Barriers of Creation

creative-manifestation1In these dream images, John is struggling with breaking through the barriers of creation. What are they? Creation here is taken to mean all that is in physical manifestation. This struggle is triggered by an inner longing to make a deeper connection, yet the veils of the physical are not so easily lifted. Still, as we let go of our attachments to the outer, we find that the greatest freedom is within. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so in my meditation dream, I take and go off into having to contend with that which is emerging. There’s the emergence of an inner sense of a place, within, where I am able to be free of those self-limiting inhibitions that I carry in a masculine way. 

When I say I carry it in a masculine way, I mean that’s the way of saying that there are these alternatives and whatnot that one can try to deduce rationally, logically, mentally in life. And I know that this other overallness and plane exist, but getting there is the issue.

I see myself as aspiring to this state, which is a state that I can feel in the bones, or you might say that to some degree intuitively identify with, even though I can’t put my finger on it, which is to say that even though I don’t know it, because I haven’t brought it through, I am able to tell it presently and that I, by the fact, kind of almost as a reflective fact, by the fact that I am separate from this space within, just feeling it in the bones in other words. 

It is as if I am hoping and hanging back in my being because I can tell that this place exists. In other words, if I didn’t know this place existed, there are certain things that I would probably do in the outer that kind of appease the mental condition and simplify how things are noodling out there, or appear to, just based upon outer conceptualization. 

But when I feel this state, I know that whatever I would be trying to do to appease that it would be hypocritical or… well, it just would be rude to that space – even though it hasn’t come through yet. 

So this ancient imprint memory is what I’m now going to call that space, in terms of what I seek as possible. In terms of that, I have the opinion that what I feel is possible I am trying to make come through or corresponding in other words to how the outer sense mind are able to come to know something even more in terms of this awakening within. 

In other words, I’m going back and forth trying to hold onto this, trying to say it, trying to describe it because I can pull it through that way, so I keep glimpsing and grappling with this space as an ominous vibration. And it’s ominous because the outer and whatnot is the apparent as it sits within seeking to reach and come through. 

Because I’m not there and aspiring to this place that I know as an idealist is magnetically reeling me in, because when you feel it in your bones you know you’re falling into it too. There is the fear that happens that I get pulled over for speeding, because I don’t have good boundary controls. 

That was a strange image that just jumped in. In other words, when you’re sitting there going back and forth and back and forth, and you don’t have a good stability in either area, other shit can happen.

So I know that the state that keeps you confused and can give you the step-back setback vibrationally, I know that the state I am in is ill equipped and disjointed, meaning the current state that I’m in in the outer, is ill equipped and disjointed from the perspective I need.

I see myself, as conditions currently exist, mired in the forces of manifestation. I also know that this is very slow and that I reside in a state that is a huge step back from that which is possible. I know this from a sense of a greater overallness, which is echoing in my being as a sense in my bones, so to speak, that I need to reach – so I go to town. 

In other words, I leave where I’m at and I go to town where town is a little faster. I drive into town going real fast but have to suddenly slow down in this town to get to where my newfound bearings resonate. 

I’m looking for the name of an establishment in this town where I know that it is possible to simply set aside the mental aspects of the countryside. I can even describe how it is in this inner place in terms of what wants to awaken. When I go into town I can distinguish from the countryside in other words. 

I have carried this controlled waiting for so long that glimpses to what is possible from the other side, or a place not confined by the barriers of creation, resonate more and more as I’m waking up within.

I can tell for example that to experience this place I have to let go of that which has me being stuck in a shell. It’s like a tight box of myself. The journey into this state is not possible based upon my mental perceptions – at least I can’t see how to do it.

If it can be done, the dream’s saying that that has to all shift because it’s in the way. I can feel how this other state holds me in this small box of myself, and that the state that I need to go to simply defies what my mind is able to hold onto and I can’t help but notice that that is simply how it is. 

In other words, you might want to bring this other along with you or, in a sense, have both there in the same level of consciousness – but that doesn’t occur. There is that part and then there is this other part deep within.

And then I have this dream that I’m looking for a person by the name of Paula. I want to introduce Paula to a friend. As I go to find Paula, and again this is still working within the context that something has to be different in terms of life because of the way I feel something in my natural nature, even though I can’t put my finger on it. It is trying to awaken.

So this is a dream that’s still triggering, only this time I’m sleeping instead of trying to meditate sleep. This is more of images and a storyline, as opposed to the other which tends to be more vibrational. 

So Paula is not in her usual place or whereabouts. In other words, she lives in a certain spot and I go there and I can’t find her. And, of course, in this dream I know that she’s not there because she’s actually more free form this space. She is suddenly more free from this space.

And that’s why I need to find her because she associates with that which is more free. Or, the way I put it in the dream, this is a part of the excitement about finding her because she is going to represent to me something so much more. 

