I’m meant to be the passenger. I’m meant to be going there, but to fall off, well, that’s embarrassing, especially right at the very beginning.

But, like I say, it’s moving slowly enough I’m able to, with a lot of effort, pull myself back on, and this vehicle is a vehicle that’s going to be traveling around the world. To get on board, for me turned out to be the hard part. After that is just a matter of going along with the ride. 

But a meaning is that this is another image that things have broken loose and are flowing again.

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