An Invisible Process

Reiki-iThrough his dreams, John is driving closer and closer to the aspects that prevent him from connecting to the Whole. We are designed to be intertwined with everything, yet we need to rebuild that connection through the way we think, act, and live our lives. In this, John comes upon a seeming magic formula: sight, heart, and inner connectivity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The next dream I have found a communication device that I provide to a woman, but what I didn’t give her at the time was the barcode. And I don’t know why I held onto it for some reason, but I go back and I give it to her. 

I must be near a border because some agent comes over, and detains me, because they want to know what it was that I gave her, and they want the barcode for whatever it was that I sold her. And I explained to them that I didn’t sell her anything, I only gave her the barcode of something that she had purchased before. So I’m getting caught for collateral effect in the environment around. 

The same thing happens in this dream. I’m going down a side street when a cop car passes me. And it’s a narrow side street. When the cop car passes me he goes like 100 feet in front of me and he stops. And I figure, gee, he went around me and now he’s going to pull me over, but, no he is dealing with something right there, but he stops in the street. He blocks me off. 

Fortunately, I was going right to the spot myself, so I can just turn in and not be inconvenienced. And, of course, I didn’t have my seatbelt on, but of course he wasn’t after something like that. He was dealing with something else that was in the proximity.

And my feeling was, well, it didn’t affect me directly, but he did block off the street; he did block me off. Even though I can act like it had nothing to do with me, because I wasn’t inconvenienced, it was within the environment and confines of all of it, just like the device I gave to the woman and then later gave her the barcode with invisibility of somebody wondering okay, what did I sell her, what did I pull off now? 

They need the barcode in order to identify that everything is proper, and I didn’t sell her anything. I just gave her the barcode, she’d already gotten it earlier – but that was a no-no.

So what is causing me to lose my inner energetic space of the heart, which I need to go to an even deeper inner depth within, is the direct result of something that ripples in my immediate environment.

I appear to have set in motion circumstances that have consequences. In doing so, I am losing, or dissipating, or causing a disclarity in the energy that I need for my own well being. In other words, I do this and I can even effectuate and create a stigma to my ability to meditate at depth. I don’t have the trigger or something.

Okay, that’s how the environment is affected that way, in terms of me, but it’s also affected around me in terms of this having a way of meddling with the karmic effect around me, in other words, of changes in the environment by holding an inner resonance that is reflected, and an unspoken vibration.

That part is kind of okay, but to notice it, well, there’s the dangers in trying to communicate this in that I do not know where the barriers are that get in the way, based upon how the karma of things, where another person is at, is affected.

And when I exceed such limitations I get caught in the mire of whatever it is that has gotten tossed around, and lose an important intertwining. What I’m doing is I’m complaining over a weakness in my nature yet. In my particular case, I’m still only going so far and complaining about everything else.

What I am describing is an energetic that my attention and focus is not sufficiently strong enough to change, because my inner presence of nature is not able to overcome the barriers that come up.

In other words, I still will react to them. I have a sight, which can get questioned at times when the heart and inner connectivity doesn’t fit within the energetic. This is something to ponder: sight, heart, and inner connectivity – three different things. I think you have to have all three of them there in order to be able to design something, or change something, in the outer. 

I have the sight. The sight part was not in question in these dreams. The heart quality can get compromised. As a consequence then, the inner connectivity, which makes it all okay, doesn’t quite work.

So you have to have all three of those things together, just like when you’re doing something it’s time, place, and people, and then you’re working on a level of consciousness it’s sight, heart, and inner connectivity, another magical formula here.

So I can see a lack, or I’m aware of a lack, of energetic interconnectivity in the first dream, when the energy was fractured into separate parts. I saw this inthe second dream, as well, when I was not able to go home, even though I knew where that home was at and I errantly waited for the space to clear because I couldn’t pull the trigger, just didn’t have the energy. I do not know if you could say I errantly waited, I just couldn’t fight the inertia to do something.

So I saw the imbalance again by being held accountable for having done something for another, without following the proper protocol, and that my expression set off energetic ripples that affected things in the immediate surroundings, which was the cop thing.

I am seeing this as part of learning how it is that I am to carry the energy so it has the appropriate effect in effectuating awareness in my surroundings. My surroundings include myself because I am intertwined with the environment on other levels. But then the grounding means that the intertwining has to come all the way down and through.

So I lost the cadence earlier and wasn’t able to build on it during meditation. I was drained of a flow needed to reach a destination I could see. To get there was further compromised because the effect of what I was doing is setting off reverberations – around me as well as after the fact.

So I need to work upon the energetic principle of effecting from afar, from within, a process that works invisibly and leaves a person free to work what needs to be worked out in their approach to the process, as opposed to maybe them pushing themselves too much.

So it’s interesting. Last night’s dreams are kind of taking us outside of an ordinary malaise mannerism that we can carry on in, and act ambivalent about, and realizing that there’s a higher order principle that we can catch up with as well, that we have to catch up with. And we can’t just be shrugging our shoulders about things, that we actually have a responsibility that effectuates more.

In other words, it’s almost like you can find a treasure chest inside of yourself that shows you the invisibilities of this, and that, and the other, but that’s meaningless unless you also bring it down into a groundedness that then can be invisibly related. That’s subtle, but leaves everyone free, but is slowly guiding it back to the higher-quality essence of their own soul.

It’s a strange fight, so to speak, because we’re going up against forces that, what we’re applying is the limited broken energy. And it is taking something as a tuning fork or clarity, as a Wholeness. And so our limited broken energy is going up against that Wholeness and, in the process of that, it makes us more attuned and more real to the Wholeness.

As you go and are compelled to face the deeper traumas and depths of your own darkness, and also then when you no longer have to do that and you have to take on a greater responsibility and duty to things around you, then you’re at that next aspect or level of this process unfolding. And it just keeps unfolding, and unfolding, and unfolding.

We just are mutable, we just do that, and we’re susceptible to frequencies of things all around us, all energetic frequencies. And I actually think that that’s a type of consciousness now, when before I wasn’t so sure. I used to think maybe it’s just an oversensitivity that doesn’t have the right grounding. All of that’s kind of true, in terms of bringing it through in life, but it still is a trait that’s important, in and of itself, if it can be carried right.

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