Owning the Energetic

cellular_Here the thread continues, with John finding himself stirring paint in preparation to painting a room (see A Grand Effect). What is being explored is the notion that the energetic we hold within has an effect on the outer world we experience. That can have positive or negative consequences when we do it unconsciously. Yet if we take responsibility for that effect, and hold a conscious, higher vibration, it can become a true service into the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, let me tell you my last dream, not the others, just the last dream that is similar to your dream. I start off with a greater contraction than what you have in your dream. You just have a little bit of a disorientation as to where you should be.

So this dream then jumps completely away from that, as if it shifts away from that, and what’s going on here is I’m being set up with what I need to speed things up and effectuate a change in the energy.

So in the dream, I’m to do some painting to change the energy. The person suggests a couple of things that are designed to stir up the paint. I have a third object that might work, but I do not know quite how to use it. I probably would use it wrong. 

But these other two devices presented to me and explained in terms of how they work, I am less likely to not mix and stir the paint properly. In other words, the thing I’m told that I have to be careful to do, to make sure that I do, is that I have to take the stirrer and stick it in and go… it’s a very strange object. It’s not like a stirrer stick. 

I have to have these crazy devices that do this, and I have to go all the way to the bottom and stir the whole thing up. I might be more prissy with it and not know how to stick it all the way in. So once I’m seeing these other devices – I’ve been told how they work – I’m less likely to not mix and stir the paint properly. 

So I take those two objects that are suggested, along with the object I have, now that I have the right idea about how these devices are to be used. The last thing I need I say to the person who is getting me properly set up, because I have to take all of this to another place along with my paint cans, is I need a screwdriver so that I can pop open the paint cans. 

Now, you’re not going to realize that this dream means about the same thing as yours, but it does it slightly differently and I’m baffled with the explanation that I came up with. But then hearing yours, it is something that I ponder. I’m not sure I believe it yet.

I had been stabbing the heart with contractive energy, which was stifling my spirited energy. This dream is designed to speed me back up and, when this occurs, the same thing happens in the surrounding environment. It happens like automatically.

You don’t know that you’re making the association because your mind looks at things in a narrow way. You don’t realize that you can be working with something in a greater context of the Whole. 

So I’m going to have to ponder if this is a quality and trait that a human being has, on an inner power and presence level, that they do not yet know how to consciously work with, or at least, like I say, consciously work with. Maybe we have been working with it unconsciously in some capacity.

It sure would be nice if we knew how to do it consciously, because if that’s so, then the inner connection can change the environment and energy by effectuating a shift as needed. I will have to ponder this because it is something instantaneously and not within the lower-self capacities.

In other words, the lower-self capacities just get flipped and flopped around on the contractive element of the way things are. and there was something else that I was thinking of in terms of some little mannerism that suggested that this sort of thing was even possible.

Your world can be changed like that just by owning up to an energetic, inside yourself. I will have to ponder all of that because that seems to be what this dream is about, and what your dream is about – except you have a few other moving parts.

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