The Power of Longing

longing-0Many of us feel an ache in the heart for something more, or a longing for something deeper. That is a natural urge in a human being to reconnect to what created it. In this dream image, John is shown how the depth and power of that longing can be the catalyst itself to deeper inner territories. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What happened last night is kind of just a general scenario. I got tired right away because I was in a state of awkwardness from working so hard right up until I started to meditate. And so I fell asleep without establishing the proper inner connection within, like I’m accustomed to trying to bring through when I meditate.

The dream I had did not have the same tremendous inner power like I had gotten accustomed to experiencing the last few prior days – or so it seemed. I went somewhere, nevertheless, because the soul moves around when you get outside of your normal dense senses and mind, but the effect, well, it wasn’t mind boggling, at least not if I was categorizing something like prior dreams.

So in the dream, I was taking a particular investment amount of money, like a billion dollars, and creating a certain sum result with it. And of course money is power in a dream; that’s what it symbolizes. And it seemed profound, in terms of what I was accomplishing, only because I was applying such a large amount, a billion dollars at a time, or in the investment. So, if you’re having any modicum of success, that’s going to be a significant number, so to speak, in relationship to what others look at. 

Then upon this same inner level, but with a lesser amount of money, I got the evidence that shows that everything is always relative when you’re working with a given level, or a given vibration. In other words, I didn’t hold a kind of note, something shifted. So I didn’t carry a certain longing or something. It did not propel me into the beyond, or out of the beyond, or anything like that, so I can’t say that there was a particular inner edge that I was working with.

And thus the amount of money that I used, which means the power or the inner energy that I had at my disposal to invest, pushed or determined an end result that was but a fraction of what I had gotten used to expecting when the soul moves around and develops eyes of the soul through a kind of searching inside, or feeling a vibration inside, holding the note of that.

What I experienced, anyway, because I suppose there’s always some residual, lingering quality over a long course of time, there’s a lingering demeanor that you carry yourself with, so the result of that demeanor was proportionate, arithmetically, to the amount expended. In other words, there was a consistency. 

There was a regular mannerism here because the inner variables were constant and thus, with everything constant, the pattern constant, the unfoldment constant, there not being something turbo-charged, you had a proportionate effect that you could look at in this, this, this and that, that, and that.

So what is going on? Well, I went into meditation wondering if there is a system in the way the soul is able to access inner sight. I learned that there is an effect, based upon the way the soul moves around when one is asleep, that carries kind of a basic result, a baseline in other words.

However, the effect can vary a lot if there is a deeper longing and surrendered need. That is what causes the meditation to access something in a more deep way, or profound way. Now whether you’re doing this just from a baseline, or whether you’re doing this from following a sense of longing or note inside, at this point or stage in the unfolding, or awakening, process both go home.

In other words you do go somewhere, and the mind senses are set aside, of course, for that to happen. And so if you’re not holding the longing note, there still is a given constant. However, when there is a profound heartfelt need that’s pulling upon one’s nature, heart, or insides in a focused way, that is when this need is capable of profound inner awareness, which transcends the basic inner baseline.

So what’s the purposeful insight? This dream enabled me to see the importance of being a person who is able to probe the inner power of longing – the importance of that. When I am able to naturally hold onto a heartfelt, or heart full, depth that is moving, or unwavering, or there in its nature, that provides the gasoline, so to speak, for the inner experience to ignite deeper revelations.

You could say that it is from the longing that the need exists to set aside the mind – up to a point. That’s why it’s hard to begin with to remember dreams and stuff because you don’t have a very good link to that. It’s like a spark that’s easily stomped out.

Eventually, though, you establish a baseline, and then from that, still holding the longing, that’s what gives you the ability to really surge out. The profoundness of the perception is characterized, if you want to say it that way, by the way the longing can hold the note. Longing is the inner wealth of the dream world.

A meditator uses the longing to more subtly navigate the inner depths. This supplements the baseline that is established from having burned through rust and dross of one’s physical misalignment in manifestation from years of spiritual practice. The longing steps up the pace.

When the longing just won’t go away, a person is propelled by their yearning. In other words, the longing is the travel agent’s catalyst to a linkage which flows connectively, and empathically, within the heart.  

I use the word empathically because this word denotes a closeness that longing seems to more naturally facilitate – when it just isn’t easily appeased. In other words, you can’t just run off with your thoughts and stuff like that. It doesn’t work that way.

So that was the meditation dream. I didn’t think much of it, but that was pretty good.

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