A Clean Transformation

The_Awakening_V_Evolution_by_CygX1In this dream image, John sees two possible scenarios for the human race – neither of which offer an easy transition. On one side are cataclysmic events that change everything, and on the other side is the grace that allows the human race to wake up before it’s too late. Perhaps both scenarios are still “on the table,” yet who can say they see any signs of our species waking up, or coming to its senses? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I seem to have gone back into an old theme, where in this I experience a vibration that is very, very, very old. In other words, if you go through the usual day in the physical you can get thrown around, and messed around, take on mannerisms, and have to carry back inflections that have to be sorted out in your sleep.

And all of that is very, very interesting, but it shows some fashion or mannerism upon which you’re holding on to things and, therefore, the soul that is as big as the universe then is required, or stuck, in having to sort that little nuance of bifurcated linear density that is impacting your physical nature in a microcosmic way – thus veiling the greater higher-self macrocosmic aspect of yourself which, if you can catch up with the full macrocosmic aspect of yourself, puts you closer to the light.

Otherwise in the microcosmic, and what you’re noodling around in, you have to symbolically sort yourself out as if reflecting distinct from the light. Well, in this dream vibration, this vibration is coming from a very, very old space. It’s not something that is heavily influenced by whatever my outer effects during the day have been.

And I can tell because it almost has a note or a tone to it. You can tell that it’s much deeper. What it is, is it surprises me, because it has a tremendous power to it if it makes a decision. And it’s sitting at a cusp point where it can go one way or the other, and it is still hanging out there.

It hasn’t gone off of the edge, so to speak, and to get off of this edge, that it is riding very, very carefully, is going to cause a huge, huge chain of events. Now, on one side of this edge, if it falls off, everything is going to get obliterated.

By obliteration I mean it’s going to get to the point where no one has anything that they can hold on to as a safe haven. Everything that one can possibly imagine that would give them any degree of safety, or exception, is going to be taken away.

So the idea that a person could take and buy real estate, or save up on gold and silver, all of that’s going to get smashed because anything that you can possibly imagine as a hold back is not going to be a safety valve in what lies ahead. That’s on the one side.

On the other side, you have a slow crackup. It’s a crackup nevertheless, but civilization and manifestation is still allowed to hold on to certain things. Well, is it allowed to hold onto those things, or is there the hope that it will wake up and come out of its trance before the other has to be applied? Can it reconcile itself on its own?

And so it’s like an aspect of grace, in terms of this other side, that it is allowing it, and giving it, an opportunity to come to its senses – but it’s not working. It’s not working because every time the punch is pulled, or something is eased up, the powers that be, or the forces that are in control of the energetics of things, see the exception that’s created, see the opening that’s made available, and pounce into that, and take advantage of the masses.

So they are the ones that are creating this pull-the-punch quality then, which becomes the end result, because they’re finding these bifurcated ways upon which to continue to keep noodling along to their own self-edification.

And so, if the decision were made to go off in this direction, it would make sense to fumble about, which would be my inclination as well to do this, to fumble about and find the exception that’s going to work, that’s going to get you off the hook, so that everyone else suffers to beat heck, but you figured out how to find the holdout card.

Well, that’s what it’s looking like as it sits there tottering up above, not unleashing one way or the other completely yet, not having made the full decision. And the whole sense you get is that, if it goes at this pace, where it allows the grace of something to continue to unfold – as if mankind is going to get its act together – it will be like taking a blade and only bringing it part way through and leaving a God-awful mess of guts hanging out.

Because I could tell even myself and there will be others around me, who will figure out what that holdout card is, that they can still grab – and so you will not have a clean transformation. That was like the essence of the vibration.

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