The Key to the Essence

awakening1In this imagery of an inner energetic, John is shown the value of connecting to the subtler energies in life. In the world today, it’s easy to only notice the loudest noises and disregard the rest as unimportant. Yet the spiritual worlds are based in the subtle, and the unseen, causal shifts of the energies at play. Connecting to those puts us in closer touch with what is really going on. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The way I felt it as an energetic was, first I found my condition of energy as having kind of gotten to a point where it needed to be jump-started in some fashion. So then something strikes that, and hits that, to where it takes on a red flare, like a red dress, or a red flare; a dynamic that moves out and is, in other words, breaking the containment field of its usual demeanor.

Not that this is necessarily going anywhere yet, but this is important to getting one’s self free from the shackles of a constrained mannerism that one carries. So when I break free of that, it’s almost like I have greater liberties, and you can get lost in those greater liberties, but what those greater liberties are meant to do is to then, having broken free, and broken free of something that you’ve been noodling upon yourself for so long that you’ve been scarring, or covering over, other qualities and levels that are subtler that can also open.

So first I needed to break into a different flare, change the atmosphere so to speak, and then from having changed the atmosphere, then I’m able to recognize that there are subtler qualities that can appear weaker, more sensitive, all of that, that I can note.

Ordinarily I would disregard them as being weak, or off, or detracting from a particular kind of momentum or something, but now I can kind of note this. And what they look like, in the dream image, is they look a little bit like… what’s her name, in the X Factor? Nicole.

It’s like how Nicole has a sensitivity side of herself that doesn’t fit in very well. It’s subtle, it’s soft, it’s sweet, but not sophisticated and, therefore, easily pounded and beat up and hurt in relationship to the presence around her of those who are carrying a high sense of self.

Even Paula Abdul is like that in the way she is driven, but Nicole’s approach is interesting because, even though she looks more crackable, and doesn’t have a certain outer strength or something, in terms of armament or something, she is a hard worker and she does have an approach in her sensitivity that’s interesting.

Well, that quality, then, that normally is something I would disregard and view as something that I don’t give any attention to inside of myself because the flare, or the stretching out, is more exciting. When confronted with something like that it challenges the value of things because it brings in kind of a value component on a subtler level.

In other words, it steers things into a greater Wholeness, a greater embodiment or something. It’s like an embodying energy. And the way it came across in the energetic was it’s of a really light color. In other words, the loudness and the activity that exudes out and everything is red, and this comes across as, if it were bottled it would be kind of a really, really light-colored beer, or an amber color.

In other words, there are all these bottles and they have all of these different textures, and these textures vary from darker to lighter and this is one of the lightest that you can get, meaning the more subtle of energetics. And a person like Nicole has already used half of a bottle. I have the other half.

If you took and you poured the contents of one half into the other half, then you would have a full bottle. And if you did something like that then I would then have the mixture I need in ample amount to combine with the other energy at the other extreme, amber being high in the light in its subtleness of energy, and the red being a dynamic in creation with a particular flare about it. I would have what would be necessary to create a Wholeness, or to mix the energies together, to put something together.

So that was the energetic dream during my meditation. What I wrote about it is, when I feel a particular way inside, in terms of the flow, the challenge is to recognize that demeanor inside and adjust accordingly.

I’m currently affected by patterns and mannerisms that stand in the way of this recognition and shift. In other words, I identify with a greater dynamic of things. The dream is challenging me to find that quality in my nature and incorporate in life, in other words, the quality, the Nicole, that light amber mannerism that deals with subtle energy and softer energy, and is easily dismissed as perhaps even a weaker energy because it doesn’t exude outer power necessarily, it invokes kind of this inner quality, a connection I would not have recognized or accepted if I stayed in my usual way of being.

To begin with I needed to step out with the energy, in other words the redness, the aliveness, and in doing so this has something to do with getting it out of one’s system or something, or however you would say that, that brings one back into life more easily alerted, or somehow or another you reach that way to a recognition that something softer is meant to be. So I’m just thrashing around by these two forces within, except the one is opening up when normally it hadn’t been given the time of day.

And so, as a consequence, apparently something about this must have come across, because in the final image I see myself proceeding across the country in a vehicle, holding on to a vibration, exuding satisfaction and fulfillment.

But the deeper meaning of this is, I am beginning to recognize other levels of being that have eluded me because I errantly dismissed this as too subtle or weak and, instead, this was and is the key to my inner essence.

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