A Grand Effect

energy-00In this follow-up to Jeane’s dream (see Altering the Sequence), John ponders one of the deepest levels of human potential: can we consciously have an effect on our environment, even the whole world, by holding an inner energetic connection? It seems so, and that idea has ramifications for human purpose, and responsibility to the Whole, that we rarely consider. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Surprisingly enough, your dream posed the same peculiar question that my dream has.

Is it really possible for a person to take a trait, in a certain reactive, condensed, compressed way that even stabs the heart and stuff like that and, rather than go into a neurosis that never goes away – in which the condition predominates and predominates and predominates, and the only thing you could do about it is take the blows of that strange condition, as it tends to be, in terms of its outer consequences in the way it is portrayed, is that the way it always is in manifestation?

Or is there a way of speeding something up, of effectuating a change in the level of how you perceive and pull something through, from within, that then takes an aspect of the world which isn’t quite right and causes it to be altered, or to change?

And if that’s so, that’s like a type of magic because you can’t explain this in terms of the physical senses and mental constructs of one’s self. Or, if you do, you just assume, well, it was meant to change right about then, and you’re monitoring it, and watching it in an after-the-fact fashion – as opposed to realizing that if you change some part of yourself deep enough, the way you hold onto that, and connect to that, actually has an impact or an effect upon the outer in some sort of grand way.

It’s almost as if the dimensionality of ourself is so huge and so big that we have no idea of its power and its potency. And then if we can connect to that in its galactic humongous sense, that even though this world to our senses and to our microcosmic self can seem overwhelming, that that brought through can effectuate the change instantaneously, can alter the way something is unfolding.

And that’s kind of baffling to ponder, that we actually can, in little ways, do something like that. Or can we? Because my dream has me pondering this idea. In your dream, you have within the schematics of the overall this speeded-up energy, and ecstatic euphoria and mannerism of your sister, about something new that can happen, but you’re not able yet to accept it, to take that energetic, for example, and utilize it to effectuate the change that’s needed when you’re in a state of bewilderment or confusion in the outer.

You still feel that you need to go to the source completely, get bailed out, and then you breathe a sigh of relief and you’re back to the way things are again. However, not quite, because you seem to be catching up with the inkling of how this is meant to work, because you’re realizing that your sister has the connectivity to something that was sent astray, that being the me part of you, that has been sent out in some fashion – and that can receive the memo.

And when it does, through the speeded-up quality of your sister that can just change something straightaway on the spot – but this way do it through the linkage that your sister has with a comrade or an aspect of herself that is in the overallness or projection that flows into this area – that that then can make the difference to at least bring me back intact with that which has been put back into order.

So, there are actually two qualities here. The one quality has to do with the overallness where you can have the sensibilities to just read the manuals, instructions of things, to understand how things work. And you can also take and contact the source, if necessary, to figure it out. And it’s kind of the container energy of the feminine that has some part of herself that is totally complete and just accepts that, just goes to that, and doesn’t have to think about it any different.

The masculine, on the other hand, seems to think that if it fumbles about it’s going to intuit it, it’s going to come together magically, and it chooses to give that a shot first as opposed to just doing the common sense and reading the manual or whatever.

It’s almost like, from the masculine standpoint, it’s giving up to have to read the manual, anybody can do that. And then it needs to fumble about and it will eventually figure itself out. And so it stabs, and beats up on itself, and it gets all contracted, it goes into a state of complete delirium because, you know, maybe it is supposed to work that way? Like I say, I’m pondering this, but it rarely happens quite that way.

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