The Cloud of Unknowing

Blue-and-Cloudy-SkyIn this dream, John begins by walking backwards, and then finds himself choosing a very painful procedure. In this sense, walking backwards offers a type of letting go that can connect him to a more universal consciousness. The painful procedure offers a physical, grounded aspect, yet it is also a signifier that what we do not let go of can come back to us in a deranged manner in our dreams. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, you forced me to have to tell my second dream first. Because my second dream corresponds so much to your first dream.

My meditation thing is almost impossible to read again, anyway. In your case you just kind of do it like, there she be, kind of thing. It’s kind of an image that jumps right out.

In my dream, I have to be pondered and bothered by, well, in my case the masculine is feeling for some time that a change is coming and, I guess I assume that what is yet inside of me, a latent energetic in my nature, is kind of crescendoing in such a way that it influences the following dream.

Or you might say that whatever it is that you’re experiencing, gets fed back to you in a dream format. And even deranged elements get fed back in dream elements. And that if they’re really deranged, then they’re really hard to decipher. But if there is something that is part of the Whole that you’re in touch with, then the deciphering of that, or part of what is coming to pass energetic of how can the inner effect in the outer, then what you are able to portray as a dream is still reflective but it has less minutia to it.

And it has to come across in a symbolic dream like this, just like in your dream you couldn’t directly use the tools of manifestation exclusively, and go and tell your sister how things needed to be. You can only reflect with a soothing diamond-like energetic. And however that came through, in some sort of inflective way, was as far as you dare go.

And in that regard, of course, your sister is you, so the “as above, so below” takes place that way. And so in a dream where you’re trying to do all of this, you do it symbolically because the directness of things has qualities of a denseness to it that kills the magic. That’s why you couldn’t help your sister, and yet you are helping her by holding the space.

So in the dream, I am compelled to back up. So there is this image that has me just walking backwards. It’s like on like a big area and I’m just triangulating through it, walking backwards. It’s nonsensical, so to speak, but that’s what I’m doing.

And when I have gotten across the area that is when I’m presented with two options. One is to be subjected with a tiny needle into my penis, which I am told is going to be very painful. The other option, which is much slower, and is designed to be painless, and doesn’t effect me as directly physically because there’s a device that’s put over the top of all of this, rather than it being out in the open, is also offered. 

And so the pros and cons of each process are communicated, and when all of that has transpired, I’m given a choice. And the choice I take is the first option, which has me feeling, seeing, and directly experiencing the effect of this sort of transformation. 

What happens is the needle is injected in the penis, and then through the needle a fluid is transmitted, and then the penis blows up, gets really, really big like the size of a cucumber or something, and that’s when I wake up.

This has lots of meaning, but I suppose you could say it is a little like yours. What now? So I’m aware that I am being subjected to a process that is designed to change my energetic correlation.

To handle this effect, my gravitational magnetism needs to be enhanced. Do you remember we had talked about how when you experience something in the inner, there’s the dreamer and the dreamed, you actually have something in the outer, too, that is the flip side of the coin, just dense and dumbed down, that, if you could see it, is also portraying something of an inner process, too, but not in that kind of conscious mode, necessarily, more in a dumbness.

So what I’m understanding, in terms of the magnitude of this process, is that in order for things to be more directly connected to the inner, or for the inner to be more connected to the outer, however you want to say that, my magnetism gravitational force must be correspondingly correlated – as above, so below kind of thing.

In other words, more power brought into the equation, and more power brings in more sight, more recognition, more in-the-moment. I seem to know that it works this way, as an intertwined aspect of the as above, so below process. What I mean by that is that the inner power opens up change to the physiology of manifestation so that there is a more rooted visualization and recognition.

The consequences of what I am describing, now it’s more rooted. This is more rooted like in a masculine way. This is a masculine bringing down of energy. In your dream it would be the little boy, giving something to the little boy as a quality wholeness so that he doesn’t hang out in the closet and be imbalanced.

The consequences of it working like this, as I am describing it, is a means by which the creator is able to come directly or, so to speak, ushered more directly, into manifestation. The first thing that needs to happen is I need to reverse the focus of my energy, and take back the self-defeating projections and actions of my outward attention. 

This is visualized in the dream by the walking backwards through the cloud of unknowing until I have transversed the landscape of outer intentionality. Only then am I able to have the power of my being intensified, without there being unintended consequences of waywardness.

This dream portrays the symbolic process in which I leave something behind in order to embody the universal consciousness. That something I leave behind is my personal and separate cognition which gets in the way of the Wholeness of a oneness.

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