A Priority of Living

print-by-catherine-nolinHere we have an image of John trying to run through a specific course. He doesn’t know exactly what lies ahead, but he is impatient to go faster. On a spiritual path, we may desire to “go faster,” yet it is the relation we have to the moment-to-moment unfolding of life, and a sensitivity to the energies at play, that helps us intertwine with all that exists. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I and others who I am with are being taken by a person through a gauntlet. It’s like a course or something that we have to go through very quickly, and we have to do this at a predetermined pace.

And so, in this dream, I and others are following this person who is establishing the pace, and the manner, and the whole bit for this to occur. And something about me is restive because it’s as if I have done this before because I keep wanting to press to go faster.

And this person knows that we need to maintain a pace so that everything that is occurring, or unfolding, as we move along is properly taken in, that nothing gets skipped, and if you go too fast you tend to cut corners. And because my memory I have a sense of this, but my memory is not able to remember what lies directly ahead. 

I just have a sense that what is coming up is pulling me, it has a magnetism about it, even though my direct inner driver, or part that pushes me, or memory is still unconscious in terms of where one’s going. So it’s like a type of change, but I cannot wait. 

The dilemma is I sense all of this, but I’m like restrained as I’m being led through this, and I can’t wait to break loose and follow this process at a pace that takes on the changes in manifestation at the moment that the possibility is first provided; in other words, direct correspondence, no linkage, no lingering. 

Well, as it turns out the guide that’s leading us misses a water course, because you’re doing all kinds of things, you’re eating at a certain spot, you’re doing this at a certain spot, you have all kinds of things in a step-by-step progression. And in this particular instance, he missed picking up something, or taking in something, at a particular water course and he has to go back to retrieve it. 

When this happens, I don’t stop to wait for him to come back, I just keep moving on. This is not advisable, but it turns out that it’s allowed – providing I push a cart, like you see in a grocery store, in front of me. In other words, I have some sort of resistance so that I don’t just fly out of control. 

And even so, I still move and race way ahead of everyone else. In one of the places, as I pass through, I am meant to enjoy the pumpkin pie as part of the process. A person from way back, whom I have raced way beyond, yells out at me and announces that I must stop, I have to come back. 

You know, you can’t skip things, and I failed to take in all of that which was meant to be experienced and, therefore, you can’t go on that way. I ignore the person. My idea is that when I reach the end, at that time, that is when I will go back to live what I missed out on.

The meaning is, that I’m trying to go at a pace which isn’t fully taking in all of life’s experiences along the way. I act as if certain experiences that are part of things can be kind of ignored, but to do that, consequently, I am failing to develop a kind of graciousness and mannerism I need along the path’s way. 

This dream is pointing out that I need to slow down. I’m not going to get there any faster and, if I keep up the pace I’m on, I will cause disturbances to occur from what has been missed. In other words, it’s a disturbance that I do to myself, that I then can’t take something across and make it known in life because I skip something in its ordinariness.

Such instances and mannerisms, when they come up as part of the journey, these sort of things are what help to facilitate the appreciation that is able to be there as part of the whole unfoldment. This is the one thing in my nature that I have left behind as I have pushed on and, therefore, in doing that in its relentless manner, this sort of thing that has kind of a quality like a priority of living, in a quiet sense, in a more gracious way, has kind of gotten twisted and lost.

The deeper indication of what this is about is, I’m allowed to see things before I’m able to fully appreciate what this means. My psyche seems to need this, so it is allowed. To own and be with that which I am shown, in order for it to be possible, I must take on the simpler aspects of life important to the overall well being.

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