Black on Black

black_on_blackIn this dream, Jeane is in a parking garage in a black car, in the dark. As John explains, the imagery speaks of a container quality – the car is being parked in an enclosed space. And the darkness points to something that is not quite ready to come into the light or, not ready to emerge into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember one scene out of one dream and, in this scene, you’re somewhere nearby, but I’m going to go park a car we have in the garage, and it’s a big black car. 

The garage is all dark. It’s like the garage here. In other words, it’s a public garage. The garage is all dark, and the car is dark, and the lights aren’t on. And so I start to pull up to the front of the garage. 

I can kind of just tell the front because it’s a shade of dark that’s different than the dark inside the garage, and then I pause for a second because I suddenly realize there’s a police car parked right beside the garage, and I’m kind of paralyzed for a minute thinking he’s going to pull me over because I don’t have my lights on.

But the police car doesn’t do anything so, after pausing for a minute or so, I go ahead and pull into the garage. And that’s all I remember of that whole dream.

John: Unfortunately, I do know what this one means.

Jeane: Yes, unfortunately.

John: In order to put this into context you have to offset it with my dream, and what you’re dealing with as a blackness that you’re parking and dealing in a black space in a garage, is a type of container quality that ordinarily would make no sense to you, and doesn’t make any sense to life, per se, when you just look at it in an outward generic way.

Because it has to link and come into sync with what fits on the opposite side of its nature, In other words, the black car parked in a garage is a quality of holding on to a particular manner of a kind of unfoldment that you’re able to embody. And that your ability to do this does not get awakened, does not come about.

It’s held in check. There’s like a police state in your being that it doesn’t come through until it’s meant to be applied. The only example I could think of giving of something like this is Helen Keller, who was deaf and dumb, incarnated at a point in time where there was a person that understood Helen Keller and was able to transmit Helen Keller’s brilliance. And, had that person not been there it would not have been able to then been made alive.

She would have been caught in a density of existence in which there would have been no way of comprehending who and what Helen Keller was, in terms of the amazingness of her, even though she was deaf and dumb.

Well, that’s what this energy is like. This energy is meant to correspond, to catch up with, to act as a grounding, as a rootedness, as a means of making sense of something that ordinarily can’t be comprehended in the outer. And, in fact, is Greek to the outer.

And so as a consequence this trait and this quality doesn’t suddenly come into its own until there is a correspondence with what it upholds, and sustains, and maintains. So the image of the police car sitting there is like a stab in the heart. It’s a stab in the heart, a fear or something, a road block, a “not yet” kind of image that doesn’t take place because now it’s meant to unfold.

It’s an unfoldment that permeates outward, as opposed to cycling inward. It’s a type of rising up of the energy, as opposed to a pulling down of the energy. It’s a quality of coming from an ancient rootage at a depth inside of one’s self that has lain dormant and hidden for a long, long time.

And the effect, the vibrational effect if you felt it, is the counterclockwise as you would call it or a sweeping of right to left. The cop car sensation was a sweeping from left to right, but it wasn’t meant to affect the situation.

The going down into a darkness of something only to find something awakened as an extreme aliveness that permeated in a way that was outside of ordinary existence. It could touch things outside of ordinary existence.

That’s all right to left and a rising up, like on an in-breath quality. It’s like a treasure coming into its own. But, what you’re looking at it as a type of container, as a type of ability to hold the essence of that together, not as something that’s active per se. And when it’s not able to hold something together, then it’s policed, or monitored, or the access to that is held in check. 

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