Different Points in Time

the_light_between_past_and_future_by_mjmaverick-d52grwhIn pondering the possible scenarios for the future, as described in A Clean Transformation, John continues the imagery to find himself in a place that is familiar, yet whose time has ended. In looking at how to proceed, it seems that he has to relinquish his place, or what he holds on to, and walk forward into the new. The analysis ends with a fascinating description of being on two levels of being at once, with each level experiencing a different world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I don’t realize this until I put both dreams together, but just as a preface to it, I dream of the bygone era. And then I dream of the end of that era where something then is handed off to what needs to proceed forward.

So in the bygone era, I go way back in time to where I was the bus driver. And it’s all I can do to handle this bus as it’s driving to a campus, and it’s going up a one-lane road and there are trees on both sides. It’s a mountainous pass – it’s kind of treacherous.

And there’s a campus located back in there that very few people ever come to, no traffic comes out of this area, even though I am concerned: what would I do if there was another vehicle coming from the other direction, because it’s all I can do to navigate up this road? 

It’s kind of a steep, windy road, and it’s a little precarious and it’s not like things are well manicured for vehicular purposes. And so I come into the area where this campus is to be, and the next thing you know, I’ve driven up on this high knoll. And the knoll is kind of like you go up and in the very front I’m blocked off. It just kind of stops, or at least there are trees that hit there, in what I thought should still be the road, that blocked the bus.

So as I stop the bus up here, I can’t go forward. I see some mineralization and a cliff and mostly the trees are the first obstruction. There’s no way I could drive through. And I look out, and I’m supposedly in the campus, but I don’t see any buildings. I see some students, others in the area, not many but some, and I saw some as I came up the last stretch of the road, but I don’t see any campus buildings. 

And so I’m pondering whether I need to reposition the bus. Well, it’s one thing to drive up a slope, it’s another thing to back down it. Your brakes could give out and be a heck of a mess. So I realize, well, it feels like I’m in the center of what is to be the campus, so I open the doors and let everybody out.

In the next dream, I’m again going up a trail or a road, it’s more like a trail, and I’m by myself and, at one point, I pass through this area that is very, very familiar to me. I see the same knoll where it looks so familiar to me. It was like I had parked a bus there a long time ago, where I had brought in students.

And now what exists there, and built all around the knoll and at the top of the knoll, are old campus buildings no longer in use, very, very old, obsolete. It looks familiar to me even though it doesn’t quite dawn on me in the dream. 

A part of me wants to stop and go and explore the one building that’s right where the bus had been, not even realizing yet in this dream that the bus had been there. It just seems to ring some sort of old memory.

But I can’t stop. I’m in a hurry. I have to go somewhere. I have to get to a place. And I’m in such a hurry that I’m inconvenienced when others are in front of me, and I race around them whenever there’s the opportunity, a little bit rude even. And I get all the way, almost to the front where there’s only one more person in front of me, and that person is a woman by herself.

And I’m glad that she’s someone ahead of me because I can no longer see what the trail or the road is that I’m supposed to be following. I’m following it by sense now. And so I come around into an opening, an opening similar to the opening that had existed, except there was the knoll and everything that is past this bygone era of buildings, campus buildings, and there’s a desk there, or a table there. Nothing else is there. 

There’s a woman sitting at the table. I go up there, and I’m kind of like checked into the place, so to speak, and handed something that is going to be part of whatever my presentation will be, my ending presentation, because what I am doing is I’m giving up my seat. I’m giving up my seat to a replacement and, even though I see no structures or buildings or anything around I’m moving on, I’m being replaced, and I’m eagerly replacing myself, giving my seat up. 

It must be real early in the morning or something because I’m told that the breakfast is $23, and I think: outrageous! I wake up and haven’t yet made up my mind as to whether or not I could stand going through paying the $23 for breakfast here, or whether I’ll go back to those old campus buildings, or whatever that town kind of thing is that’s off in the distance, not visible where I’m at, but I can walk there and get a decent breakfast for a reasonable price. 

So little bit on that first thing that I did. I can’t imagine how in the physical world that this can actually happen. What I mean by “actually happen” is that everything gets busted up to such a degree that there are no options, versus the idea that there’s a grace or something that can exist that can keep things from being completely, totally, no-way-out kind of thing.

