Picking Up the Pace

Spiritual_Gate_by_bureau22This dream image raises a curious consideration. Once we have embarked on a spiritual path, once we have awakened from the sleepwalking state of life, we take on the responsibility of responding to that call of creation. What this image is implying is that if we don’t, if we ignore the inner cues, we risk a backlash in our physical bodies. Because ultimately, a journey is one that raises our vibration level above the physical. To not do so means our bodies cannot tolerate the higher speeds. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only thing I really recall from the dreams last night is this scene that I kept kind of going over and over at the end. 

And in that scene, it’s almost like there’s something that I and maybe other people do that gets reimbursed at a certain rate, and whatever you get reimbursed for seems to effect you physically as well. 

So it’s like I go back to the place where I live, and then I come back to whoever is paying and I explain to them that the rate needs to increase. I think it needs to increase by 8 or 28, something like that. And then they seem to leave and then they come back, and they finally agree to the rate increase.

And I can feel that whatever that rate increase is about that it’s like something that affects one physically, which is why I had to increase it. That’s all I remember.

John: So you increased the rate physically. When you increased the rate, how is it that it affects you physically?

Jeane: It’s almost like a vibration, and you had to have it at a certain level and maybe before or in other places where these people paid for the same whatever it was, a service or something, things were slower, something like that. I just knew that it had to be at a certain speed or it didn’t work.

John: Well, the dream is indicating that there’s something building as a pressure inside of you, and the pressure seems to be associated with the fact that something has to be speeded up, or is being speeded up. And the net effect is that something then is to transition differently then, or have a different manner upon which it unfolds.

And that this whole idea of pressure is kind of like in your dream was like something that was a reoccurring theme wasn’t it? It reverbed a bit right?

Jeane: Yes.

John: Almost as if you were flashing back at this as being something even imbedded as an old dream right?

Jeane: Yes.

John: As we become more conscious we are affected by more things that have to be taken on, in terms of our nature. In other words, there’s a phase of life when one is unconscious, and in that phase when one is unconscious there isn’t this sense of pressure – because you just don’t know.

But now all of a sudden you’re converging upon something, so that the pressure that’s building inside, that is important in terms of something that has a kind of speed connected to it, that’s associated with that, in other words some part of you is getting into a different pace in terms of how you flow. And what is the end result? Is there an end result?

Jeane: Yes, they increased the rate and that increases the way that I vibrate.

John: Yes, so I guess you’re just being told that that’s what you’re having to contend with, and that if you don’t do it you tear yourself down. Because it’s almost as, if this happens, and then you try to pent it up instead of flow with it – the suggestion or indication is that that will tear some part of yourself down. Wow.

So, technically this almost makes one wonder, if one didn’t have a ponderance in one’s self, the fact that you got cancer, that maybe you’re wondering at some deep level inside of yourself, if you missed some cue about something or another, whether you’re holding yourself culpable in some guilt context way as well.

To then take and add into the equation the fact that if you don’t catch the cue now, and if you don’t speed up, and if you don’t address what is a responsibility as a type of pressure upon yourself now, that this could lead to more physical issues.

I actually think that, too, so it could be, and I think that more in terms of myself that I suspect if I think that then I guess it could be. I actually guess I think that about you, too, so that is strange. So there is something to that that’s noodling out that normally one doesn’t pay any attention to. So in a sense, this is kind of like an information dream with a kind of peculiar warning dream, too.

Jeane: Uh huh, I think so, too.

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