So I’m trying to see if she is in the library, the pool area, the workout room, where she’s broken free and is getting into an animation of herself as I probe the possibilities of this greater spaciousness. 

And the meaning is, like the first dream, this dream is indicating that I am seeking to catch up with the change that is afoot.

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Destined to Unfold

dream imagesCaptured in a jungle? Mating with alien forms? Jeane’s dream imagery may seem dire, but what is being shown is a kind of battle, between the connections in the outer world, and the deeper connections we all are designed to embrace. So the battle is a natural, internal process. But making progress on a spiritual path requires a letting go of the outer and embracing what the universe has in store for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream, it feels like I’m male and I’ve been captured in a jungle area. There’s a war going on and I’ve been captured, maybe by a tribe that seems Japanese or something like that. 

And another man and I manage to escape, and one of the dilemmas we have is the villagers are hunting us, but also we have the sense that some of our own troops may be coming through the jungle, just because there’s warfare going on, but there’s always a danger they might think that we’re the villagers and shoot us.

As we’re escaping through the jungle, we come across these two female forms that are almost like… they’re not quite human, and they’re kind of like wild or a little bit monsterish. They look kind of alien, but they capture us as mates. They want to mate. 

They’re very ferocious looking, but the one that captures me is a little less ferocious looking than the one that captures my buddy. And on the one hand they’re kind of scary looking, but they do know how to live in the jungle, and so you feel that to a certain extent they’re a little safer to be with right now than the villagers were, or than your own troops who might shoot you.

And behind all of this, the dream would switch back to my looking at two rows of, they almost look like cards that are about the size of tarot cards, a little larger than normal playing cards, and they would have symbols on them, and it felt like those symbols would effect whatever was happening in the other reality. 

You know, if you switch some of those symbols around, something might happen in the dream. And whatever other dreams I had after that, it felt like because there was something in the symbols that was effecting the reality, it was like I couldn’t quite pull out the images.

John: The dream is indicating that, as one is confronted with having to shift into a whole other reality or way of being, which isn’t familiar or natural to your upbringing or how it is that you see yourself, that for this to happen, everything kind of is turned against you.

Which means that a part of you develops a distain for how things are now, and whatever it is that is possibly perceivable, you even have a distain for that. And it can get to the point where you don’t accept the peculiarity of life, as it exists. And so you in a sense let go of a mannerism to such a degree that you’re easily usurped, or swept up into something that is, in terms of options that appear to exist as an alternative to how things are now, you can be easily swept up into that which is bizarre in yet another way.

It’s like trying to create a better widget in terms of unconsciousness. And so however it is that you proceed, based upon your mind and your senses, you can’t stay with what is because it can’t identify you, and see you for who and what you need to be anymore. Nor can you switch to some other means of getting by in creation, that you could perceive as an alternative, because you know that that alternative, what transpires is that that alternative may be different for you, but it is also in creation and still going back and forth getting battered in kind of a duality aspect.

So what has to happen, and what is designed to happen, and what is meant to happen is that you actually shift into connecting with that which your mind senses can’t recognize, which is a whole new being in terms of yourself – but it is interesting how you do it.

In other words, all of what you see in terms of yourself in creation, or in manifestation, going along with and in terms of the present state of conditions that exist, what you see is something that has kind of a certain dictate of masculine imbalance yet, because the senses and the mind orient towards what is perceivable in the surrounding environment.

And so in order to shift and get out of all of that you have to go and be rescued by the greater feminine quality nature in all of life. And that is what happens, and you learn to surrender, or accept, or go with that flow. And you tend to see that as ferocious, which is kind of interesting because even in simple creation the masculine tends to recognize that its ideas and mannerisms that it carries, it can catch up with the fact that when it gets into a relationship it can see that those ideas and mannerisms that it carries are twisting it and sending it around and around in circles.

And that there is something about the feminine, and the subtleness of the feminine, that takes and depicts a whole new way of being able to feel life about you, that takes those ideas and somehow or another roots those ideas instead of them being something that just fire off as herky-jerky energetics that are ungrounded.

And when the masculine feels that, it develops or carries a certain quality of overwhelmed fear of the feminine. And that principle, which is essential for life to be able to switch and change, is kind of understood by the masculine that if it wants to hold out it stays and protects itself from getting too swept up by that kind of effect upon its approach and mannerism through its mind senses in creation.

Which is the reason why, for example, that women are more or less barred from any position of authority in the Catholic Church is because you’re liable to end up with a woman who has a sense about her that can make a mockery, just by the inner vibration of things, to all of the ways that the church has situated itself energetically in life.

The feminine could get to the point where it could throw all of that out as something that is not holding its own in terms of the larger picture or equation of things. And so you needed to essentially understand or see that what this dream was about was okay, and was intended or meant to be. And that this was a process that is destined to unfold – if you can pull through the symbolism that is an aliveness in your being, this comes first. 