Because deep down I know that if it doesn’t come to pass – meaning everything gets wiped out -that the suffering will not end because people will continue to go out and grab onto those extraneous aspects, and that will then continue the control, manipulations, and abuse over the masses – or the average person.

In other words, things will just keep shifting from one form to another instead of recognizing that you have to let go, and be empty, because this is how it is: The concept of ego over spirit will be retained, in this way, by this aspect of manifestation. The inner won’t come into the outer. The dominance of the physical will be louder.

So, I guess the question I have is this, if manifestation, which we know as physical creation, is to be sustained, how do you not have a manipulative power and control effect in some way or another in life?

And then the second question to that would be, if you do have this power and control effect that still creates the suffering, and the misery, and the afflictions, and the anger, and the self-deviations and all, where is the universal humility if a degree of abomination is yet condoned?

Or, a big “or,” if the levels are to be retained between the inner essence and dense outer, then time will have to remain so that which is left behind in manifestation is able to, in its fullness of time, catch up with what is intended, in terms of choice, or the grace that is latent therein, to let go and go from illusion into Wholeness?

So, what’s happening is this is like still trying to bifurcate the two on the spot. There are pros and cons to how to do that. I mean, do you leave something that still noodles on, and manifestation still continues, but it still then has the mannerisms?

And then, of course, a very slight meaning of the dream that had to do with the bus, what I am describing is a journey to a place that is dynamic and alive, but not in a way that I comfortably understand.

See, when you’re the precursor of the new era, which was the old era in this case in this dream, something had to work through me from the other side because I never really understood and I did not really catch up with the pure light or anything in that thing. And so it was like when I let the students out there at the top it was a sense that I did because I couldn’t really back down without endangering something because the brakes could probably give out.

It’s one thing to drive up, and another thing to back down a steep incline, and I couldn’t go forward and yet I knew I was in the center of something. And when I arrive I have no choice, in other words, but to surrender and accept what lies before me, or lies within me.

In the second dream, after having walked up this trail and everything, what is going on needs to be probably first of all talked about a bit because, in the prior dream where I take a bus full of students to a campus that was way back at some point in time then, and the place has changed, a lot has elapsed. A very old campus building is located at the spot where my bus had been long ago and, when my bus was parked there the campus hadn’t yet, or the era of time there, hadn’t yet been established.

The building on the spot where the bus stopped has served its purpose for a long time. The building is reflective of a prior bygone era, but in this second dream where I’m on foot going back somewhere, going back and then replacing, I’m on foot. I pass through that old campus setting; go beyond it to the other side greeted by a woman at a table with nothing else around.

She informs me that I’ve come to give up my seat for a big ceremony, or a big event, that I’ve raced here to just to give up my seat to a replacement.

The meaning of the dreams is the dreams are of two different points in time. In the bus dream, I am still following the thread of an evolvement. I am part of creating a new era at that time.

In this dream, that era has ended. That which was constructed to facilitate what was important then, is now obsolete. I still have lingering memories that go back to the inception and unfoldment of this era, in the shaping and all of that of this era of time, which has run its course, all of which is soon to change.

I’m handing off my seat to a replacement who is to go forward anew. This suggests that I have released my ties to the past and am eager, because I raced and passed and everything else, eager to experience something anew.

In this dream I see myself relinquishing the last of my ties to a bygone era so something new can be designed. I see myself as letting go of the ties to a bygone area that I helped design. My replacement, who shall work through me as I am to be somewhere else, another level or whatever because I’m leaving, is to do the designing of that which is to go forward.

So what are these two dreams suggesting? They’re suggesting that I was part of the design of a bygone era that has now run its course, and I am here to witness the coming to an end and the beginning of the new era. That’s what’s going on now.

In witnessing this, I am letting go of how it is that I have been holding on to that state, meaning the state that currently exists, and when I let go, I leave. A replacement takes my seat. In other words, it’s like “replacement” means a part of you dies to this world, and that you then function more and more on the other side.

It is this replacement, the part of me that doesn’t quite see the pure light, but has the right focus and attention, who designs the new era. My role, this other aspect of me that is part of the old bygone era as a foot soldier then, is from another level.

I will no longer be directly in creation. I will be working from the other side, inflecting the vibration, hints and such, from within, to the physical foot soldier of myself in manifestation. What manifestation is to be designed to look like in the future will be physically experienced by this aspect of myself on this level that is in creation.

My effect will be from the other side, and the replacement will have the direct physical sensations and perceptions to sort out upon this level.

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