A Greater Sense

human-consciousnessIn these two dream scenarios, Jeane is being challenged to look beyond what is right in front of her. So much of what we process from the world outside us comes in through our five senses. But they only tell a part of the story. To truly connect with, and flow with, what is going on in the universe, we need to listen to and trust our higher senses.

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Jeane: I think the first dream is one in which we were judging singers, kind of like they do on the X-Factor, except we had to judge them based on this very brief glimpse at what they were singing.

And you couldn’t see what they were wearing, and you couldn’t see how long the song really was, so it was almost like, after they had sung, you would be given more of a glimpse maybe of what they were wearing, or how long the song really was, but you actually had to do your evaluation from just seeing a few seconds of it. 

And I was kind of pondering about how you do that.

John: What you’re looking at is a way of denoting inside yourself something that you can’t see. Everyone usually, in terms of typical behavior in the outer world, has to review and look at everything that lies in front of them – before they are capable of making a decision.

And in twirling things like that, you actually have less information, not more, because you’re attempting to package things in a tight format. This defies the expansive quality of the soul beingness that exudes behind the scenes of everything that is visual and understandable, so to speak, in terms of outward appearances and mannerisms.

And so what you’re doing here is you’re recognizing that you have a greater sense of what is important, and what is meaningful, and what is real – if you are able to let go of the idea and the pattern of having to encapsulate and hold onto every little aspect of that which is in the outer.

It kind of reminds me of what it’s like to play chess in which, to begin with, one just needs to figure out what the right way and combinations are that make the game work, and then you always play it in front of an opponent in which you have the board in front of you, and that there can be another whole liberated sense that can develop if you can suddenly take the whole game inside of yourself – even though you have no board in front of you.

You cannot see, except through the inner eye, that there is another whole liberated sense and a kind of knowingness that you find there. That is what you’re entertaining is something along this nature, the ability to see what can’t be necessarily seen because you have an attunement that you don’t ordinarily realize because you are conditioned to work just through the appearances, and your senses, and thus shut yourself off from this place that has a much bigger, I guess the expression could be, a much bigger room about it, than what you have been allowing yourself to work with.

Jeane: I just seem to be with a group of people I know that used to lead seminars, and we’re going to an outdoor area, and it’s rocks, and you have to cross from some rocks to the other, and there’s a river coming down, and then there’s water right below the rocks. 

It’s pretty deep water, but you can go down and stand in it. And some of them are standing in it and some are on the rocks, and when I want to cross from one rock through a part where the river comes down, I see that there are some huge waves coming.

So I back off a little and I kind of wait until I can cross in such a way that the waves don’t sweep you off your feet. But other people seem to be comfortable in the water even with the waves being really huge.

John: This is a sensation dream in which what’s going on here is a kind of quality of establishing a letting go that’s like a type of emptiness from which you can then function no matter what the conditions are.

Because if you took and pondered a given scenario, you’d find that there’s a waterfall, in other words huge, huge overwhelming effect upstream, or basically in front of you. And then at the end of all of that commotion, or that intensity, when there are waves and yet at the same time there is something that you could stand in, there is a way in which you can be and yet all around you can be waves, and this huge avalanche of a waterfall, that which is, typically speaking, something that would be a bit shocking and overwhelming to the senses.

So we’re talking senses that take and find themselves having to sort out, and orient, where and how one is able to conduct themselves, or be, in relationship to the outer. And that you can tell, and that you’re noting, and that you’re questioning and you’re finding yourself challenge yourself. But the way these senses work can be different from one person to the next, which leads to the leap inside of yourself that this all is a type of imagery that can be set aside, and that you’re not affected or afflicted by it, not really anyway.

You’re only affected or afflicted by it because you draw conclusions and perceptions in relationship to it and, therefore, keep it alive. And that others could stand in the water and be okay, but if you’re drawing conclusions and mannerisms and reflections about that and try to do that, that you won’t be okay.

And so the theme of the dreaming had to do with trying to recognize that there is a nothing but nothingness, or a state of emptiness, or a way of being in which all of that can fall away. But when it doesn’t fall away, then you are caught up in the conditions that are associated with what you’re holding onto.

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