Altering the Sequence

829GalateaDaliIn this dream scenario, Jeane gets separated from her family, and John, and doesn’t know where her hotel room is. What’s interesting is how she has used the image of her sister as a representation of a part of her that “knows the way.” Since we are all the characters in our dreams, we use characteristics of others to guide us to parts within our selves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream, it’s like you and I and my sister and some family members and some friends of hers have all traveled to Canada, and we’ve gone in separate cars, like you and I are in one car and they’re in another car.

And it seems like my sister wants to have something that’s almost like a wedding ceremony. She’s not getting married, but it’s some kind of a ceremony to celebrate something just about her being. 

So, we all arrive at this resort in Canada, and this resort is kind of simple. It has simple little wooden buildings that are all next to each other, that are like motel rooms in a way, but they’re built like in a square and then set back here, and set back there, so all of these rooms kind of look alike, but they’re in slightly different locations.

And when you and I get there, we’ve gotten somewhat separated from everybody else, so we get a key. It’s at night, I think. We get a key, we go into the room, and we come out again. I’m not even sure where we go at that point, but then when we want to try to hook up with the rest of the family we can’t figure out where they are.

And we wandered off a bit and, because all of the units look alike, we can’t figure out where our room is, either. So one of my sister’s friend’s joins us and is helping us look, and you and her go off, and I’m wandering around. I find the motel owner. 

They can’t remember what room we’re in, but I seem to somehow bungle into the right space, so I find my sister, I find where the ceremony is going on, I find the rest of the family. But now I can’t find you and the friend that you had gone off with. 

Plus, there’s a man there who seems a little interested in my sister, and I’m a little suspicious of him because I don’t know him, or what he’s really like, so I’m trying to keep my eye on everything, but mostly I’m trying to get a hold of you. 

Well, of course, you never carry a cellphone, but my sister’s friend had a cellphone so my sister says she’s written down the phone number, but it’s all kind of smudgy, and every time I try to dial that number, it’s a long number, like ten numbers or something, I can’t seem to enter it into my phone. 

If I look up to put down my number, then I lose my place on the paper where things are written so faintly. Then I decide, well, she must have called her friend. I’ll try to dial it on her phone, but she’s actually taken her phone apart, so I am just trying and trying, and then finally I think I come up with the idea that maybe I’ll have her read off the numbers while I punch them in – and that’s when I wake up.

John: So, in this particular dream, it starts off with a type of delirium, or an awkwardness, in the energy that’s all disjointed. As a consequence, you haven’t got the focus that is necessary to sort something out, or to find out where you need to be, or to change anything, even.

You dreamt this dream in a way that you can almost call this a mystery dream, because your sister is reflective of the energetic that speeds things up. In other words, in her nature, she’s capable of creating a change. She’s acting like there’s going to be a wedding or something.

It’s a ceremony for herself, but it’s a most interesting self. What’s in this dream is this part and quality of your sister where she can exude in a particular way, in the environment, and speed things up. Well, that isn’t the condition that you find yourself in. You find yourself in kind of a glummer energy, kind of a much slower energy, more out of sync with the flow.

You know you should be at a particular place where you’re going to be spending the evening or whatever it is, a motel room or whatever that is, and the dilemma you have is, how do you find the room? And the part of you that’s your sister has the speeded up energy that’s needed to find the room.

The parts that are you and me, of yourself, are disjointed. We wander around in a circle. We don’t quite know, we don’t quite have the speed, we don’t quite have the insight to do it. And so I go off in one tangent.

And so the only thing that rubs off, or is designed to rub off, is your sister and her speeded up connective energy as, perhaps, a link to her friend, and maybe I can be reeled back in that way

Jeane: Yeah.

John: And so you are going to the matrix, the center of things, the boss so to speak, to be shown what’s necessary to get out of the delirium, this very slowed down delirium of going around in a circle and not knowing where the heck one is at.

Your sister, because of her speeded-up energy, should kind of know almost it’s like a part of her should be able to have pretty good sense because she’s more expanded and spread out, and at least one of her connective friends is with me, so maybe in that regard I can be reeled back in.

And so your sister and her speeded-up energy has the ability to come closer to a vibration that you wouldn’t normally be able to intuit yourself and, again, that’s the vibration that links and connects to her friend so she can read this off.

You, because you’re a little distraught and having to trot around and do this, that, and the other, and aren’t fully taking in, on an awareness level, this quality of your sister, the speeded up quality of your sister, that would have added a certain lilt or guidance to all of this from within.

In other words, you’re still acting helpless. You had the sensibilities to get the directions, or the guidance, or the help of the boss and the owner of the place, but what’s going on in this dream is still the chemistry of how this could be figured out by yourself.

Now the reason why this image is hard to understand, and pull out, and recognize that it can work this way, is because we’re not inclined to think that when things change in the world that we had anything to do with it. Because we only monitor or follow things on the basis of what transpires, that we rationalize with our mind, that follows the input coming in from the senses.

We’re not inclined to think that there is a way of speeding up, finding an energetic inside of ourself that speeds up, that can take and alter the sequence of things that unfold in the environment.

Now, consider the consequences of wandering around like you were doing, and me wandering around, that’s when shit can happen. You can get further lost, and if you carry the mood and the tone of that long and hard enough you can actually get yourself depressed, you can stab your heart, you can bring on illnesses in the anxiety of being out of sync.

And yet there is this way of just letting go of that and going to the boss, or the owner, of the place and getting yourself reoriented and think nothing of it. And that’s kind of a gift and you haven’t quite realized and figured this out yet.

There is a part of yourself, as represented by your sister, that knows that what’s to take place is kind of transformative in its nature, like a wedding or a party or something. She just feels it, and as she feels it and as she knows it, she can bring it through.

And in this particular case, because that would be associated in terms of finding the right place, and the right space, of where you’re going in this complex, you would somehow be able to follow that out and find it.

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