Applying the Knowingness

milkyway6How is it that we, as humans, have a longing to reconnect with the Whole? Perhaps it’s coded into us, like our DNA, and is designed to make us seek to return to our deeper connections while in this physical form. In John’s dream, he knows where he needs to go, yet is having trouble taking the required action to lift himself from an energetic malaise. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this next dream, I’m in a place where there are others like myself that need to be taken to hotels where we are staying. And my hotel is way far away on the other side of town. And I’m looking around to see if anyone else in the group is staying at this place, but they’re all staying more downtown or better, closer in places. 

Now the thing is, is I know where it is at. I’ve seen it, even though I do not remember its name, and it’s too far to walk. In other words, a lot of times you have dreams where you don’t know where you’re going. I actually have seen this. I know where it’s at. I could direct a cabbie where to go. 

My problem is my energy got affected, it dissipated on me. And it’s shown by the fact that this bus-like taxi comes, and I do not get on it because for me to get on it I would be the last to get off, and everyone is going to a place that’s closer. So I just can’t compel myself to do it. 

It’s like I’m going to wait and see if something is different and plus when a whole bunch of people get on this taxi, I’m looking around to see if those that are left, which are probably only about a fourth or a third of them are left. If there’s a possibility that any of them are going to my area to make all of this flow, so that it isn’t out of the way or whatever. 

And the bus takes off and the rest of the group are standing around, and I look around and I’m still unable to see anyone going to this far place on the other side where I’m going. And then the bus returns. It has most of the people still on it. 

Apparently some sort of mechanical failure, and so it’s like I get a second chance to maybe get on the same bus or something, but no, I can’t do that. The sensation I’m experiencing is, although it’s late I’m so far away compared to everyone else that I hold back hoping a simpler, less out of place option is possible. I just don’t have the energetic spark to get out of this condition, in other words to step forward and take a step. 

I have a sight about it, but I can’t seem to step forward and take the step. So I hang back, hoping things will get better – but that isn’t happening. I just don’t seem to have what it takes to push myself along. This is what happens when you get drained or something.

And then the meaning is, is like the first dream where there’s a lack of conviction and need revealed on an energetic lacking in its togetherness. In the dream I am in a quandary and stupor, because I’m not feeling the energy I need to break through a malaise.

In the first dream, I see what things are like, or what they’re meant to look like on an energetic level. But in the second dream, I go ahead and experience the effect in manifestation as being in a condition in which I just don’t have the energy, or there’s a lack of inertia there to take a step.

In other words, you need to have the energy. It’s not sufficient to just see where it is that you need to go. And I can direct someone, but I can’t tell a person the name of the place, even. I don’t even have that at my disposal, so that causes me to hang back because I have to then go out of my way when I get on there to cause a person to be able to steer themselves to where it is that they have to take me. That’s kind of something that I’m a little reluctant to do.

Maybe it’s something I should do? I’m not sure because in this dream I know where it is that I am supposed to go, but I’m not doing it. In other words, I can direct the driver, but hanging back because I do not want to expend the effort creates this inertia staleness, and lack of pulling the trigger and stepping forward, so that one extricates one’s self from the low energy demeanor. I think there is something to stepping forward there.

So the deeper meaning is, it is often said that a person has to carry the longing and need as the one thing God needs, a need that is like a helplessness from which we reach in to our heart for help. To not feel this is to settle for outer malaise around us and act as if we are helpless.

This is a sad state to be in. It is one thing to not know where we are going. If it were like that, then maybe I would have an excuse, but I know where the place is that I need to go. I just don’t remember the name or have it together to take that step. So it’s an aspect of how to apply the knowingness, isn’t it?

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