Moving On Up

higher-self-08Moving is a common image in dreams, and here John finds himself on the move, not knowing where he’s headed. Yet when his truck full of belongings is destroyed, his first reaction is to be angry, as would we all. But symbolically, moving can mean entering a higher level within, and in that process, much of our belongings, or baggage, are no longer appropriate and can’t be taken on the next phase of the journey. In fact, the next level often requires that we let go of lower attachments so that we may proceed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So when I fall asleep, the dream I have is I’ve traveled to a place where I own a number of properties. In this place that I’ve traveled to I own a number of properties – I didn’t travel there because I own properties, I’m actually thinking, and am of the opinion, that I’m passing through.

And in this area it seems that I’ve been holding the elected position of county treasurer for years, only I just hold it as a matter of conduct or practice or something. I don’t do anything. In other words, in the dream, being county treasurer doesn’t have all of these responsibilities or duties that I’m aware of. It is simply something I hold for some sort of contingency reasons, who knows, that seem okay to me in the dream. And, as far as I can tell, it’s not a big deal because I also seem to hold this position in other areas where I have property. 

So a person asks me if I am running for re-election, but I don’t campaign, and haven’t been campaigning, so how can they tell? And rumor may have leaked out that I wasn’t going to be running again or something, or was retiring. 

However, now that I am being asked point blank about this, I say, “No, I’m running.” And then someone says I should make this more clear because a lot has occurred in the paper, and with the position of other candidates, in terms of jockeying for this position. In other words, if I’d have been clearcut I could have just had it, there would be no running, but because of the confusion there’s something going on.

And so I’m supposed to note the sudden stress and burden. The inferences about this whole thing are setting forth and so I feel, well, maybe I guess I must reevaluate how I feel about this position, because my indifference and my mannerism is such that I’m not giving this issue the attention others feel is important. 

So that’s the setup, the vibratory setup. And as, of course, I’m traveling and have stopped at this place and am confronted as to what I’m doing in terms of my stand as treasurer and such, and the way I know I’m traveling is I go back to my U-Haul. It’s one of those big trucks that has a big thing on the back and you put your belongings and everything in it, so I’ve apparently rented the vehicle and I’m moving. 

The dream doesn’t suggest or indicate where I’m going. I had parked outside of a business and I’m sitting in the driver’s seat. I’m not going anywhere, just sitting there. And all of a sudden in front of me this huge truck, that’s wider than the U-Haul, just backs right up and backs right into the U-Haul and just keeps trying to back up because he can’t see me in the rearview mirror, and he’s just crushing the whole thing, the front of it, driving through the engine. 

Of course I jump out of the cab. He’s just smashing the whole thing. He keeps acting like, as he’s backing up, that something must be haywire because he doesn’t see anything. But deep down I’m not really that concerned because it’s not like I’ve lost something here, because the U-Haul is rented, and I know that I’m not really physically harmed or materially harmed because the whole issue is covered by insurance. 

It’s just strange that that happened, and yet this person just wouldn’t stop. But nevertheless, even though that has happened, I still feel I have rights or righteousness, even though it’s not something that I feel is important from a position of belongings. 

So I go inside the factory and I carry this mannerism where I’m venting as if I’m pissed, as if I am entitled to some sort of satisfaction and recognition for what has occurred. My behavior just upsets everything in the place because I’m kind of catatonic, or at least not stable, or calm, or matter-of-fact. 

And the front office guy, who I think is probably one of the owners of this, it feels like he’s an owner to this whole operation, and he is like a typical sized, ordinary, what you would expect kind of owner, a little bit on the overset side, but an okay, typical looking guy.

He just remains calm, not really engaging or allowing my mannerism to get to him. I kind of admire him, except I want somebody to pay attention. Then I hear someone off to one side, maybe another worker, say that I should be grateful that at least the vehicle wasn’t flooded. 

I keep thinking that sure is a strange comment, the vehicle being flooded. Suddenly down a corridor comes this little guy. He looks a little bit… now the other guy has disappeared and this little guy is kind of like… they look alike, only he’s a real small guy. He’s like from the back office. 

He’s upset by the commotion that he could tell that I’ve been making, appalled – more than you would have thought. In other words, it’s like whatever it is, however I’ve been, that’s just not appropriate. I mean, I suppose I could make a good argument why I have a right to be like this, but he’s not buying it.

And so I’m so surprised by his conduct and his attitude. I mean, he almost shocks me by his shocked attitude and appalled nature about me. So I stick my hand out to make his acquaintance and to introduce myself, but he’s so pissed he refuses to touch it or shake it. He’s that incensed and furious. Because he is like that, I start calling him to his face, “Little Man.” 

And then I turn around and look back, and my truck or my U-Haul has been pulled into this large bay that is in this business, because somehow or another the U-Haul and the big truck when it backed into it and smashed the U-Haul they got stuck together, and so they brought them both inside this huge bay.

And what I find and see is mind boggling. I don’t see my U-Haul. I can see the big, big, huge truck a little bit. I can’t see my U-Haul. The bay has been flooded and my U-Haul is totally under the water. I am baffled that something like this could even happen. Even though everything I have in the back is now flooded, that doesn’t seem to matter. The absurdity is what gets me, and I let go. I just start laughing. I laugh and I laugh. 

This is such an over-the-top aspect that no other reaction makes any sense. I guess that is just how it is in this place. See, it’s all shifted. I’m moving and everything.

The meaning is, is my being has shifted into a different consciousness. What I had been doing in the past is no longer viable. I can’t be treasurer, I don’t have many rights. I am moving. I do not know where, but that doesn’t seem to matter. What matters is that I let go of that which is of the past, quit projecting a righteous demeanor and realize that I have been intentionally, or unintentionally, shifted or blindsided. It isn’t personal. It is what goes on at this level.

Something more is apparently expected of me, and I am not getting it. So this backing up, getting crushed, occurs to smash my engine and cab of the U-Haul to point out that everything is different, shifted. And yet that doesn’t seem to affect me as if it’s a big deal because I have this nice space inside that can absorb and handle all of that, because I have insurance and whatnot.

And so instead of just falling back and paying attention, I feel that I have a right to get vocal yet. This truck should have somehow known better. A lot of good that does. This just reinforces the disconnection and confusion. I mean, it causes it to become even more apparent.

And it’s obvious to me that I’m acting unconsciously at whatever it is, because this isn’t helping any flow any, we’re going in the wrong direction here.

But at least I get it in the end. It took a total destruction of the U-Haul, and the flooding of it and the contents therein, which I am taking with me, when I realize just how hilarious my position has been.

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