A New Way

SourceEnergyIn this dream, John finds himself in a back room, holding a meditative state. But a police woman discovers him there. Yet she knows that what he is holding energetically is important and should be brought into the world. Through this image we can get a sense of what is required to usher in a new way of being for humanity: it’s not outward deeds, but an inner connection that can come through us into life that will lead the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So first in my dream, I’m making an inner statement about it in which I am feeling in my being, or overallness, or however it is that I feel myself, the way things are going to be unfolding very soon.

I don’t have the detail, I just feel it in the sensation or something because it’s not how things are now. It’s something that hasn’t yet happened. And this energetic, it’s kind of a forboding or something, and this energetic condition seems to reside, or preside over, and is in the general atmosphere, even though the factuality of what’s to unfold is collectively felt even, and I’m able to catch up and embody the sensation.

As an example of what it is that I’m carrying is, the sensation has to do with, in terms of using this like as a scenario aspect in my nature, I can sense that the economy as we know it is going to contract, and that a general collapse is going to occur in terms of the way things are going to unfold, and that there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this, and that there is also no safe haven from it when it occurs. 

And this knowingness sense I have is projected into the following dream, and I’m being challenged to make note of this vibration in a way that is more than just taking it in quietly.

So in the dream I have gone to the very back of a large area, and in this very back area it’s kind of like dark, and it’s almost hidden from windows that are in the front, almost as if this is an empty kind of furniture store or something. And in the back there, I’m laying down flat on the ground, so I can’t really be seen from the window.

And thus in laying down, I’m actually laying down in a very, very still state as if I’m going somewhere or experiencing something in this laying down, which means that I’m holding my presence somewhere else – almost as if it’s a type of almost like a state of a type of meditation – but the difference that could possibly give me away is I have a little lamp that is on.

And if a person was able to really look closely I guess they could see this from the outside, all the way to the back of this place, which means that the only indication that there is something trying to hold a presence to something in this quiet and still space, the only thing that could possibly give it away might be this lamp that is on.

Otherwise I can’t tell how anyone just casually passing by on the outside would even notice. As I’m doing this, laying there in the back, I know that everyone else will be consumed to some degree by the conditions that are vibrationally going on in the overall. 

By that I mean there is a forboding mood that a change is afoot in life. And so when I’m laying back there and whatnot carrying that mood and letting it make me weird, I’m kind of in another state. So that even though there is no way to know what is going to occur, or what it’s going to mean, because it exists in the ether as an unexplainable sense of ominousness, and that ominousness can even build to a certain degree to a type of latent inner fear.

And this sort of thing that’s being carried is pervasive in the environment, with me laying back there in this other space, I’m going beyond this. I’m leaving it behind. 

Well, it just so happens that apparently a woman police officer, it seemed like she was probably to begin with going around maybe with other officers because I get the sense that there is a greater movement out there, but it’s just a woman police officer, only one of them, comes into this place to look around and comes to the back where I’m located. 

Instead of reacting that I shouldn’t be there, she instead recognizes, or appears to recognize, that something more is going on about me that needs to be more communicated. And that even though I’m lying there as if I’m asleep, she can tell that whatever is going on carries a vibrational condition that isn’t struggling with the heebie jeebies and whatnot that is imminent, which everyone else acknowledges and recognizes as being pervasive in the environmental vibe, or the collective vibe. 

In other words, she knows that that’s what is in the air, so to speak, but she can tell I’m somehow holding myself in a space that isn’t being slowly torn down by this imbalance. But I don’t move. I just stay in the space that I’m in. 

And instead of confronting me directly in a way that would jar me awake, like a person is inclined to do when they are accusing you, or holding you accountable for something, with what in my case would be a trespass or something, like a type of vagrancy. She instead just goes ahead and sits on my chest. 

She is trying to get my attention in a whole other way. She doesn’t want to cause a reaction that causes the inner quiet space of balance to have to react, and that reaction would be triggered as a disturbance and then all of that vibe of things I would suddenly take on.

She doesn’t want to defile the space that she sees. She wants to develop a keener understanding in order to facilitate a better general well being. That’s her intention. She knows that to shock me will destroy the energetic understanding and focus and attention, in terms of what she is able to see that I embody, which is different, different from what everyone else is having to go through. 

In other words, she is keeping me from reacting in a predictable way. She is doing what she can so that that doesn’t get set off and thus, if she’s careful, she can bring the essence of this space into an awakening. 

So suddenly I am standing up. I have gotten up. What was done was done in a way that hasn’t shocked me out of my space, or the inner soul whereabouts of a deep space within, which I have been embodying in this state that was somewhere else when she saw me at the beginning just lying there. 

So she is still careful, because now I’m on my feet, that I don’t come out of this and go back into the trance of the outer. So she puts her face close to my ear, and I can feel her hair fall into my face, and she says she wants me to go with her husband to a store, and will I be okay with that as I am to help him get something that is needed? She says that she wants him to experience a senior moment with me – because I’m like an old guy here. 

What is going on in this final image of the dream is that I am to embody a new way that is to flow through me into life. For that to occur, I need to retain the inner essence I am accessing within and retain it in the outer, and carry it into the marketplace of creation. 

The vibration is meant to usher in a new way of being, in other words to access what is needed, and that is impossible if the reactions that are typical in terms of the outer way of things get triggered and then projected.

So a feminine essence in life can recognize when there is an energetic state that is not caught up or twisted or torn by the collective energetic breakdown of things. And she can see beyond the physical appearances. In other words, a situation can look one way but at a deep inner depth something else is going on.

And this is important because typical reactions, if you go at it in the typical mode, will keep this new energy from naturally flowing into life. The importance of this dream is that I am meant to realize that to facilitate and shift manifestation it is necessary that I carry an energetic demeanor, that I’ve accessed within, that is not affected by the outer demeanor.

In other words, it needs to be made known and ushered into life, or lived in a particular capacity. In other words, it can’t just sit as something that is a kind of inner mystical experience or however you would say it. It has to also flow into life. 

In other words, this demeanor or point or quality that I reach inside needs to go into the marketplace of manifestation to have a noticeable energetic effect and, if this can be done, then one ushers in a change. And this change is possible because the depth of what I am able to reach within is able to penetrate outer conditionality.

But the problem in this dream is that what I access within is so fragile that the slightest little shock and I lose it. So the dream starts out with me in a place deep within where I am in, or harboring, this inner Wholeness. And the sense that exists is that I am actually nourished by this inner enrichment in this space within. I am able to step back away from the collective confusion.

It’s like I have taken a step back from the collective in order to behold my true self. But I can’t stay there incognito. I am compelled to go out into the marketplace and live that space, or place, within, or be who I am. And in doing so, life will experience or unfold anew.  

The nourishment I feel within will come across into manifestation. That is what the woman police officer is saying when she says that he, meaning the masculine, can experience a senior moment, meaning, or synonymous with, a vibration that is not immersed in chaos, that instead embodies the new energy that is needed – or is the new energy that is needed.

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