Ready to Merge

birth-anne-cameron-cutriHere Jeane dreams of being with a group of women who are pregnant, and who have all gone off to give birth. She remains behind with another woman, yet the time comes for them to go with the others. The symbolism of birth, or being pregnant with something ready to emerge into life, is held back here by the other woman, who is another aspect of Jeane herself, because that life in her is still indulging in personalized pleasures. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The very first dream I remember, it’s just more a scene. It feels like in this dream we’re all women, and we’re all pregnant, and a group of women have gone off to where they’re going to give birth. 

But there’s one other woman and myself who are still left behind because we’re not quite ready yet; we’re almost ready. So I’ve gone to where she is to get her because it’s probably time that we should start going to wherever people give birth and, when I see her, she’s like sitting there. She has dark hair and she has like this honey on one of those… it’s like a wooden spool where you can kind of pick up the honey and then it drips down.

So she has some honey that she’s like picked up and it’s dripped down and she’s licking some of the honey when I find her. So I’m kind of fascinated by that image of her and the honey. But then I need to tell her that we need to maybe go where all the other women have gone.

John: And so what you’re recognizing, or experiencing, inside is the connection that has gotten to a point where you need the next step in terms of the closeness of this. It’s like a type of merging.

In other words, you’re both aspects of yourself. You’re dealing with two aspects of yourself. You’re dealing with the aspect of yourself that knows that it needs to go there for a completion, and then there’s this other aspect of yourself that, in this particular case, is holding back a little bit. It’s not quite getting the memo because it still has a self-indulgent quality to itself.

It still is taking on something as its own edification, which is like the honey or something, the sweetness. It is still trying to sustain, or maintain, that sweetness. And that is holding it back, or is a gap, or is a kind of amnesia, or a lack of total letting go and abandon that is needed.

And that this indulgence in this aspect of a sweetness, this self-indulgent trait that it thinks is important, is getting in the way with going to this place, stepping in and going to this place that you have been aspiring to for quite some time, but are now at a point where you’re ready – as the dream indicates – to give birth, or to merge, or to bring something all the way through – in terms of that essence.

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