Settling Old Debts

karma--0Following John’s discussion of his meditation dream (see The Flicker of the Divine), he has two dream images that offer a clue on how to close the gap between a life in physical manifestation, and being connected to the Whole. In them he is shown that he must let go of, or clean up, internal issues from the past that have been carried into the present day. To do so brings inner cohesion, which allows greater access to the higher self. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So my attempt last night to try to describe, and write up, more or less a flow chart of how the spiritual process works. For some reason, I seem to have engaged in this very masculine facet of things, as if I’m perceiving this, and so went on trying to describe it and in the describing of it I guess it comes across a little bit like putting together a flow chart of how it works.

I can’t do it because there’s no way of covering something which is outside of the realm of the mind and the senses, which is a realm, the mind and the senses that is, that only operates in terms of manifestation. The greater mind and the direct perception come from a soul experiencing something outside of the dumbed-down impingements with mind and senses, and all of the attitudes and mannerisms that are associated to keep it that way.

So, describing it like that at least I can make it make some sense. Even as I read it earlier, and worked on it and worked on it, it still was incoherent. It was wonderful when I put it together last night, but I couldn’t make sense out of it reading it this morning. And then when I wrote it up I figured, okay, I’ve got it so that it makes sense, but if I read it I think that from your perspective it will be as bad as it was when I tried to read it this morning. It’s only because I have a sense of the vibration.

So, this created the format, just like your thing was a format and then came the issue of, where does one stand in relationship to that? Where you stood in relationship to your thing, is you reconciled it in some fashion so that you’re now taking responsibility and directing something – as opposed to having the collective police aspect of things do the imposing upon you. You now were able to direct the flow and the traffic yourself.

Well, in my dream, first of all there is a karmic limitation, and this limitation seems to go back to something that goes way, way, way back. And the way it’s imaged is that I’m picking up, I’m gathering up, I’ve collected a sequence of things that are paid to me. And there’s a whole bunch of things, but three of them are more than just a rental, like a contract.

And one of the items that comes in is fine. The other item, which supposedly has come in, I don’t see the check with it. And the third item is a payoff on a contract. And when you take this contract back, it goes back to 1987, and at that point in time this was just a piece of land. There were no improvements or anything.

But somewhere along the way an improvement occurred, and there was some confusion in terms of the titling of the improvement, and it created a rift. And so in order for there to be a payoff, something had to get cleaned up. And so I received the payoff, and the payoff number was $67, which apparently was a little shocking to me or something, because something wasn’t right.

And the paperwork that laid it all out and just portrayed it, I was away from my normal place and so I needed to make a copy of it, and set everything aside in that regard to sort it out, because there were charges to bring the improvement up to snuff. There were two charges, each of them around $1200 each, one for maybe a type of maintenance, and the other for a type of cleaning, which left $67 left and I was supposed to accept that as the payoff. 

Well, what this meant, what this dream means, is that there’s something in my past that I do not recuse myself very well with, that is something that I am not clean with, that stabs the heart, that has to do with something that I cause to happen that has created a kind of reaction that doesn’t know how to let go. And it just goes on and on and on and on and on.

And apparently seeing the dramatic of that was sufficient, because then I had an image in which the cohorts that I’m meant to work with, whether they’re on the board or whether they’re just part of whatever the project is, first I met with the first batch of them, and I liked them all, and now I’m going back and meeting with the rest of the selectees, and I already like them all, even though I can’t even necessarily recognize the difference, nor the names, nor by face distinguish between them because it all comes together with a cohesion. 

So that was like the second image. And see all of this was conducted under the countenance or, you might say, the primary vibrational experience of showing what it takes, or what’s involved and, so to speak, how it works. Even though you can’t put the blueprint together, so someone could follow it like a checklist, of what it takes to take and get outside of the limitations that keep us veiled, because we’re stabbing the heart with mind/sense type impingement issues.

And so in this dream, I come up with something that’s ancient and old, like that, that just requires cleaning, polishing off, dusting off, and it’ll be fine. And I apparently haven’t done that, but if I do that then the payoff is complete. The $67 which I’m grousing over, would like to accept it and move on, but in that dream I haven’t quite reconciled it.

And it just jumps from there into a reconciliation where everything then works as cohorts, in relationship to who I am, is all in cohesion. And so you could say, if you put those together in relationship to the master experience issue, the thing that’s in cohesion is the thing in which your soul is in the Wholeness and the totality of things. And, at the same time, has come all the way down and through and has reconciled, and gotten closer to, what it needs to get close to so this can happen, has reconciled that issue that needed cleaning up as an impingement in the density of things.

In other words, there was a pattern and a mannerism that still inflected and creates the sinking sensation, or the stab to the heart, of something that then keeps the soul from rejoicing in this whole other realm and dimension of a greater overallness.

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