Losing What Is Important

spiritual-connection-katelynn-johnston-aThis dream shows the progression from the prior dream (see Taking It To The Top), where Jeane risks an energetic connection she has only a tenuous grasp upon. In this way, she finds herself slipping into a fractured state, where a sense of Wholeness and flow devolve into separation and confusion. This image provides a template for the struggles all seekers face in their journey to let go of the personal involvement in the material world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: You’re with me again in this last dream I had right before I woke up, and it’s like we’re in a wooded area, but we’ve been searching through a, it almost looks more like a hunting lodge, but there’s gambling that goes on in this place.

And I guess we’ve decided that we will gamble a little, and a lady has come and made change for me and then there’s some confusion about whether she’d given me $5 too much when she gave me change back. 

That makes me look through my purse, and then I realize that in my purse my money is divided, and maybe I have it divided between some money that was ours, and some money that was mine. And so I’m able to show her that actually she gave me back the right change, the extra $5 actually belonged in the little wallet I had in there, which was my money, which was separate. 

And then you and I’ve stopped actually at some, they’re like slot machines, but they’re actually out in the forest – because this whole casino is out in the woods – and I think you’re playing one of the slot machines and I’m at another. 

They’re a little distance apart and I’m looking at whether I want to put in a whole $20, or I still want to… I look in the bottom of my purse and there’s a whole bunch of quarters, but I don’t seem to want to spend those, but I come back to the quarters because I realize that if I put $20 in, that will probably be about the time that you decided that you don’t want to gamble anymore.

So I’m probably better off if I take the quarters because I can put them in one at a time, although that’s not really the way I would prefer to do it. 

Then I’ve walked a little bit away and there’s suddenly this girl that’s standing there preaching, and she’s standing in front of a glass case in which there’s a carving of a statue and then right beside her is a carving of one of the religious figures, Joseph or Jesus as a child, but it makes it a little difficult to gamble with her right there – like I’m almost looking for a different place to go because in some ways I feel like she’s kind of like the front man for a preacher that I wouldn’t trust, even though she’s sincere in her own way. But then it makes it a little hard to gamble in that presence.

John: Well the dream starts off where you’re taking this quality that you found, in other words you have to go back to the prior dream, and in the prior dream you’ve reached a particular quality inside that can be projected, and lived, and reflected in a particular way.

And now you’ve turned around and you’ve decided to gamble with it. And what gambling with something does is it fractures you, and that is shown in the image that you have your monies all kept in different compartments. And once it’s kept in different compartments, it’s hard to understand how to sort out.

Once you start keeping it in different compartments you lose a certain focus, a certain thread to things, thus you don’t know timing very well anymore to things, either. Everything gets a little more baffling, and a little more confusing, and you tend to go off in kind of a wayward way – as if you’re now having to ponder and think: do you do this, or do you do that, in relationship to the amount of money, the change, when do you stop, all of that sort of thing?

In other words, you’re in a delirium because you have actually lost the importance of the vibration. It’s gone away from you. And thus, when you come to something that is more pristine, that is holding a note or quality, even if it isn’t holding the note very well, it’s still better than the condition you’re in, and that becomes like a type of embarrassment.

Having to hold the note, not getting caught up in what is thrown at you, around you, that everybody else is doing. They’re gambling away and, thus, they’re losing their ability to sort things out. In other words, you don’t do that, everyone else does that. You do that, you suffer a price, you lose the recognition of that which is meaningful, and even the proper understanding of that which is meaningful because you get skewered. Very interesting dream.

So your whole dream sequence took you to, first of all having to find that one, single important thing to do, of which all other things fall away, and that one thing then can project itself out into life – right from the top, like through the White House as a dynamic, and that one thing is your friend.

But if you go away from that, and think that you can play games with that, gamble and fool around with that, get into other deviations, you then unscramble yourself and, as a consequence then, the delirium that you create is such that you don’t even notice the degree to which your energy has been compromised – until you run into a reflection of something that holds a cadence, or a note, that is more pristine than the position and the shape that you’ve allowed yourself to have fallen into.

And that’s when you can hopefully… that’s when you recognize what you’ve done to yourself. You don’t recognize what you’ve done to yourself when you’ve deviated, because you go off in mental tangents, and hold the thought process of those mental tangents, instead of the heart process.

But at some particular point that becomes fairly empty and dry, but you don’t even notice that until you’re in the face of something that holds the quality differently, holds it with a mannerism that’s pristine. Quite a dream, huh?

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