The Flicker of the Divine

star-earthHow do we, as human beings, reach beyond the physical realms we find ourselves born into, and connect to the divine essences from which we arise? That is the question triggered by John’s dream image, and it’s the question all of us should face in ourselves, during our life here. Why? Because it points us to our purpose, and our important role in the unfolding of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: First I saw myself in meditation, sitting there, and there’s something frustrating about that because there’s an effort or whatever is involved, and that conduct, in and of itself, isn’t what it’s about.

And then I saw myself, as if above all of that, sitting and looking down, instead of seeing some plain person sitting in meditation, I saw various traits and qualities that were embraceable, even though that hadn’t clicked yet, that they were embraceable. So that’s converging.

That’s like breaking through something. There’s like a wavering where something isn’t quite as densely compacted as when one sits down and is sitting in meditation, but doesn’t know quite where they’re going. It’s not saying that I know where I’m going, yet, with this, but it is indicating that something is starting to portray itself.

From there it jumps to a way of being that is outside of the senses, and outside of the mind. And so there is no memory of that. And so what I’m trying to do, in the experience I’m having, is I’m trying to explain how it works, as if I’m trying to explain this to myself in a sense so that it’s also explainable to others.

In other words, how it is that a person, a human being, in manifestation, can reach beyond the characteristics of manifestation and touch the essence outside of manifestation? In other words the other levels. And I’m finding that it’s not possible to do, and so I’m wondering why it’s not possible? Because there’s this gap that suddenly exists – why it’s not possible.

In other words, I can see myself in the dumbed-down state coming right off of the ordinary affairs of the world, sitting there. And then I could see something transforming and changing a bit, so that instead of just seeing a dumbed-down person sitting there, I see various pieces and parts that have like a flicker of aliveness to them, but I’m still looking down at that.

I have not merged with that. And then from there, it goes into a complete blank out, where something happens and that linkage is made. But I can’t, through the senses, and through my mind, and through watching it, I can’t describe how that occurred.

So I guess the explanation of that is, that when I’m just sitting there as just an element, nothing special, struggling, it’s a reflection of the accumulation of the things in manifestation that are still upon me. And so the soul can’t move around that much, and so there isn’t access, in terms of the fluidity of my being, to a consciousness that is greater than the mind senses.

But then, when that starts to drop away, the flip side of those qualities and traits, that are me, have a divine image behind them. In other words, we are not what we seem. We connect to something so much more, and so much greater. That is who we really are and, in manifestation, we’re in this dumbed-down mode going through the nuances of that which needs to be reconciled, so that we come back to, and remove the veils of, who we really are.

But rather than talking about it as removing veils, because that still acts as if you then can take and put in language what took place, as if you could draw up a blueprint, just like you have in terms of, say, constructing a house or something, you could have a blueprint and you follow the blueprint and you build what’s there.

If you have all of the component pieces it builds to what you want it to be. Well, it’s a little bit difficult when you’re talking about what it’s like in manifestation, in which the tools of manifestation are that of the mind working through the senses, and working with a reflection, and not able to see the pure light, and not able to see the essence, in other words, but able to see the reflections and then able to draw correlations and opinions about that.

So you’re always working in a secondhand capacity, even though, if you look at the secondhand capacity, you can see through that if you are conscious enough, and see what the divine flicker is behind it.  

So, if you’re sitting in meditation, and what causes you to have the awareness of this other part of yourself, in other words it’s kind of like trying to gauge the difference between sound and light. Sound has a particular speed to it, and at that speed the perception is only up to a particular point.

When it gets to light, it takes in everything that’s sound, and then some, and more. But when you’re at a level of sound, in which everything hits you, and affects you, and touches the heart, stabs the heart as an aspect of manifestation because it’s mind-sense correlated, you don’t have a consciousness, or access to the energy, or whatever you want to call it, that you need to take on a greater dimension.

So it’s as if, when you release the magnetism of the nuances of things that you’re carrying, when that somehow drops away, to the degree that drops away, it’s as if the soul is able to liberate itself from the bondage that it’s under.

So as the soul starts to move around, you start to see behind the images of things about your nature. That’s why as I’m sitting and observing myself sitting there, I no longer see myself as something just as a blasé sitting there. I tend to see different flickers of myself with different qualities that are intriguing and interesting, even though I don’t touch them yet because I’m looking down from above, but it’s no longer me – but it is me, but it’s in a more quickened state or something to that which is divine or real.

That image falls completely away, and there’s nothing to report in terms of how you go from there to a radiance that takes in everything in the universe, or encompasses the gamut of divine qualities of all that exists. Because that is only available, or I should say knowable, through direct perception, and direct perception does not involve the senses or the mind that work on things reflectively.

That’s one way of saying it. Another way of saying it is it’s a perception that comes, not from the plane of manifestation, but comes from the soul that incorporates itself in its greater Wholeness, as having moved outside of the gravitational limitations that the body confines it in. 

And the body has it confined because it’s reacting to things, and doing things, that keep stabbing the heart. And the stabs that you feel in the heart is this jerking down of the soul essence, that wants to just soar and be what it really is, which is as huge as everything exists. And yet you have this amnesic condition that is jamming it into the heart, and it’s a left-to-right jab in the heart.

It’s a strange sensation. And it’s a probing that one has to do in a bringing-down of energy in the out-breath, without the liberation of the soul going home on the in-breath. And human beings, human existence manifestation is accentuated in this other direction, and hasn’t yet awoken to where the soul can move to its Wholeness. So the in-breath is an unconscious aspect, and the bliss associated with the in-breath is something that’s not readily known.

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