And so the imagery that you had of the cards and the symbolism is kind of like a prophecy or a portrayal of things to come, a precursor, a quality of imagery that gives you a glimpse of the Book of Life, so to speak, simply because it emanates its vibration in a way that you get it.

When a person dreams, for example, they could have dreams that are profound that they just don’t understand what the dreams mean, and that means that the symbolism isn’t quite, on a direct conscious level, alive for them. And then again you can dream and then the dream and the symbolisms within the dream can become very animated and, when that happens, then you’re situated and able to surrender to and handle what is coming through. So that’s what that second aspect was about. It’s a very interesting kind of prophecy dream in a way.

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What Lies Within

inner-connections2In these images, John is shown that there is nothing separate from us in the universe. In the outer life, we often believe that everything is separate, yet that is only a result of how we look at things. When we can hold the connection of being in a oneness, nothing is unknown to our higher self. This requires the subtle letting go of everything that prevents us from such a deep connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the dream, I am of the opinion that in creation that the variables I have to choose from exist as a part of me. There is no way for there to be anything that is separate. 

If I’m an aspect of all there is, there is nowhere to go. In the dream there is a noncombatant observer observing all of this as if helping me to sort this out. The issue is, is it possible for there to be a way of being that is not part of what is going on inside me? 

I just cannot understand what is the matter with me when I am in a situation and somehow forget this fact. In the dream, this occurs because I want to believe a soft-spoken demeanor is having or portraying some insight that is important, that I need to take in, as if it’s separate from me. As if I need to catch up with it.

But suddenly I realize that I’m not properly holding my mannerism, or I’m getting kind of confused. Because when the voice gets louder, speaks up, or when the voice kind of changes its demeanor in terms of its loudness and some quality varies just a bit, I’m able to realize that I had fallen for a style over substance. 

Somehow the observer, who is new to the scenario, is able to help me remember what I know by simply maintaining or holding the space and not buying into the issue. This is kind of a hard dream to write up because the image that I had to work with was just an image in which, I guess, I just felt there was really nothing new under the sun. It was just a matter of being able to see it for how it was, because everything is connected. 

We should all know what is proper, and what is right, and what is not. In that sense we have something in common. And so I seem to carry this higher-self kind of understanding in the dream, but what happens is I waver from that when some person who speaks with a certain degree of presence in a little voice and whatnot actually draws out my attention, so I’m inclined to put them on a pedestal, or give them a degree of credit that isn’t quite right.

In other words, I’m making something into being unique or more, when all of it is same/same – if you just know how to see it. And so when this person then suddenly, in a different atmosphere or just at a different moment in time, suddenly speeds up, or starts talking in a way that is more easily identifiable by me, in terms of what this is all about, that’s when I realize that this isn’t something new at all, and that I had gone on a tangent thinking that there is an aspect of something that I need to be aware of that I’m not already directly conscious of, based upon the fact that it is part of me.

This is an awkward meditation dream.

Well a couple of issues in this dream were pointed out to me that indicate that you have to drop the mental demeanor in order to experience anew. For example, if something is too settled in its mannerism, it is better to go out the door and then come back in. That was an image. You go out the door, start all over again.

This allows for a change of focus so a greater receptiveness can occur, in other words appreciation or whatever you call it, it is an aspect of the heart, but anyway whatever the sight is, or the conceptualization, you get it to drop its hold, or definition by the mind, and so then it can have a flow again.

And then initially I forgot the second image. I laid back and fell back asleep and it came in again.

The second image stems from the fact that the mind acts as a protective layer, which is trying to make things flow better. That’s the story that the mind tells you. So the image is that of a planer that accesses across another layer of protection. 

In other words, it’s like this, you have this device in which something flows back and forth, travels like a tread, and in this particular case, in order to mitigate the wear and tear so that it functions in a less vulnerable capacity, there’s an extra board that’s put in there. Most of them don’t come with it, but this particular device does. I call it a planer. 

This extra board runs all the way across the surface of this thing that goes back and forth and back and forth. Most of them don’t come with it, and it runs fairly flush. So that means that they’re more vulnerable, those that don’t come with it, in terms of breaking down, or having issues that you have to contend with.

This is something that you can settle back and, as a process, you can assume that this approach is going to be sufficient. And that’s an issue that’s true if you’re only looking at this from the aspect of manifestation, and the way things are done in manifestation.

But because there is something more subtle going on inside a person, a person has to be open to hearing and dealing with things that come in – and that can throw the heart around. That can be uncomfortable. And to do that you have to let down your protective guard, a little. You have to be more exposed.

And only when you do that, do you create the catalytic conditions whereby you can properly see what lies within. 

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