Missing the Action

arcsintheskyHere is a dream that gives an insight into what it means to go off on a tangent, whether in dreams or in waking life. Tangents are just that: things that take us away from our core journey. On a spiritual path, that can be anything in the outer world that distracts us, and thereby disconnects us, from our higher self. And, as John notes, the energetic stakes seem to be getting higher, with less room for error. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I wasn’t sure what could possibly happen then, in terms of a dream, but what I saw in the dream was I seem to be a worker who has an area that I’m held accountable, or responsible, to clear out because the business that exists is in transition.

And so everything must go: it has to be moved, transported, tagged, labeled, set aside, basically cleared out. And this is my chance to establish that I can get something done, because the feeling that had been prevailing is I am just barely getting by and that, try as I might, I’m not performing very well. 

I don’t seem to know where things are at in this kind of warehouse setting, and it’s as if I’m not able to be properly attentive. And as far as I can see I’ve been able to get by, underneath the radar screen, but that can’t continue because I can tell that there is the boss cycling around in the various areas, of which this is an area that falls under me and a woman’s responsibility to clear it out. 

And she’s doing a great job, but I seem to be in a state of bewilderment. And so this sets the tone as if this is the pretense of where I’m at right now, to have to contend with. And more along that is I’ve been a poor example of a salesman of the merchandise in this warehouse because I don’t seem to have a good handle where things are at, and how they’re to be moved around.

And now that I am required to clear out the area, so that something else can happen, that problem intensifies because you have to have a better sense of what’s in front of you, and what’s before you, and what it is that you have to handle.  

I kind of get the sense that I’m kind of lucky that the woman is getting so much done because I can’t seem to get anything done, and if it wasn’t for that, boy, this would just be stuck. And so there’s an area where it looks like I can clear out a pretty good corner, because in the corner is a bed and I am to first of all strip the sheets and everything off the bed.

And the woman tells me to leave the pillows as they are, just in case something changes, and as I am doing this, I realize that I need to jump on something else because I have offered my brother, for free, a well-built single gear cross country bike. All of those sort of things are going to be just disposed of from the warehouse. But he shocks me by saying he isn’t interested. And I don’t actually believe him – I think that it’s a flippant comment.            

And so as I should be putting my attention to getting things done, because we only have like a half hour to go, so I’ve got to get cleared out in a half hour, I suddenly hear that it’s kind of a first come, first served on these bikes. So before anyone else can lay a claim, because I’m close by, I race over and select the one bike that I feel stands out above the others.

In other words, it’s a particular make or model and what it is is it’s in a container, and the container is packaged with water, in other words this thing’s underwater. And so because I’m charged with what I have to do in this warehouse, and there’s only a half hour to go, and now I’ve selected this, if I’m going to safeguard it so that somebody else doesn’t come along, I need to move it.    

So it’s all I could do to get this container to a place where I can come back later to retrieve for my brother and, of course, my opinion is I could do this really quickly and then come back and deal with it later. And I’m also of the opinion that he’ll change his mind when he realizes that he shouldn’t have said no, because he really doesn’t know what he’s turning down.

So I use this as the reason to do what I did. I assume that no one bought this excellent cross country bike that comes from a good manufacturer because there was a smell that bubbled up through the water and turned everyone off. 

So I’ve moved this package and to my surprise, it’s not a bike. It’s actually a very interesting, amazing, old-fashioned toilet. It’s still wrapped in plastic except someone has taken a crap and that is what stinks. 

And so I return to the work area, because I can deal with that part later, and I guess I get back at 10 minutes or 15 minutes to, in other words, it’s practically closing time, and I don’t see anybody around. And I’m not sure if I pulled this off or not, because the boss had been milling around earlier and if he had noticed that I was gone as long as I was gone, I definitely would be in trouble. 

And what I see is not only is the bed stripped and gone, but everything else in the area that needed to be handled has been taken out as well and, in its place, are new warehouse items carefully arranged for what I believe will be an easy auction. I’m shamed and embarrassed at having checked out, and how obvious my absence must look given what has transpired.

So the meaning of this is the theme is that even more is required of me, that I am supposed to be able to grasp and handle. The issue is that I am not placing my attention in the right place. In the first dream, I’m still affected by outer appearances. I keep cycling about back and forth, trying to make sense of the way things appear to be outwardly. This is not what is important.

In the second dream, I feel that what I am doing has a meaningfulness I need to catch up with. I have been told that that isn’t what is wanted. I don’t accept that. I believe that my idea has a lot validity.

Upon closer inspection, I learn that what I am doing is a crap shoot. By holding to this tangent, I have missed out on being able to be part of the breakdown and restoration. I may have had problems with my focus and attention, in other words earlier like in the prior dream, and in this dream too because I didn’t know where things needed to be pushed off to, or go, and how things had been ordered in this place, let alone now breaking it down.

But just when it looked like I had a chance to make some headway, because the bed was a big thing to move and that would make an obvious dent in the thing, I went off on a tangent within. Although I justified this deviation as being important, my choice has led to a missing out on the action as it was happening. Not only did the area get cleaned out while I was away, but a whole new look was established.

I feel bad that I wasn’t there when needed. The net result has a vibe sensation that, based upon what I keep looking at in the first dream, and the net result in the second dream, which is portraying that something has unfolded without me, that I am messing up or worse, cracking up, because the transition is way more than I would have ever imagined.

I am not keeping up with the way things are breaking down around me because I am off on a personal tangent, that’s the first part, and then what systematically evolves is something that I missed as well. And of course I see myself in terms of the outer as a person that’s by natural nature kind of a system person. So to pay attention to that which is possible, I need to remain attentive and aligned with what lies before me.

I am shown that I am in the midst of a major shift in the environment and that there is no time to be on a personal side-interest tangent, or at least something of my idea of what’s important.

So then I settle back and realize that I’m normally not hit with something that’s so black-and-white, with no leeway given to me at all, and so I’m wondering what is the big difference all of a sudden?

What turned up, like you say, the pressure’s been turned up. What turned up the juice? I’m wondering if this isn’t like a type of collateral damage from a dream experience that I had a few days ago when I experienced how time and space do not exist when my soul is at the in-breath interval.

I say that because I seem to be challenged, more challenged than usual, with so much responsibility that I am not given much quarter for my outer choices. The net effect is that by not paying attention as is now required to what is needed, I’m on the verge of being left behind and missing out. It’s almost unforgivable. 

It can be that shocking because the breakdown and new ordering of things has such an agenda of happening, and it’s happening very quickly, that it’s like I will miss it if I go off on a tangent. And it’s like the real loud part of this is when I suddenly realize that I have been off on a tangent, I am shocked. I am embarrassed, and ashamed, and all I could do was just stare at it – almost in a state of disbelief.

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