Owning the Vibration

main_tranquility_jpgIn this dream scenario, a woman goes missing on a train journey, and her disappearance can only be proven with divination. Yet, if we are all the characters in our dreams, then the missing woman is an aspect of Jeane herself, and the people who make the divination are as well. In this way we can see that all the pieces are inside of us, and it becomes an issue first of inner access, and then of learning to hold what has been brought through. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have a couple of dreams, and my first dream it feels like there are two young people, like they seem in their 20s, and I think it’s, I don’t know if it’s two men and it switches into a man and a woman, but anyway they’ve gotten on a train where they’re going somewhere. 

Now, in the process of the train ride, it feels like one of them disappears, and you don’t know if the other one did them in or what happened. But when the train arrives and you try to figure out what happened, you can’t prove anything that happened unless you can find the luggage, or something that belonged to one of them, which we don’t seem to be able to find the luggage that belongs to either one of them to actually show that they were on the train. 

And that seems to shift slightly, where I’m meeting with some Chinese people because it feels like those two were going on to a martial arts camp. And the Chinese people can do some kind of divination so that suddenly this water turns blue, a really interesting shade of blue, or it might turn orange, and that would tell you whether one of the people disappeared.

And sure enough, the girl had disappeared. And so now I’m thinking that I will need to take her place and go onto the martial arts camp. And so the second problem I’ll have is whether or not they take women at the martial arts camp. That’s all I remember of that dream.

John: Basically, there is an issue in your dream that has to do with being able to hold a presence, and a visibility, in life that corresponds with a way that you can access something at an inner depth inside of yourself that isn’t visible.

You’re being challenged to hold the grounding. You’re being challenged to hold the grounding,  so that what it is that you carry inside can come across. It will still come across in the same invisible way, but it will affect things in the outer by a kind of natural presence or demeanor that you carry.

You’re shown that you can do this. You’re actually shown that you have access to these areas, by the dream, in that you create an invisibility, or a means where something is so subtle that it’s not readily apparent to ordinary people.

You call it divination, or whatever, but in any event this kind of going inside of yourself is able to subtly awaken. Well, it awakens, or is visible, or is knowable on a subtle level. How do you take that? I mean, you used shamanistic techniques, you used the masculine and the feminine at the very beginning in which you had one of them, which one blinked out the feminine? I’m not sure.

Jeane: The feminine.

John: You had that overallness blink out, which you can radiate out over things, and you actually saw yourself making a kind of a transcendent journey in which there are ways in which something can be seen, in that regard, but can you actually hold that space and bring it down into a direct magnetism energetic presence in the outer?

This was the theme last night. What you did is just portraying a stage, or a step, that you’re figuring out how to take. You’re being shown that all of those levels that emote in some fashion inside of yourself are things that you have to hold onto energetically in the physical. You have to bring it all through. That’s not that you communicate it, necessarily, you have to embody it, though. You have to be responsible for embodying it.

In my particular case it’s like, because I’m always vocalized about things, and projecting a bit of what I see, I’m challenged in terms of embodying it by not setting off reverberations, or an effect, in the surroundings or environment that I’m in, which overwhelm and, therefore, dissipate or require the intertwining to be turned back, or to be noodled out.

And you don’t have that happening if you carry the space within yourself with a kind of overall quality of being so that it works behind the scenes or subtly. The masculine’s problem is that it can talk about things, or try to relate to things, and when it catches up with something it doesn’t realize that just because it caught up with something doesn’t mean that everybody else has gotten there. And so it can easily go over-the-top and, therefore, that can set off reverberations in the intertwining. And the intertwining is both within and without.

So, I’m beat up on the specifics. You’re presented with seeing the streamlining of a quality of subtle energy that probes the depths inside yourself, with the hint being, that, okay, now turn all of that around to a presence within, so that invisibility communicated through how you are able to carry yourself in the outer resonates out – in a vibratory fashion.

It’s not that you say anything, it’s not that you do anything, in fact it’s really awkward if you were to try to communicate something like that because it could scare or affect things. I mean, that’s the problem with the masculine, too, but it’s better that you keep a certain quality, which has its own inner mystique and also is part of how that vibration exudes out and changes things around you.

So what you’re doing is you’re just shown this whole streamline, with the caveat interesting quality is that, okay, now let’s see you embody that. And it’s still there. You just embody that, and you own the vibration of that, and that vibration emanates out from you into the whole environment around you.

Me, to the degree that I’m carrying or catching up with something like that, I’m kind of being reprimanded because, to the degree to which I don’t properly tune into it as a way of holding on to it in a feminine capacity, I am causing reverberations in myself in terms of the depth of this, having to be in some fashion gets mitigated, or in the cause of nature effect around me in which things start acting up.

It’s easy for me to conclude it’s just something I’m observing, or seeing around me, but the dream is pointing out that I’m a force of nature because of the intertwining that is part of that, even though I can pretend to have plausible deniability.

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