A Place of Completion

1212-bIn this dream follow-up to The Key to the Essence, John finds himself being recognized by those he views as strangers. It is a homecoming, of sorts, on an inner level. When we put down all of our distractions in the outer world – what is tasteless and meaningless, as shown in the dream – we can gain the knowledge that we were always meant to have.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then comes the long, deep story dream that pulls all of this together. In other words, this tells better as an energetic when I have the story dream, because I realize I can pull out images of the energetic, when ordinarily it’s just the energetic that I denote. I can pull out the images of the energetic better after having had a dream that laid out the energetic flow.

So I’ve come into a town, again it’s almost like picking up from this prior where in the final image I’m driving around, or proceeding around, the country holding onto a vibration that exudes a satisfaction and fullfilment – but not necessarily having found it – but exudes it.

And so in this dream now, I’ve come into a town that strikes me as kind of quaint or interesting in some fashion. When something is quaint it’s almost like it has an echo of a reminiscence or something, but you don’t necessarily know why. It could be just like a New England town can have a quaintness to it when the leaves are coming down or something. 

Well, anyway, I come into this town. I find it interesting. It has a good feel to it. I wander into a building just to kind of explore or look around, and it’s kind of a big open area and in the back are four people standing. And immediately as I walk in they’re looking directly at me, and they won’t take their eyes off me.

I consider myself, ah, it’s probably because I’m a stranger, or they haven’t seen me before, but whatever it is, that isn’t the look that they’re placing upon me. It’s as if they’re trying to remember me, or do remember me, and I refuse to look at them. I’m maintaining my discreetness. I look away, act nonchalant, and that’s how I am. 

I try to avoid recognition and, in some cases, I even shrink to do that to try to make myself seem invisible, noncommittal, or detached. And so, these four aren’t taking their eyes off me in a place that’s empty, huge and big and empty, except for these four in the back. And I want to look at them because they are actually beautiful people. 

As soon as I saw them there was something really interesting about them but, if they’re going to stare at me I’m going to act like I’m indifferent, so I don’t make eye contact and act as if there is something else to look at in the area. 

A person starts to talk to me like he knows me. I tell him, I have never been here before. Because I don’t like the way he just acts matter-of-fact, I distract the conversation, from its directness, and mention how there is a bar in the town of Boise, in other words, I’m already judging this place to be too clean, and so I’m pointing out that some distance away there is a place called Boise and a bar in there is always packed, meaning that there’s something about this place that isn’t that dynamic. 

The guy knows this town, and he doesn’t fall for the diversion. He brings the discussion back by saying that I am familiar to him, that I received a $2,300 scholarship to go to college here, as if I went to college there. I deny that I went here. I don’t know what he is talking about, but nevertheless I can still tell he is aware of something about me that I seem to have forgotten. 

Suddenly it comes to me. I was offered a scholarship to this place long ago. I turned it down because I considered this to be too isolated, and out of the way, and had nothing going on for itself, and I wanted to go to somewhere else that had a little more dynamics. This was kind of a subtle, quiet burg. 

This guy says, “Let me show you what you missed.” He takes me over to an area where there are all kinds of unique specimens of life from another time. It’s like almost in an amoebic condition, things that you could look at under a microscope, that go back maybe to prehistoric time. 

In showing me this, he is letting me know what I missed being a part of, and experiencing, when I dismiss this place as being too wayward to go to on a scholarship. And then at some point he offers me something that’s like a straw or woody substance, that’s old, that doesn’t really have any flavor to it, it’s woody even, to eat or something – and so I chew on it. 

I keep sticking it in my mouth, but I can’t swallow it. And so I chew on it, and chew on it, and it becomes this woody substance that just sits there as a glob in my mouth. And I go through the entire tour of this place with this glob sitting in my mouth. I can’t swallow it. I can’t be embarrassed about spitting it out or anything. You know, he did give it to me. 

At the very end, I’ve seen the place, I’ve kind of stepped into kind of a small room or something, and he and maybe another person that was helping to show me this is there, trying to be as discreet as possible I stick my fingers in my mouth and pull this glob out. It took me two times to remove it all, and then I have to try to throw it away. But I think that I was probably detected. I didn’t quite pull it off. And as I throw this glob away, I wake up.

So what’s going on, or kind of a meaning, is first of all I’ve come to a place where I am seen as being someone familiar, and this is a place where I share a mutual interest even though I seem to have forgotten everything.

This is a place where I am seen as belonging. It is a place of completion for me, because there are four people symbolizing a type of completion of an aspect of where one finds the right place and such. So it’s a place where the searching is over. I am meant to be an integral part of what exists here, and what this is about has roots that are ancient.

I’m shown it, and told it, but since I had been on a tangent this was not something that I actually experienced. I’ve come back to this as if I have lost out on the opportunity that would have been there, and is meant to be there, and I’ve stumbled back to it.

Even though I kind of recognize something unique about it, but don’t remember anything, I am remembered. And had I taken on this gift, or scholarship, long ago so much time may not have been squandered. I can’t shake the image of discovering such ancient ties to creation, nor can I reconcile why I walked around hiding the glob in my mouth when I should have spit it out earlier.

The deeper meaning is that a dream like this reinforces the fact that what I am doing now is on the right track in recovering who and what and where I am to be. I lost this long ago, and now I am being shown what I could have been part of all this time – if I hadn’t stuffed myself with that which was tasteless and meaningless.

I sold myself short, and the sad thing is that, when I did this I didn’t know what I was refusing to acknowledge. I am fortunate to have stumbled back to my whereabouts, and where I belong, to find that there is no need to chew on the abstractions anymore.

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