The Answer Lies Within

near-death-experienceJeane has a dream image that seems to be about connecting to an energy, with no symbolic imagery to help explain what is happening. As John points out, our higher self is always trying to bring us into a state of greater balance. Yet the longing that is created in that process is often interpreted by us as a sign we must do something in the outer world to satisfy ourselves. So we may make changes – move, a new haircut, shop, etc. – but the real intention is for us to connect more deeply to the inner energetic. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, when I woke up I lost my dream, but I think that one of the reasons I lost it is it seemed to be an energetic dream, like I was trying to get myself in some kind of right space energetically. 

And so the image was almost an image of moving into an energy, or trying to move into an energy, or moving with an energy, so it wasn’t really like kind of a storyline or anything that I could pull out.

John: What you were doing is you were scoping inside of yourself to try to find the flow, or attunement, that echoes from within, that puts you back into a kind of cadence. Those kind of energetic experiences are best experienced in meditation, then the dream world can take something like that that is a bit incoherent, and kind of patch it together, or give it some substance, an aspect or a quality of substance through imagery and such.

But as an energetic alone, it’s too great of an expanse or something of one’s nature, as pure energy, to make much out of. And it’s useful to have something symbolic that can come along and kind of show you what the energetic is all about.

So what you had was the energetic that takes and gives you a sense of how you’re probing to catch up with, or be in, a place of comfortability. You’re reaching and questing for that and, of course, you’ve been announcing that, or you’ve been saying that, that you can’t quite get in your body, or you can’t quite get this way and you can’t quite get that way.

And yet this place, area, feels good to you. It’s an interesting interlude, but you’re not able to get grounded or rooted in how it is that you are meant to be. And that’s a type of uneasiness that one carries, or a quality of feeling off-the-ground or something, and it plagues you.

It’s a type of longing again, in that one has to go into that – to allow one’s self to be carried into that – in order to discover, in order to reach, what is acting like a magnet on the other side. However, if one doesn’t take and try to probe that, or isn’t making efforts to change, it’s not a change per se, but a recognition, a seeing of something that is creating an echo about one’s nature.

One doesn’t make an effort to try to see where that is coming from, from deep within, that is now affecting the outer. Then one walks around imbalanced and it can be extremely frustrating, and your mind goes all over the place trying to understand what to make out of it, whether you conclude that it’s living in the wrong place, or that you’re skipping something, or that you need something else.

You can go around and around, except when you’re needled like this from inside, probed and pushed like this, as if something is inside there needing to open up. The answer lies there, not in anything that you can do as a fidgetation to try to ameliorate, because the chances are, whatever it is that you would do would dumb-down a state that is attempting to come through with its loudness in a way that has been held back for a long, long time.

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