An Alchemical Connection

Alchemy-8As John notes here, dreams give us an access to the essence of who we are, yet they also can connect us to what is ancient in us. Humans have a deep connection to what has gone on before, through history, at the energetic levels. Accessing this inner wisdom is both a process that gives us deeper knowledge, yet also carries us forward into the future. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, that means I have to tell my last dream, because that last dream indicates kind of that something is waking up.

And the ability to recognize, to see, to actually see how this is working, and that this works, has a greater, larger quality trait about it. The ability to connect to something inside of yourself in a way that is so deep that it just goes right through whatever it is that sits out there in its mutable way that kind of holds and effects the collective.

And you can change it, and transform things, instantaneously, and you usually don’t notice that you’re able to do that because it is done so quickly. It happens in the moment. There is no time delay and, if there is a time delay, there’s a way of rationalizing and explaining how that time delay worked in a logical format.

In other words, what is happening in the physical, and the way the world is changing, has to do with something that is set in motion with this kind of intentionality based into the vibration of things, which is clicking and it permeates the collective that exists in whatever neurosis or mannerism that it exists in. It goes right through that.

So my dream about it came across as a means of accessing something that works in that kind of way, or that has a means of a greater magnification of this sort of thing. But, of course, to understand it its usual trappings in the physical are perceived as a type of orchestration or magic even.

And so the dream goes off and portrays it a little like that. In other words, a person with jet black hair and a little white in the center – he’d have to point it out to you because normally he combs his hair and he covers up even that little patch of white, and so you just see his jet black hair as if one actually died their hair deep black, it’s that black – recognizes that I have an alchemical imbalance to my body.  

So he offers me a substance that he thinks might help, which I, at first, don’t know how it’s supposed to be applied. I think it’s like a soap or something, but when I rub it in my hands, my hands start to absorb it. In other words, there’s something about my hands that need something in order to bring them back into kind of a balance. And so he can see that my body seems to crave the substance. 

The next thing that I find myself doing is rubbing this through my hair. If I’m not able to take on this essence, my hair would turn white. The person holds a groundedness that is founded in an ancient tradition, which is access to regal substances or mannerisms. This particular substance I am rubbing in is hardly ever prescribed or used. 

I mean, it’s been maintained for ages because the occasion for its application rarely ever comes up, and yet this is a very, very rare substance, that’s deemed to be very precious, that has been handed down for ages. 

It’s now time for its application, and it’s as if this guy is really reluctant and yet, at the same time, is compelled to offer this for me to take in. And all he could say is it has kind of gotten to the point where it’s a matter of “use it, or lose it.” 

The rest of the dream comprises a dialogue that awakens me to the ancient meaningfulness of what is taking place in my linkage to this hidden art. I wake up feeling the connection because I am able to recognize this coming alive inside of me. I’m able to recognize my long lost connection; it’s like this ancient form of energy transmission.

So what is going on is, dreams connect us not only to the essence of who we are, that is deep within, that exists as levels linking up that we are not readily familiar with, or living, in manifestation. It does that, but it also opens us up to our ancient history in which a presence we have comes alive for us. 

I’m talking about a quality you might say is like a type of alchemical connection that, when awakened, is able to emanate out and touch manifestation. In this experience, I am feeling this ancient art coming alive. The taking in of a compound, that is rubbed over my body, that hasn’t been applied for ages, and is deemed to be of extreme value as a power essence, inner essence that has a quickening over everything, is presented to me.

This person of this lineage indicates that even though this substance has been passed down and been under his care for years, he can’t use it for himself and has reached a point where it needs to be brought forth.

To begin with, he even has qualms as to whether or not it is something that matches, or fits, or goes towards me. But he couldn’t help but notice, when he didn’t even tell me what this was about, he just had me put it on my hands and I rubbed it in and expected my hands to soap up and instead my hands absorbed it.

What this did for my hands got his attention, because he knew how it was supposed to work. But he also knows that if it isn’t something I am able to handle, that by rubbing it into my hair, if it’s too much for me to handle, my hair will turn white.

This person has a demeanor that is like that of a magician, except that what he does goes beyond magic. This occurs through his presence. There was no outward display for others to perceive or to see.

Then I kind of mentioned about how things are vibrationally affected, and how everything is affected instantaneously when you maintain a certain focus and attention, if the attention is strong enough that is. And in probing this, an experience was evoked from within to indicate that what I am referring to is an ancient art that is unnoticed and unappreciated in life. It’s lost, in other words.

Most people, if they were to ever come across something like this, would have no way of putting it into a reference so that it would be seen as something like an intertwined magic or something. And I apparently crossed a kind of threshold towards this yesterday and, as a result, invoked this inner image as an experience.

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