Conducting the Flow

positive-energy-flow-cassandra-donnellyIn these images, Jeane feels nothing is happening, yet the first shows a certain issue and the second gives more information. In this way, our dreams can tell us what we are struggling with, as well as give us insight into our best next steps. As is shown, Jeane ultimately is able to control the flow of “traffic,” which is a benefit of inner connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I kind of felt bored with my dreams last night, in a way, because I felt like nothing was happening in them. 

I remember just looking at something, kind of waiting for the timing of doing it, and I can’t even tell you what it was in a way because it wasn’t like you did anything. If anything it might have been like the spacing and the timing. 

The other thing I remember about that dream is there’s one point when I was driving somewhere and I pulled out, and then I saw some cars coming my way but I actually put my hand out and made them stop while I kind of made a turn and went another way. 

And again I noticed a police car there. I wasn’t sure because it might have looked like I was kind of pulling into traffic, but actually normally I had the right of way on that road, and something had changed a bit, so I had just held my hand out so that the cars had to stop and I went ahead and went the way I needed to go. And the police car didn’t do anything about it. 

That’s about all I can say about my dreams last night.

John: Well, you actually had two dreams right there. The first was like an experience, and in the experience you’re recognizing that in order to go to a certain depth inside of yourself, you have to let go of something so that you can make the shift.

And then you have the dream that tries to give you more information about how that is. In other words, if you can access those other levels inside of yourself, from that kind of connection or intertwining, you don’t short out. You can then conduct your flow in a way that takes things into account.

So it was just a small snippet there. It doesn’t get into the deep mystical dimensions of the whole thing, other than the fact that you’re required to take and recognize that you need to figure out how to… you need to allow something to just open up, and change, and shift. And your frustration is that you don’t see that happening.

And yet it must be happening because, in your dream, you take on the actions of someone who has the alignment in place, because you’re able to direct things. In other words, instead of having to succumb to the forces of an outer that polices things against your will, because you don’t have a proper tie-in with who you are, instead of it being like that, you’re actually able to take responsibility.

You’re directing yourself. You’re able to hold the traffic and the flow to create space. So even though it seems disjointed, whatever it was got the impression across because the dream image was okay. And the other was a grappling, but from the grappling you resolved it because the dream image had a flow to it.

I suppose if I’m taking and going out into the Neanderthal of things, you would be, too. It’s not typical for you to have experiences that don’t really relate well as a dream and, therefore, are sorted out on the other half level of yourself, which means that they’re sorted out as a connection, as you make a connection outside of the senses and the mind.

Somehow or another enough of that vibration is aligned to come straight on through, so that the conduct that you have in the outer flows as a result. I suppose that’s kind of how it should be, in a way of unfolding in which there’s just the overallness having to come into cohesion. As opposed to the nuances and the details and the cumbersomenesses that tend to preside in terms of the masculine having to sort something out.

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