A Search For What Is Real

illusion-09Here is the ancient struggle: to let go of the material, physical world we find ourselves in, and embrace the greater truth of what is unseen. Why is this important? Because the unseen, energetic realms are the causing realms. Everything happens there first and only becomes manifest in the physical later. That’s why the world we see is an illusion. To connect to what is real requires connecting to the energies that cause manifestation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I have like a paradox inside, in that almost the reoccurring part from previous dreams is that I’ve come to know that whenever something appears to exist, and of course appearances in terms of what things are that one draws opinions about and such, they exist because of the world of mind and senses – because your awareness in the heart is not like that. It’s a greater spaciousness; it doesn’t have time for the nits and grits.

So the tendency then, because the fact that you’re functioning with senses and mind, that you’re always looking at something that is fairly loud in its mannerism and its appearance as a reflective condition. And so what I’m kind of being told over and over again is, that which is most apparent and appears to have a loudness, or a quality, or a projection about it, is but an illusion.

So in the dream, I’m struggling to identify, or to find from everything that I can perceive in the outer with my senses and my mind, I’m trying to discover through all of that what is real. I can’t seem to do it because I am finding myself conditioned to believe that that which comes across in the most apparent way has got to be what is real.

I mean that is what I have to contend with, and what I have to live. And I keep trying to make that make sense – but I can’t do it because the dream keeps indicating the opposite is closer to the truth: that which is apparent is not what it appears.

And when I try to make that seem like it is so, I’m not placing my attention then upon what is real, which can’t be seen. I guess this just goes to show that that which is real cannot be seen. Apparently it is like that because it exists as a nothing but nothingness.

I struggled in my meditation sleep over and over. I went back and forth trying to identify that which is real. And each time I was shown that the criteria I was using to identify myself was biased. In other words, it was looking at something in the outer. It was looking at something that you could portray as having a way of unfolding.

Thus, no matter how I tried I was unable to put my finger upon or, in other words, lay out or present or identify what is real. Which brought up the recognition inside that the saying, “take one step back from yourself to discover what is real,” seems apropos.

Because I was not able to do that, in other words take a step back, I experienced a kind of self-indulgent night of going from image to image futilely, never reaching what I was truly looking for. Or, in other words, it just didn’t come to a point of doing justice with however it was that I was trying to do justice with that which I considered to be more real.

I seem to have the need to pronounce, in other words, to pronounce or announce for others so that they too could touch, see, and admire such an energetic unfoldment. Instead, I came to know over and over again that I was lost in spiritual ideas founded in substance. 

In other words, I would have those appearances that I was trying to make something out of, and I was using the outer substance of the senses even though it was subtle, and even a little bit more expansive than usual, to try to make all of that make sense.

That’s why it’s kind of a spiritual illusion because you’re off the ground and you seem to think you have a sense that’s a little more in depth or something, but it is still based upon remnants of fragmentation associated with the way things work in the outer.

So to pick up my energy and extract myself from the pain of such indulgences, I am having to throw out everything that I believe in that supports this sort of thing thing by way of association. In other words, that’s the senses and the mind that draw conclusions in the outer. And then those conclusions that I’m drawing I have to throw those out because that is what is wrong.

The outer is just another state. It’s neither here nor there. But the conclusions I draw about it, that’s what is wrong. And because I struggle to truly let go all of the visualizations, and I’m not doing that, and yet somehow I’m taking whatever it is that’s perceptible and not getting beyond that which is perceptible, the result is I find myself reverbing in the dream.

In other words, going back and forth and back and forth, which was the sense that you had and you experienced just the pressure. So to reverb is to engage in a type of… it’s like a tearing down on an inner level. When you overindulge and think in the outer you tend to lower your energy.

You can do it in the inner this way too, or that was the sensation when I woke up was I was struggling to make sense out of it and to remember it. This is when the dreamer is attempting to put their finger upon something and this sort of attempt only leads you to something that’s indicative to what isn’t.

And you come to know that because on an energetic level when this sort of voyeuring about inside goes away, and it doesn’t get removed readily because as you keep it up you have a momentum in terms of doing this inside, but if you drop it then you experience exhaustion, exhaustion from within, amazing, or at least a collapse of some sort.

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