Fulfilling the Promise

the-omnicentIn these images, John is given a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a place with no experience of time or space, an interval he refers to as the “soul’s home.” In the image, he has agreed to take on all of creation, and yet it seems to much for him. Human beings, however, are designed to connect in to the Wholeness of the universe and can, even in a physical body, know that experience and deeper connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, I had one big, big, long dream that was incorporating all this kind of stuff, and probably the deepest dream I’ve ever had.

So I don’t know how I got there in this dream, but in the dream I agree to take on a responsibility that is inclusive of everything in the universe, or the cosmos, or whatever all there is, is. I agree to take it on, and that seems to include manifestation where there is the aspect of time and space.  

I have made this agreement deep inside of myself, and now I am suddenly coming back into my body, which is in manifestation, and I am about to see if what I have agreed to take on is not more than I can chew. What I have agreed to accept, at a deeper level of the soul that I have ever traveled to before is, now that I am suddenly back into manifestation, it’s like, we shall see if I am able to uphold this promise. 

As I come back into the physical plane I am noticing that, in terms of space, there is level after level. The levels are from subtle, where there is little if any substance, to that which is most dense, which is manifestation as perceived by my physical senses. 

As I come back into the physical plane I notice, in terms of time, a depth perception shift. Every moment that has ever existed is in this vacuum, in other words everything that has ever gone on. The experience I have is that the decision I have made was made at the point where the soul was at its true home. 

Then I come back and I awaken into a manifestation carrying that decision on the out-breath, only to be confronted with the impossible, so to speak. I see myself as having agreed to comply as a promise to take in and take on all that has ever been, or ever existed. And now I am being called on that promise as the out-breath takes me back into manifestation.

The immediate question is, how does one do that in manifestation without shattering? Yet I agreed to that which is the macrocosm and am being called to sustain that in the microcosm. What has happened is, I went from the interval in my breath where the in-breath and out-breath, where that space exists, to an out-breath interval and then that state in which you kind of stop in the out-breath you’re so far from the memo, in other words the interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath.

And yet I still carry a memory of something that came through because the question then becomes, is this going to be such a shock that I am blown away, incapable of handling the million pieces of nothingness?

I wake up yet seeking to fulfill the promise even though I have bit off more than I can chew at the out-breath interval in manifestation – because in the out-breath interval in manifestation you have time and you have space. Your senses are awakened. Yet at that in-breath interval I don’t have time or space, so I can just agree to agree to all that exists on every level because I am in that great ocean or whatever.

Somehow I’m able to write up this experience so if I had totally shattered apparently some part of myself was yet able to stay for a split second, unveiled, to denote the paradox. If I can take from this experience the sensation of how space, which is linear, and time, which is an expansive depth, and that they are nonexistent when I am in the essence – that will be more than enough to digest for now. 

This is more than enough to digest until the next experience where my soul goes from manifestation back home again to the in-breath interval where time and space do not exist, home being where the essence of all that there is exists as an absolute essence in which everything on every level, because there are no levels here, exist as a station in which there’s also no time. Even the word station implies that there is something, so the use of this word is not possible when home.

And then I have some experiential notes to make out of this. Space is linear in that the mind can kind of comprehend that there are levels that exist which extend from a state that is dense to a place of nonexistence.

Time is a depth perception in which within, without, and upon there is a motion, readable and perceivable, of recorded eternity. I was very careful in writing that sentence and yet I knew that it would be a mind bender at some point when I read it because I don’t know how to improve on it after writing it and I knew that I had to get that right in the vibration.

Then I went through and I had a series of dreams that I believe are associated with the meditation dream, and that they suggest I go like kind of some extra mile about something.

And I don’t pull them out very well, it’s like bits and pieces, and one of the bits is, I am in a card game and the hand I hold enables me to bid four no trump – but I know that I need to get to five hearts.

To do that I have to discard cards and draw other cards. To do so would make no sense to anyone. It only makes sense to me based upon what I am feeling inside. And then I hear a voice that’s associated with this other dream I’m having, and which I am trying to pull out, but it isn’t clear enough for me to pull all of that dream out. I basically remember the voice, which says, “I have gotten the property, but haven’t done the paperwork.” 

In another sequence I am told how something has existed for umpteen years, and something else has also existed for umpteen years. More is then said. From this I am to know that I have a losing hand and need to throw those cards in and draw again.

And then there’s a point of reference. The problem I’m having is I am just not focused as succinctly as I need to be to pull out the dream as they are meant to unfold. What they are portraying apparently is affecting my outer world in a way I’m not seeing clearly and am, therefore, not pulling out as needed. The problem may be that I am fighting the inner memo as if it is too much for me.  

This other little dream, which I did pull out better now, I am out walking and I’m in the city and the yard I have has all kinds of saplings that stick up in the air. And then, instead of there being a sidewalk there’s kind of a little strip and then there are a bunch of saplings that have extended from my yard onto that strip.

But my neighbor on each side uses that area like a garden, and the one that’s directly next to me plants spinach there. Now I had a brainstorm idea of how to use that strip, but then I got talked out of it because someone said that that’s not really actually part of the property. But now, as I’ve taken my walk, I realize that everybody has extended themselves onto that strip and are using that strip whether it’s actually part of their property or not. 

They’re getting the advantage of that. The strip is about three feet wide, and so as I’m walking along I’m gaining some sort of affirmation in terms of what I can do that I had failed to acknowledge, or recognize, or taken in before, based upon noticing what my neighbor has done. 

And as I stop along where the neighbor is at my first thought is, is that spinach growing up wild, or was that spinach actually planted there? In other words, is my neighbor actually really using that strip? And I look beyond it and he’s growing spinach and it looks like this is like that. I reach down and I pick some spinach, not quite sure that that even kind of belongs to him, just enough to put in my mouth to chew a bit and then I spit it out because it’s kind of strong.

And as I’m heading back along my property the person on the far side says, “Have you eaten yet?” And I say that I think Dee has already gotten something prepared. Then I wake up.

The meaning is that this is yet another dream suggesting that there is something more that is to be made, and is being made, available to me that I have not taken on yet. A sense I have about this exists, however. The clarity or the conviction that goes along with that is still wavering. If I take it on there will be an expanse of the potentiality, of some potentiality, whatever that is, and along with that is a closer inner/outer rapport.

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